What Can Mirrors Really Do To You?

Do you know that here in South India we have a strange belief surrounding mirrors? Yes, putting a mirror right across your main door (almost close to the roof) or in the place where you keep your God’s idols & frames bring wealth – that’s what we believe in!
We know that they can be pretty, reflect what they see, of course, make us look amazing but do all the mirrors in the world make you appear beautiful? Debatable!
Well now since all of us love mirrors and love seeing ourselves in one, today’s post is going to be about the types of mirrors available in the market and how to pick one for yourself based on your requirements and usage.
Let’s hop on right into the post, shall we? :)

How To Buy Mirrors Online

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are the most common types of mirrors every household will have as it not only can be customized in size based on our requirements but also can spruce up a boring living space! Framed wall mirrors are all the rage nowadays and choosing one is pretty easy considering the options you get these days.

How To Buy Mirrors Online

You can choose rectangular wall mirrors if they are going to be used only around your washer area as it suits the space perfectly.
If you prefer having a complete look at yourself in the mirror, then a full-length wall mirror at your living space or bedroom can transform the appearance of your cosy little space to a whole new level ;)

Rotating Table Mirrors

Rotating mirrors look lovely and versatile on that table top – but do I really need one? Yes, you do if you prefer doing your makeup sitting peacefully on a couch or a chair. A table mirror can also be pretty helpful if you have a workspace that would require one – makeup artists, actresses, models, bloggers, YouTubers all love a good rotating table mirror as it makes life simple :)

How To Buy Mirrors Online

You can also pick one if you wish to brighten up that little corner table at your living room thereby attracting all your guests to have a good look at themselves :D

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Handheld Mirrors

Handheld mirrors are such a last century thing but do you know that majority households still prefer to have one? Do you know why? Because nothing can beat the feeling of taking a good look at your pretty face up close and feeling happy about it (or rant about how porous or pimply it is!) ;)

How To Buy Mirrors Online

A really good handheld mirror can help you do your makeup easily if you have practice. Most men prefer using a handheld mirror to trim\shave their face :D

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Pocket Mirrors

Affordable, easy to find and travel-friendly, what else do you want to know about these pocket beauties? Oh yes, they come in so many cute shapes & sizes these days and there are super gorgeous ones even which you can’t resist! Every 10th person you meet in a day will definitely be carrying a pocket mirror because that’s what it is for – to carry around without guilt :D

How To Buy Mirrors Online

So these are the types of mirrors and interesting insights about their usage. If you were to ask me, my preferred pick would be Belgium mirrors because of their quality and the variety of options it comes in. :P

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