Mangalyam Thanthunanena - My Journey As A Bride: Wedding Outfit & Jewelry

Weddings are magical!

And as magical as it sounds it's a super long process with lots and lots of work and especially every detail counts!! Being the bride you are the star in your wedding (and of course your groom too is - but not as much as you) and the stress to look perfect on your big day is humongous :)
Do not stress or let it consume you - relax, breathe and enjoy it as much as you can while planning the details in advance (and most importantly not confusing it later) to really let yourself enjoy the event :)

Indian Wedding Outfit & Jewelry

Wedding Outfit Planning

Mine was the simplest wedding you would have heard of - well atleast for me it was!
As we didn't opt to hold a reception and as it was only Muhurtham we just thought the shopping would be quick and simple. But it wasn't! Let me tell you all about it.

In our families we have a tradition of getting clothes for all near and dear ones for a wedding which means we had to shop for almost 10+ families and I was baffled by the thought of it :/ I of course outsourced it to my mom and she picked sarees and dhotis as required :D

I chose a Rich Cotton Silk for mom as she is crazy about these kind of sarees :) Most of our outfits were picked from The Chennai Silks as I couldn't take much break from work and it was the only place near to our house! And I don't regret choosing TCS at all :D


All my wedding sarees and the ones we picked for Mr. Husband's family were from Rajmahal Silks, Madurai.

My (The Bride's) Wedding Outfit

Both my Engagement and Wedding (Muhurtham) sarees were bought by his family so we opted for the most popular shop in Madurai to pick them - Rajmahal Silks!
It took us around 2 hours to enter in and come out (just for getting in and out) while the actual shopping took us only close to 45 minutes (for 5 ladies!) - that's how popular the shop is!

Indian Wedding Saree

My MIL chose a Red Kancheepuram Silk saree for the Muhurtham and I chose my engagement saree in pink :)

The Blouse

So my saree was a grand one with loads of zari and I didn't want the blouse to be the same way as I felt it would make the whole look OTT! Also since the wedding happened in a temple (considering the temperature inside and the simplicity of the place) I chose to have some minimal yet neat embroidery & patch works done on the plain silk blouse. I opted for a short sleeve with a knotted back :) The blouse was designed by a local boutique (Ajantha Textiles, Madipakkam).

Indian Bridal Blouse

Mr.Husband's (The Groom's) Wedding Outfit

While we picked a formal trouser and shirt for engagement for him, the wedding outfit had to be Dhoti & Shirt obviously! We picked a Pure Silk Dhoti & Shirt - both from The Chennai Silks for him.


Wedding Jewelry

Choosing your Bridal Jewelry is a very important step too as it has to complement with your saree/wedding outfit very well and add grace to it :) Click here to know how you can choose your bridal jewelry!

While they were actually planning to rent a Bridal Jewelry Set, I wasn't really ok with that and wanted to get one for myself :) So we went on a spree and picked this Bridal Set for around 4000 INR and I don't regret it even for a moment :D
I wanted a Kemp jewelry set but as the wedding saree was red I opted for matte finish gold jewelry set with :) But then again I compensated my love for kemp with a gorgeous head jewelry, rakkodi, suryan & chandran ;)

Indian Wedding Bridal Jewelry

For bangles I chose some matching heavy silk thread bangles and paired them with my 'Muhurtha Valai' (wedding glass bangles)

Indian Wedding Bridal Jewelry

That's it for today, will be sharing my makeup, hairstyle and grooming details in another post. Please let me know if you liked my saree :) If you like this wedding series and would love to read all posts in it please visit here :)
Thank you so much for sticking around!

Until Next Time

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