13 Self Grooming Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Happy Womens' Day to all my lovely female readers! Always Be Empowering!!♥

Being a woman isn't easy (being a man isn't too but I'm here today to talk about women :P)
We need to be flexible, quick, learn to multi-task and always on the run! With the running world and us chasing our dreams we often forget and ignore ourselves. While a working woman skips a step or two in her personal grooming routine most homemakers skip it completely because they just settle with a feel that they are idle at home and popping an extra expense into their budget is bad! But ladies don't forget that the family is happily working out there because you sacrificed yours to take care of them and spending a little time & money to take care of yourself is not bad at all :)

Self Grooming Tips For Women

And today's post is a special dedication to all my beautiful women out there :) Love ya♥♥
Personal Hygiene Is Number 1 Priority

Be it man or woman, working or not, personal hygiene is very important to look presentable!
So do not miss showering everyday and keep yourself clean. Always use good quality soap/shower gel to give you that super clean and bacteria free body :)
Invest in a good intimate wash for your vaginal area to maintain it clean and odour free!

Everteen Intimate Wash

Remove unwanted body hair periodically to avoid sweaty armpits and looking untamed. Opt for shaving if you are looking for quick, easy, less expensive & pain-free hair removal :)
Threading your facial hair is so much better than bleaching them.

Smelling Good Definitely Is Good

Pick some good perfume/cologne to keep yourself smelling fresh! A good perfume definitely gives a nice appeal and also makes you smell good even on a sunny sweaty day.
Use a body lotion/shower gel with fragrance/notes similar to that of your perfume to make it last longer. Layering the fragrances right always works wonders ;)

Self Grooming Tips & Tricks For Women

Treat Your Skin Well

Do not miss your skincare - it's a blunder committed by most women and something that makes you look & feel groomed!
Use a good body lotion or moisturizer right after a shower to seal the moisture in. Use a good body scrub atleast once a week to exfoliate all the dead skin cells - using one before shaving also helps to get a smooth & clean shave :)

Skincare For Women

Follow a proper CTM routine both day and night to get a good skin. Choose and invest in good products that suit your skin type rather than picking a bunch of products that don't even suit you! Do a facial atleast once a week to strip away all the pollution. If you do not want to spend much you can opt for some DIY facials at home as well.

Also take good care of your lips by keeping them moisturized and soft. Apply a little bit of cow's ghee to renew super dry and chapped lips quickly! Also scrub your lips regularly to get rid of all those chappy dead skin cells.
Check this post for some great lip care tips ;)

Eyebrows Are Attention Seekers

A very well groomed eyebrow always makes your face look clean and neat. Unruly eyebrows make most of us look sick & dull. So apart from giving your eyebrows a regular trim also have some brow wax/ eyebrow pencil handy to make them appear neat before heading out. No makeup on face and just the eyebrows done will make you look more elegant & chic :)

Self Grooming Tips For Women

Haircare - I care

Haircare is also pretty much important as skincare and ignoring your hair will only lead to long-term damage!
Firstly choose & maintain a hair length/style that would suit your lifestyle, routine and based on the amount of time you can spend taking care of it.
Long hair definitely needs more attention and if you wish to have one you will need to wash your hair atleast twice a week, oil it regularly and protect it well. Trimming your hair is essential atleast once in three months to get rid of the split ends - it also helps your hair grow longer.

Self Grooming Tips Every Woman Should Know

Wash your hair atleast 2-3 times a week using a good shampoo based on your hair type and use a good conditioner to make it appear tamed. You can use a deep conditioning hair mask once a month (there are plenty of DIYs for this too) and an at home scalp detox once a month to maintain your scalp health.

Do Not Ignore Your Nails & Teeth

Nails and dental care are the tiny details we often miss thinking who is going to notice them. But believe me maintaining them is not just to make you look groomed but also to maintain your overall hygiene.
Trim and shape your nails regularly and keep them clean & free of dirt. Crappy nails totally ruin the beauty of your hands & feet.

Self Grooming Tips For Women - Nail Care

Brush twice everyday, use dental floss and a good mouth wash to maintain your dental health. Practice the habit of gargling after every meal (brushing after every meal is great though!) to keep your pearls healthy and free of bad breath!

Self Grooming Tips For Women - Dental Care

Care For Your Feet

We ladies often ignore our feet because we don't get much time to treat them well. But do you know how much those cracked heels make them look awkward?
So ladies grab your tools and follow a proper at home pedicure routine atleast once in 15 days or a month. You can easily follow this quick pedicure once a week too - thank me later ;)
Use a good moisturizer on your feet right after shower and a good foot care cream 2-3 times a day or once atleast right before heading to bed. Include it in your night time routine to not miss it!

Also keep your footwear clean and tidy to make you feel comfortable while you are outdoor.

Say Bye Bye To Sun

Heading out in the sun? Do not forget your sunscreen and to cover yourself up to protect your hair and skin from the harsh UV rays!
You can also carry an umbrella with you if you are comfortable :)

Self Grooming Tips For Women

Groom Yourself With Makeup

Learn the art of makeup and groom yourself with the power of makeup to look more presentable. Choose makeup products based on your comfort and wear it accordingly. Go light-handed with makeup unless you are out for a function/party/festivity as too much makeup can make you look out of place.

Self Grooming Tips & Tricks For Women

Put together a little grooming kit with basic makeup and everyday essentials and carry it around with you as it helps a lot to groom yourself wherever you are.

Clothes Make You

Your clothes really scream loud about your personality. So dress sensibly according to your age, body type and of course choose the clothes that make you comfortable. Also dress appropriately based on the event and place you are visiting as it makes you look more respectable!
If you want to flaunt your curves do it with the right clothes ;)

Self Grooming Tips Every Woman Should Know

Wash your clothes regularly (after every use) and do not use sweaty, dull, faded clothes as they make you look bad and stingy!
Wash and take good care of your inner wear to give you the comfort all through the day. Here is your ultimate intimate care guide :)

Learn To Accessorize

A little accessorizing don't mean any harm does it?
Learn to boost the look of your outfit by matching it with the right accessories. A statement watch, a good neckpiece, a pair of statement earrings, a party clutch, blingy sandals, beautiful hair clips, a stone studded bindi - take your pick!

Self Grooming Tips & Tricks For Women

Stay Organized

To be more responsible, stay organized. We multi-task and miss way too many things and if you are as clumsy as me then the best way is to maintain a journal. Yes even if you don't have the habit of journaling maintain a notebook where you can have your to-do list and expenses tracked as it will help you be more organized and appear responsible :D
Atleast it makes me happy while I write stuff down on my journal :)

Self Grooming Tips Every Woman Should Know

Eat Healthy, Exercise & Stay Fit

You are what you eat - so eat mindfully and choose healthy ingredients rather than gauging on pizzas! Occasional cheat days are ok but avoid junk as much possible and choose healthy carbs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Balanced Meal

Exercise atleast 2-3 times a week to stay fit and energetic. Exercising really help not only to get rid of that extra flab but also to maintain your cardiac health!

Those are the huge self grooming tips from me!
Have I missed any? Do you have any more grooming tips? Please comment below with yours :)

Wish you all a very Happy Womens' Day/Month again :) Stay Blessed, Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!

Until Next Time


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