Why Oiling Your Hair Is Important

Grandmas always emphasized on oiling your hair no matter what and as teens we always wanted to just run away from looking messy! Now turning back I wouldn't have really got long or thick hair during my teens if it wasn't for my grandma or dad - so I'm eternally grateful for them! They both were my hair care and skin care experts all through my childhood :) I loved oiling my hair until I stepped into college and my routine changed a lot after that! And now at 30 I'm crying cray cray over my lost hair and trying to save what is left - story of my life :(
And today's post is going to be for all those men and women out there who just love their hair. Then you obviously need to know why oiling your hair is important ;)

Why Oiling Your Hair Is Important

Healthy Scalp Needs Them

As you all know your scalp is just an extension of your skin and a healthy scalp definitely needs loads of nourishment and moisture like your skin does! Oiling helps in replacing the lipids your hair loses over time and also oils serve as a wonderful lubricant for your hair preventing dryness, itchy scalp, dandruff and dryness.

Why Oiling Your Hair Is Important

Strengthens Your Tresses

Oiling your hair regularly helps in strengthening your follicles and as oils are natural sources of vitamins and minerals they serve as the best nourishment to your hair. Oils revitalize your scalp and hair tissues by penetrating deep inside - something your shampoo or conditioner cannot do! Choosing the right oil will help you address your hair woes right and strengthen your hair from within!

Why Oiling Your Hair Is Important

Bye Bye Breakage

For those who keep complaining that your hair is weak and breaks bad oiling helps! Oiling improves the tensile strength of your hair strengthening the follicles and saving them from breakage.

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Goodbye Hairfall

I must admit I was complaining a lot about hairfall after I moved to Chennai for work majorly because of the horrible salt water in my area. With the addition of a few spoons of stress and rotational shifts it just shifted from bad to horrible! One thing that really helped me get through it and have good hair days after was oiling my scalp. I make a mixture of oils that help in reducing hair fall, strengthen the hair, balance the scalp's pH level and prevent it from getting super greasy, prevents dandruff - like all hair woes addressed!! That straight away says how much important it is to oil your hair :)
If you would like to know the oil mix recipe please drop in a comment below and I will do a separate post on it :)

Why Is Oiling Your Hair Important

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Prevents Premature Graying

A hair oil that has the goodness of herbs like curry leaves, moringa leaves and amla can help prevent premature graying which occurs due to excessive body heat. The Yami Herbals hair oil (review coming up soon!) definitely helps in keeping it under control. You can also try our CC Oil recipe at home and see visible results :)

How To Oil Your Hair

Ok well so yes oiling really helps in addressing your hair woes but is it right to apply natural oils a it is on hair? Does it do more harm than good? Does mixing oils really help or does it reduce the efficiency of the oils?
Wait for our next post to know :))

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