Tips For A Successful Relationship

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Hello lovely readers!
Wish you all a very happy and love filled month and happy VDay❤️ in advance :)
Love is something that's celebrated all over the universe without any discrimination and it's kind of the only emotion that has the power to both strengthen and weaken a human!

We (Me & Mr.Husband) have been in a relationship for past 6+ years (many more to come) and we have been through a lot in these 6 years! Although we were in love for 4+ years before our wedding back on September 04,2016 these 2+ years of courtship has taught us a lot about ourselves, knowing each other better, learning the art of adjustment and majorly tolerating each other despite knowing that it's for a lifetime :D

Tips For A Successful Relationship

In this month of love I'm going to share some tips and tricks with all you people out there who are looking for a successful relationship rather than breaking up every few months!
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Say GoodBye To Ego❤️

Ego is a huge barrier in any relationship. People often confuse ego with self-respect and keep bothering about it. Let me clear it out for you - an overflow of self-esteem usually kicks up your ego. It's always good not to lose your self respect but do not let the ego bubble up as it's pretty unhealthy and ruins the relationship completely!

Give Space, Respect & Speak Your Heart❤️

A good relationship starts with mutual-respect and respecting your partner is as important as keeping up your self-esteem. Always respect your partner and give them their personal space - it's good to be with them all the while but that shouldn't make them feel you are a nudge!
Give your partner their Me-time as it keeps people sane :)
And communicate - rather than giving him/her a bunch of greeting cards with pre-written verses, take a few minutes, sit with them and speak your heart. It's always great to hear that someone loves you in their own words than reading it on some piece of paper :)

Tips For A Successful Relationship

P.S: I wrote a 16 page love letter to my now husband then boyfriend and he teases me till date for writing such a big letter :P

Put Yourself In Their Shoes❤️

When you are about to pick a fight for some reason pause for a moment, put yourselves in their shoes and think for a minute. Rather than yelling and arguing take a deep breath and think of ways they could have avoided this fight. Open up and talk rather than shout & scream. This not only helps in stabilizing the situation but also makes you look more mature :)

Be The First One To Say Sorry❤️

If a fight lasts for longer than usual it just adds fuel to the fire as both of you get a lot of time to think about the issue, maybe discuss it with friends and each input fumes up the fight! So it's always good to be the first one to say sorry (sometimes even if it's not your fault). You might think that saying sorry means accepting that you are on fault which absolutely seems to be true from his/her side but understand that Sorry is a cooling word! It calms down the angry mind and makes them rethink the whole incident to see who is at fault, even if it doesn't it helps you heal from the soreness :)

In our case we have picked hundreds of fights (silly to huge ones) in these years and before marriage I was the one to run with a sorry to him even if it's not my fault. And now it's mostly him who cools off first! Just understand that it's a life of you two & no third man (even your own child) should come between YOU :)

Tips For A Successful Relationship

Give Some Cooling Time❤️

Yes I said say sorry first but that doesn't mean keep saying sorry until he/she budges- No!
If you get into a fight give it some time for the other person to think a bit and calm down on their own rather than bugging them up with continuous calls or texts as this would irritate them more!
You know better than me the usual time it would take for you both to calm down after a fight - send a periodic text like good morning or have you had your breakfast once you cool off and this works best with most couples (including 'US') ;)

Avoid Arguing❤️

Arguments are super healthy when it's casual but extremely toxic during a bad fight! Arguing and adding up past crimes (oh I mean mistakes) to the list just for the sake of argument totally rattles up the fight and puts your relationship in a bad shape. Sometimes we all do it - we pull out all bad mistakes our better half did in the past, the ones we kindly forgave during an argument and yell our heart out. If you think for a moment you would realize that it not only hurts him/her but you too leaving both of you emotionally imbalanced!

Instead of arguing try doing it this way - calm down (you can even think of a worst joke you read online) and move aside from the place before you start yelling. If your partner keeps questioning you expecting an answer say politely 'let us cool off and then talk about it please!'
This helps break the ice and also helps you both to think rationally. Later when you discuss about it you can point out the old mistakes (if you want) and state that you aren't happy. That is a wise way to handle it :)

Love, Love, Love❤️

End of the day it's all about love and nothing can really heal you inside out as love does!
So when there is a quarrel always think of the good times you both shared as a couple, some good laughs, his/her good traits, habits you picked up from him/her - anything that could bring up the love out of your brains than the hatred.
Sometimes a cheeky 'Love You❤️' text during a huge fight helps both of you calm down ;)

So this Valentines Day pledge to Love and Be Loved!❤️❤️❤️
Quarrels come quarrels go but a good relationship doesn't - it prevails despite of all hardships :)
Wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day and hope the love in your hearts keep overflowing!!

Until Next Time

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