2B Beauty Care Skincare Range Introduction, Reviews And Impressions

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This post is going to be about an Indian brand called 2 Be Beauty Care I discovered recently (and there are many more newbie brands popping in the market) and I happened to try their products. This post is going to be all about it :)

2B_BEAUTY_CARE skincare products

A Little About 2 Be Beauty Care

So as I said 2 Be Beauty Care is an Indian brand (I'm proud that it's from my state Tamil Nadu) focusing on making skincare products using natural ingredients. Their products are homemade and made in small batches and not mass produced. They are a small scale business who are growing wonderfully! :)
They have an entire line of skincare products and the hot-sellers are their soaps!
The brand was started by a sister duo aiming to make the natural products be available for a larger crowd rather than earning big! :)

So I got a chance to try their products and I chose 3 out of the lot - Charcoal Soap, Charcoal Cleanser and Makeup Remover! Oh yeah I'm a bit obsessed with charcoal based products right now :P :D
This is going to be a detailed review about the products I tried :)

My Views On 2 Be Beauty Care Products

2 Be Beauty Care Charcoal Soap

The 2 Be Beauty Care Charcoal Soap is a gorgeous solid bar pitch black in color with a semi-matte finish - Yes I admire this soap bar so much :P :D
It contains tiny scrub particles that exfoliates skin very well without feeling harsh on skin. The soap has a very mild scent and it's not even recognizable. It's neither too creamy nor too solid - just has the right level of creaminess and it didn't melt off even in Chennai's summer, kudos to that!!

2b_beauty_care Charcoal Soap

The 2 Be Beauty Care Charcoal Soap doesn't lather crazily, it produces just the right amount of lather and for a person who love a good lather like me this soap is definitely a great choice! It cleanses skin thoroughly leaving it squeaky clean. It removes all the grease and grime without leaving the skin feeling dry or stretchy.It works great for both face & body - it didn't give me any breakouts or dry patches. And as I'm almost at the end of the bar it's safe to say that the bar doesn't lose it's shape until the end - it stays firm and good until the last bit :))

2b_beauty_care Charcoal Soap Review

And as I said the Charcoal Soap is one of their best sellers and it's actually raved by their customers that it removes tan! Does it really remove it?
Yes it definitely does remove the everyday tan we get and definitely gives a radiant and brighter look to skin. I never thought I would get such feel with a bar of soap but yes :)) It doesn't remove excess or history tan marks but cleans off everyday tan beautifully!
The only con I felt with the 2 Be Beauty Care Charcoal Soap is that the scrub particles are not evenly spread across the entire soap bar - it's there a lot in the beginning and end but kinda disappears in between. I wouldn't pass it as a blame because it's handmade and it's supposed to be imperfect but still I would have loved it more if the soap gave the scrubbing effect all the time :D

Rating: 5 out of 5
Price: INR 80
Buy Here

2 Be Beauty Care Makeup Remover

2 Be Beauty Care Makeup Remover comes in a spray bottle - perfectly convenient and handy! It is a transparent liquid and looks exactly like a bottle of water. The 2 Be Beauty Care Makeup Remover smells exactly like rose water and feels like water too - it doesn't have any greasy feel to it unlike other bi-phase makeup removers.

2b_Beauty_care Makeup Remover Review

It's super gentle on skin and doesn't irritate the skin. Neither does it cause any breakouts or dryness. It stings a little on the eyes but settles quickly and doesn't hurt after few seconds. It removes light makeup easily and quickly. It removes non waterproof makeup completely and waterproof makeup like kajal, mascara, liquid lipstick a very little bit - you need to put in some force to remove it completely and even then it doesn't remove them fully. It's hydrating on skin, it is pretty similar to the micellar waters we get in the market except it's completely made of natural ingredients :))

So if you are looking for a micellar water that would remove off light makeup, if you are not much of a makeup person and use a makeup remover only to clear of the everyday kajal and lipstick then this is a good option available in the market. I would say it's one of the cheapest micellar waters available in the market that too without any chemicals. I prefer bi-phase makeup remover anyday!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Price: INR 150
Buy Here

2 Be Beauty Care Charcoal Cleanser

As you all know I follow Oil Cleansing Method aka Double Cleansing once a week and I upped it to twice a week recently after seeing the results. Will do a separate post on Oil Cleansing if you would like to know more - do let me know in the comments below :)

This Charcoal Cleanser from 2 Be Beauty Care is an oil based cleanser with charcoal particles in it. It comes in a regular transparent plastic bottle pack. The charcoal particles are super fine and they help in exfoliating the skin very well. But the charcoal particles tend to get settled down inside the bottle and you will have to shake it a few times during every use to get them out. It has a mild herbal fragrance and I believe it's the fragrance of the oil in it and isn't overpowering.

2b_Beauty_care Charcoal Cleanser Review

So I use this Charcoal Cleanser as part of my oil cleansing routine and it works very well in that department! The charcoal particles help in exfoliating my skin gently and cleansing away all the impurities. One huge issue with it is that I'm not sure if it is non-comedogenic because this cleanser broke me out continuously after every use for the first few uses (5 times I believe). But suddenly stopped giving me breakouts after that. So if you have sensitive/oily/acne-prone skin then this one is definitely not for you and I don't recommend it at all because the oil in it is a bit heavy. But if you have patience and tolerance then this can be a very good and affordable oil based cleanser to include in your routine. I feel this would be a good choice for dry skin people as the oil would hydrate their skin well.

Overall if you already have some oils that suit your skin and use them then this isn't for you. If you are interested in including a new oil based cleanser in your routine that is free of chemicals and is affordable then you can try this one.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Price: INR 180
Buy Here

They also have foot soaks, lip balms, herbal shikakai powder, toners and a wide range of handmade soaps that look exquisite and delicious :D
Do check them out for perfectly natural homemade products that are pretty affordable!! :)

Disclaimer: Products that work for me might not work the same way for you even if we have the same skin\hair types. So I always recommend a patch test before using a product to ensure you aren't allergic to it.


~ Products were sent by brand for consideration, honest reviews as always!

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