SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask Review, Swatches, Demo

Hola folks how is your Monday?
Mine is boring yet I'm trying to spruce it up with some coffee and loads of charcoal for my skin :D
He he this post is about one of the charcoal based products I'm loving a lot off late - SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask!

SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask Review

What SSCPL Herbals Say About Their Vitamin C Modelling Mask

Never worry for your oily and acne prone skin anymore.

The concept was to have a paraben free and natural solution for instant glow that is skin friendly, non toxic and easy to use. Hence we are here with a product that has 100% natural ingredients and is intended to instantly moisturize, hydrate, detoxify and tighten your skin for a natural glow and radiance.

What do you get?

Enter the era of Activated Charcoal, with the Charcoal Premium Modeling Mask. A boon for oily and acne prone skin, Activated Charcoal has excellent skin purifying and sebum control properties. It deep cleanses and also protects from the harmful effects of dust and dirt.

Skin Type - Normal to Oily

What It Contains?

Activated Charcoal, Kaolin, Allantoin, Seaweed Alae Extract, Bentonite

Price & Quantity: INR 190 for 40 gms
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My Views About SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask 

SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask is a completely natural product that is free of bleach, parabens, SLS, SLES, dyes and other chemicals. It is made from natural and botanical extracts - their products are majorly made from botanical extracts. Also made in India :)

SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask

The SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask comes in an silver\aluminium zip lock pouch that's further sealed. It's spill-proof and travel friendly. Also as it's a very lightweight pack you can easily carry it around or transfer a spoon or two to a spill-proof box (maybe an empty lip butter tub) and carry it while you travel for that quick freshness. The product is a grey powder which has to be mixed with water and applied on to skin. Once mixed with adequate water it forms a thick paste. You will have to apply 2-3 layers for perfect distribution of product.

SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask Review

The brand recommends to apply the pack on cleansed skin after applying a toner. I exactly followed their instructions although it's the first time I'm hearing that you need to apply a toner before a face pack. It dries as a black mask after 15-20 minutes - now if you want to scare someone then you gotta run around in front of them ;) It's a peel off mask and it can easily be peeled off after drying unlike some drugstore ones which don't even peel off more than a centimeter or two!

SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask Review

The SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask has a faint yet pleasant fragrance and it feels pretty warm after application. Generally clay, charcoal based masks would feel warm due to their nature and if it does then it means the product is working it's bit! After applying this mask my skin looked clean, clear, soft, bright and even toned. My skin also felt a bit tightened. As the SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask contains clay in it, it also helped in getting all the greasiness off my face. My skin felt less greasy for almost a week after using this pack. Also I used it during my sister's wedding and I can definitely see my skin looked lot better, brighter and lighter! The effects of the mask are temporary and the glow it gives lasts for 3-4 days and fades after that but regular use helps me keep my skin oil free and fresh looking.

Overall it's a very good mask if you are have super oily skin and are looking for something that works great in giving your brighter and glowing skin.

Rating: 5 out of 5

~ Product was sent by brand for consideration, honest review as always!

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