I know it's not a common post here but I get asked very frequently "Why Blogging?" "How To Become A Blogger?" "How To Start My Own Blog?".

So I decided to do a quick series of posts sharing my experience with blogging, some tips and tricks I learnt along the way in my blogging journey! Today's post will give you some key points on how you can start your own blog :)

How To Start Your Own Blog


Author: Sonia Knight
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Walk into any cosmetic shop and you will find a large collection of facial oils. There will be products for every type of skin, with many promising the most amazing results. While some people buy these oils, others completely avoid them, reason being; facial oils have been associated with worsening skin tone in some people.

So, is your facial oil doing more damage to your uneven skin tone?
The answer depends on whether you are using the right oil in the first place. To find out where the truth lies, we will focus on explaining what facial oils are and delve into details of the specific facial oils for your specific skin needs.

Is Your Facial Oil Doing More Damage to Your Uneven Skin Tone?

I'm a huge fan of face scrubs and love using them regularly which helps keep blackheads and whiteheads away. But there has been times while I couldn't follow a regular scrubbing pattern, missed on skincare routine and blackheads started showing up around my nose due to that. Generally nose pore strips aren't supposed to be used frequently as they pull and end up sagging your skin. But using them occasionally is not bad at all - after all it's the best way to pull off some blackheads deep down😊
I have tried a bunch of them and today's review is going to be about Clenz u Rose Nose Strips.

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips Review