How To Prevent Underarm Odour And Sweating In Summers

Body odour is a huge downside of summer and the smelly underarms literally keep you from being active and stepping outdoors. While sweat cannot be stopped as it really helps your body you can definitely prevent your underarms from smelling bad. Here are some of our practical tips to combat underarm odour this summer :)

How To Prevent Underarm Odour And Sweating In Summers


Deodorants are your first and best bet to prevent body odour and prevent your underarms from smelling awful! While summers lead to a lot of sweat which in turn makes your underarms a breeding ground for bacteria, a good deodorant can definitely keep them smelling good and fresh. You can also opt for some natural chemical free deodorants like this one!


Exfoliate Your Underarms

Exfoliating your skin regularly helps get rid of dead skin cells and prevents growth of virus & bacteria. Use a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice to exfoliate your underarms. This concoction not only helps in exfoliation but also helps in maintaining the pH balance thereby preventing excessive sweating and odour.


Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of mild (3-5%) Hydrogen Peroxide with a cup of warm water and use this solution to wash off your underarms. Alternatively you can also spray in on your underarms using a spray bottle. The Hydrogen Peroxide helps in maintaining the pH levels there by preventing the growth of microbes. It also helps reduce sweat.

Hydrogen Peroxide To Prevent Excessive Sweating

Sweat Pads

If you sweat crazily that it ruins your favorite clothing leaving stains and odour then it's high time you use sweat pads. Sweat pads are harmful for the environment but it doesn't bother using them once in a while when you have to protect your favorite clothes :)

Sweat Pads

Look What You Wear

Your clothing plays a major role in sweat and body odour because artificial fibres can actually block your pores causing excessive sweating. So choose light natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo cotton, wool etc during summer to prevent excessive sweating and odour.

Cotton Clothes For Summer

Also make sure you wash your clothes regularly and wear clean clothes every time to smell and feel fresh!

Shower Time

Shower atleast once and if possible twice everyday to keep yourself fresh and comfortable throughout the day. Use a good shower gel or an antibacterial soap that would kill the armpit microbes and keep you fresh all day!

How To Prevent Underarm Odour And Sweating In Summers

Eat Healthy & Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

Look what you eat and have a balanced meal. Avoid spicy, oily foods, onions, garlic, red meat, fish and foods that have pungent odour as they tend to make your sweat smell bad! Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as it helps you think straight and avoid sweat - consuming alcohol increases the temperature of your body making it sweat more.

Balanced Meal

Shave It Off

Always have your underarm hair trimmed and shaved or removed to keep the area clean, fresh and sweat free. Un-shaved underarms serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, producing body odour.

How To Prevent Underarm Odour And Sweating In Summers

Essential Oils To Your Rescue

Did you know that there are a few essential oils that can help prevent body odour? Well yes there are :) Lavender oil, tea tree oil and peppermint oil can control body odour as they have anti-bacterial properties and also they keep you smelling fresh!
Take 2-3 drops of either of the oils and mix them with carrier oils like coconut or castor oil and apply on your underarms. Alternatively you can also mix a few drops of the essential oils with water, pour it in a spray bottle and use whenever required.

Essential Oils To Prevent Underarm Odour And Sweating In Summers

An Indian Cure

To prevent excessive sweating, offensive body odour and to reduce unwanted hair growth ancient Indian women swore by this - wild turmeric powder also known as Kasturi Manjal mixed with White Turmeric powder also known as Poolakizhangu. This mixture has a specific herbal fragrance with anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties and regular use of it can prevent excessive sweating, body odour and minimize hair growth!!

How To Prevent Underarm Odour And Sweating In Summers

So these are our great tips to combat excessive sweating and reduce body odour this summe. Hope you find them useful, do let me know your thoughts in comments below.
Note: If you have excessive sweating always then it's good to consult a doctor and have it checked to avoid medical complications. The above said cures would work only for sweating due to the climatic conditions and will not really work if you have a medical or skin condition.

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