Know The Basics: Are You Washing Your Hair Right?

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Every woman and even men for that matter love to take good care of their hair be it long, short, straight, curly, wavy anything! But do you know if you are really taking care of your hair the right way?

Did you just go thoughtful for a moment? Then this series is just for you as we are going to tell you some great haircare tips and guide you the right way :)
And this being the first post in the series is going to be about the 'Right Way To Wash & Condition Your Hair'!

How To Wash & Condition Your Hair

So we are going to take it slow and go step by step to learn the techniques which would help improve your hair health, shall we? :)

Pre Hair Wash Care

We all think washing our hair starts with shampooing but certainly not! Here are some pre-hair wash tips that would help you get healthy hair.

* Never wash your hair bare! Yes washing your hair bare would strip away all the natural moisture leaving your hair dry and frizzy. Always apply a good hair pack/mask or atleast massage your scalp and tips with a good oil before shampooing.

How To Wash & Condition Your Hair

* De-tangle your hair before you proceed with the hair wash/shampooing. This actually helps keep your hair tangle free during the shower helping it less prone to breakage. Wet hair is weak and a few tangles while shampooing might lead to severe damage to your hair.

How To Shampoo Your Hair

The most basic step of washing your hair would of course be shampooing and here are some tight guides to do it right :D

* Do not apply the product (shampoo) right away on your scalp. Wet your scalp, dilute the product with few drops of water and then shampoo your hair gently.

Are You Washing Your Hair Right

* Shampoo your hair gently and do not rub it harsh or rough as it makes your hair prone to breakages - because wet hair is more brittle! Also remember that shampoo is for scalp and conditioner is for hair - so never use the shampoo as it is for the lengths of your hair as again it would dry out your hair. But you can take the shampoo leftovers from scalp (the foam) to the lengths of hair to cleanse it off.

* Shampoo your hair for around 3-5 minutes - neither more nor less :)

How To Condition Your Hair

Whatever your hair type is a good conditioner is a must-have shower product to get healthy hair. If you have thinning or fine hair you can opt for reverse washing. So how do you condition your hair?

* As I said shampoo is for scalp and conditioner is for the tresses - so never apply your conditioner on your scalp as it weakens your hair roots, leaves product build-up on scalp that would clog your pores and might also pave way to dandruff!

Right Way To Wash & Condition Your Hair

* Gently massage the conditioner on your tresses avoiding the scalp area and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. If you have rough frizzy hair you can leave it for an additional minute or two! Gently comb the lengths of your hair using a wide tooth comb to help the conditioner disperse evenly - but it's totally optional :) Rinse off.

*Make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly as conditioner residues can cause serious damage to your hair.

Post Hair Wash Care

* Post shower you can gently squeeze out the excess water on your hair as it helps quicken the drying process. Always towel or air dry your hair as much possible and avoid using a blow dryer as the heat produced due to these styling tools cause all types of damage to your hair from roughness to hairfall!

How To Wash & Condition Your Hair

* Don't comb your hair when it's wet as wet hair is brittle and this habit leads to severe hair loss.

* When your hair is almost dry (around 85-90%), use a good hair serum/leave in conditioner/hair oil/oil in cream to lock in the moisture.

How To Wash Your Hair Right
Livon Silky HairPotion

* Minimize the use of heat based styling tools and cover up your hair with a light cotton cloth while stepping out in the sun to protect it :)

That's all about it folks. Hope you find the tips atleast a little useful  :) Do you follow any of these already? Do you have more such tips with you? Please pour in your comments below - would love to know your opinions :)

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