Hello :)
How is life treating you? With all the festivities going around everything is taking a toll on my skin & hair. But what is life without fun and festivals right?😉
As you know I have been combating acne a lot post pregnancy due to various reasons and I keep trying different products to see which works best and quick for me to treat them. Today's review is going to be about one such product that claims to fill large pores, unclog them, work on marks, uneven skin tone, stretch marks - sounds super fancy right?
It's the Nature Sure™ Pores and Marks Oil. Read on to know if it really stands to it's tall claims😊

Nature Sure™ Pores and Marks Oil Review, Swatches, Demo

I'm not blogging regularly these days because apart from not getting enough time for it I also don't see much people reading blogs these days! Do you still love reading blogs? Do let me know in comments😊
As you guys know I'm a huge fan of long hair and maintaining healthy hair is tedious! I love taking care of my hair but most often when I don't get much time for my exotic at home hair spa routine I had to settle for some super potent hair oil\product that strengthens and protects my hair. I used to make my own onion oil when I was a bachelor and then I got married and had little miss A🙈
If you aren't aware, Onion Oil works very well for hair growth and also helps in promoting a very healthy scalp.
So when I found this Positive Root Therapy plus Advanced Onion Oil I was in love💓
Read on to know if it loved me back😉

Positive Root Therapy plus Advanced Onion Oil Review, Swatches