How to Throw a Perfect Casino Party

If you’re a party freak, we’re sure you must have hosted enough parties to know how hosting goes. Talk about themes? A Halloween themed party, a masquerade ball, jamming seshs or even a TV Show themed party—you must have checked them all off your list. But there’s one that you’ve been meaning to throw since a long time now. A Casino-themed party!
And thanks to Daniel Craig, we don’t even need to have been to a real casino to throw a casino party by ourselves. The Casino culture has been fed well in our heads.
Remembering that, without further ado let’s explain to you all the elements needed to throw the perfect casino party.
Casino party

1.       It’s all about the play!
Let’s all settle at the fact that casino means Games.
Everything aside, the only thing that will make your party a winner is how intriguing your games get. Stick to only as many games that you can give enough time to, to truly have fun! Some equipment is absolutely necessary for you to play casino games reel-time—equipment like playing chips, the game table, the roulette wheel etc. Many types of equipment are specific to specific games.
Also, there are a myriad of games you can play at one such party. We’ve curated a short list; have a look:
-          Roulette
-          Poker
-          Blackjack
-          Baccarat
-          Keno
-          Slots

2.       Decor, Decor on the Wall
The Decor is totally on you. Whether you want to recreate the best casino-themed movie you’ve watched so far or the one you have actually been to, the decoration should reflect those casino-vibes.
Use cards in your entire decor. Go a little “Now You See Me,” if you have to. From casino themed shots glasses to centerpieces or Las Vegas banners, everything is available online. If you’re not into DIY, you can simply buy these elements to make the decor look classy.

3.       Casino-Themed Cocktails
Are you a believer of you-don’t-need-drinks-to-party theory? Well, then a Casino party might not be the one for you; sad but true.
You have got to amp up the party with champagne or some cocktails! There’s a wide range of DIY casino themed cocktails available online and they are to kill for. Those pretty colored cocktails and glasses with the best combinations of the best beer, whiskey, wines and juices will give you the royalty feels. Make sure you have what caters to the needs of all Pina Colada, Martini, Bloody Mary fans. 

Casino themed cocktails

Churn your creative pixels and give them names like Monte Carlo, High Roller, Snake Eyes, etc.

4.       Snacks
We all love food. A good party has to have food. But make sure you remember all the attendees will be busy playing. So, the food you offer should be in the form of scrumptious nibbles they just can’t stop munching on. 
Some ideas for such snacks are:

  • Shrimp Cocktails
  • Baked Mini Potatoes
  • Dice Cheese Balls
  • Domino Brownies

5.       Dress Code
Well, this is one place you can soak yourself in glitz and glamour. Go all royal with it. But another way to elevate the level of the party is to have a code when it comes to the dress. There are literally so many options for themes! Even though the men will go for a Tux and the women for the good old evening gown, you can keep colors as the theme! Women can even go dramatic with their makeup on those lines.
Party at casino

6.       Play the Dealer
Just how a casino has a dealer at each table to make things smoother, your mock-Casino too, has to have a dealer. You playing the dealer will make things way easier as a host has to stay on his/her toes anyway. That too, for imperative reasons like what if they run out of dip? Well, jokes apart, it’s your call to make. Remember, just because you’re hosting the party doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun.

Bonus Advice:
While real casinos use the Withdrawal Lock and other such tight security measures, if your party is as big, ensure you are playing safe!
Commercially playing without a license is considered as a punishable offence.

There you have it—your one-stop guide to throw the best casino themed party ever!

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