All About Rose Water: The Miracle Skincare

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The Beauty Of Rose

I forget myself, in the pleasing aroma of rose.
It feels like, I am in a different world!
How much you like the fragrance of a rose?
A red rose is known as a symbol of love. It is one of the oldest herb and flower used not only for showing your feelings but also as a beauty and health essential.
In India, rose is known to have its root since the Mughal empire. mughal queen Noor Jahan was very fond of roses and loved to stay for hours in the rose garden. She is known to discover rose water and rose oil. Pure Himalayan rose water is every home's beauty essential due to a pleasant aroma and wonderful healing power.

Benefits of rose water

Specialty Of Rose Water

Rose water holds its place in every family due to plenty of benefits and pleasing essence. It works effectively on every kind of skin either it is oily, combination, dry, or normal skin, rose water is a must-have beauty eternal that everyone wants to add in its daily beauty routine, especially the women.

Preparation Of Rose Water

Rosewater is prepared through the steam distillation of rose petals. Sometimes it can be also prepared through the extraction of its oil. But the most important thing is the selection of rose water.
So before buying rose water, check the purity and be sure to buy 100% pure rose water.

Preparation of rose water at home

1. The petals of rose flowers are collected in a vessel. Then the petal is washed to remove impurities.
Put hot water or warm water in the vessel.
Note: Distilled water is best suitable for preparing rose water but if not possible, use at least filtered water for preparation.
2. Cover the vessel and let the water cool. It may take 5- 15 minutes for cooling.
3. Use a strainer to get rose water in a new vessel. Strainer stops the petals to go through and purifies the rose water.

Benefits of rose water

Beauty Benefits of Rose Water

  • Suits all Skin Types
    • The luxury of having rose water is, It is effective for every type of skin. Sensitive, dry, oily or combination, no matter what is your skin type, its beauty essential for all.
  • Skin Hydration
    • Rose water contains a good amount of water and yes, the good amount of anti-oxidants too. It wakens and freshens up the skin by penetrating the skin and setting into pores. The best thing is that you can use it whenever you feel dehydrated. It rejuvenates and gently soothes skin.
  • Anti-ageing
    • Ageing happens due to exposure of skin to harmful UV rays, chemicals, Sun Rays, pollution. Rosewater is a good anti-oxidant which effectively fights with signs of ageing.
  • Tones the skin
    • Rosewater holds all the properties. It can be a good cleanser, a good moisturizer and a good skin tone. Having rose water gives the luxury of removing dirt and pollution while moisturizing the skin at the same time.
  • Treats sunburn and irritation
    • Rose water is very effective in healing skin irritation, with its refreshing, calming and anti-inflammatory properties rose water calms down the irritation and speeds up the healing process. to heal such condition just soak a small piece of cotton with rose water and apply on the affected area.

Vanya Herbals Himalayan Rose Water

Rose Water Infused Product Recommendations From Us

Chamomile & Rose Under Eye Cream

Rose water is also effective for eye care, that's why it is used in making of various under eye cream.
It is made with an infusion of Himalayan rose water, chamomile essential oil, 100% pure herbal extracts and Vitamin E rich apricot oil. Blend of rich natural ingredients and Himalayan essential oils effective in removing dark circles beneath eyes and brightening the under eye area.
The pure rose water infused with essential oils of handpicked blue chamomile rejuvenates the tender skin under your eyes.

Rose & Jasmine Shower Gel

Rosewater can be used as shower gel, itself but when mixed with other ingredients like jasmine, it works like a wonder. Jasmine and roses are known as wonderful herbs in aromatherapy, they are used in a shower gel to give a refreshing start of the day.

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Rose water is not only beauty essential, but also a wonderful health essential. Rosewater is good for eyes, blood circulation, cooking, along with those beauty boosters. It can easily be your beauty partner, health partner and much more! We recommend to use pure Himalayan rose water for better results.


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