SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review, Swatches, Demo

A New Year Again with a lot of expectations and resolutions - Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2019!
I have a bundle of resolutions this year too but have a few that needs major focus :) How about you? Do let me know in the comments what is your resolution for 2k19!

Btw January being my Birthday Month it reminds me that I'm aging and after this birthday I'm stepping on to the next decade of my life - yes I'm going to be THIRTY :D :P
I have always been a fan of Face Serums and wanted to pick one but was postponing it thinking I'm too young to get one for myself (while actually I'm not!). So when I got a chance I immediately grabbed the SSCPL Herbals Face Serum from their professional range which is Paraben, Sulphates & chemical-free. It's formulated in such a way that it's enriched with anti-aging and skin brightening properties. Read on to know more about the SSCPL Herbals Face Serum and how it worked for me :)

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review, Swatches

What The Brand Says About SSCPL Herbals Face Serum

A non-greasy, non sticky, quick absorbing face serum with collagen and retinol, to restore moisture balance, sheen and luster to your skin. SSCPL Herbals Face Serum is formulated to provide overall nourishment with the help of botanical extracts, collagen and retinol that helps fight fine lines and wrinkles and helps make your skin healthy, soft and supple.

Product Form :- White creamy lotion with thick consistency, enriched with botanical extracts, collagen and retinol

What do you get? :- A face serum with herbal ingredients, collagen and retinol that together help fight against signs of ageing and dry skin.

– Enriched with Collagen, Vitamin A, and all natural botanical extract of Green Tea, Witch Hazel, Grape seed, Aloevera and Carrot
– Helps restore moisturization, hydration and fights fine lines and wrinkles
– Free of animal by-products, harmful parabens and sulfates
– NO Bleach
– As this is herbal product, slight tingling sensation may occur for certain skin type.
– The product color may change with time due to presence of herbal active ingredients.
– Kindly do not expose to direct sunlight and keep in cool and dry place.

Key Ingredients
Collagen, Vitamin A, Green Tea (Camellia sinensis), Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), Grape seed  (Vitis vinifera), Aloevera (Aloe Barbadensis), Carrot Extract (Daucus Carota)

Usage Directions
Make sure to have your face cleansed with cleansing milk or face wash as required, before application of this product. Apply 3 to 5 drops on damp skin and gently massage till it gets absorbed completely.

Price: 360 INR for 100 ml
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My Views On SSCPL Herbals Professional Face Serum

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum comes in a cute pump dispenser bottle that is sturdy and the pump works beautifully! Although a little heafty (not so travel-friendly) unlike other serums that come in teeny-weeny bottles this one has a lot of product! The green and white color combo is just so pleasant :)
Little goes long way - I use only 1 or max 2 pumps for each use so one bottle would last me for months! Pretty affordable ;)

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review, Swatches

The SSCPL Herbals Face Serum contains green tea, witch hazel, collagen and retinol which are great ingredients that fight the signs of aging. It's completely natural and organic, free from parabens, sulphates & bleach, cruelty-free and is made in India!!

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review, Swatches

The SSCPL Herbals Face Serum has a mild and calming fragrance that is so natural and fades away beautifully - it's not overpowering so doesn't bother even if you have sensitive nose. The serum has a creamy consistency and is white in color. It actually feels like a serum in cream and replaces my regular moisturizer when used. The serum gets absorbed quickly on skin giving a healthy & radiant glow to the skin instantly.

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review, Swatches

I initially started using the SSCPL face serum during the day and it was a little bit greasy and heavy for the day but perfectly moisturized my skin. I was skeptical so started using it just during the night. But after a few days (1 week to be precise) I did notice that the extra greasiness slowly faded away and I again used it during the day to test it out - this time it didn't give me that greasy feel and was perfect on skin :) It didn't break me out or cause any skin irritation - however if you are trying a new product on your skin I would suggest to do a patch test at the back of your elbow or ear to make sure you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients.

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review

While I used the SSCPL Face Serum in my night time skincare routine it was just perfect - gets absorbed completely on skin leaving it soft & supple in the morning. I follow with my regular night cream for better results. I have been using the serum for more than a month now and although not drastic I do see a good change in my skin - the unevenness is fading a bit and my face looks radiant! I'm stepping on 30 this month and the SSCPL Face Serum feels like the best addition into my vanity for my aging skin :)

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review, Swatches

Let me also tell you the ways I use it during the day & night:
Day time routine - Cleanse, tone, serum, sunscreen & daycream/foundation. Sometimes I mix a pump or two of the serum with my foundation to get that dewy and glowy finish!
Night time routine - Cleanse, tone, serum, night cream. Wake up with fresh, soft & supple skin!


SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Swatches

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Swatches
SSCPL Herbals Face Serum On Skin During The Day, With Full Base Makeup

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Swatches
SSCPL Herbals Face Serum On Skin During The Day, Without Any Base Makeup

Overall SSCPL Herbals Face Serum is pretty amazing and a great affordable option for those who would love to introduce/try a serum in their skincare routine!!

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (-0.2 for such a huge bottle! Would love to see a baby version too :D)

~ Product sent by brand, honest review as always!

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