Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review, Demo

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
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Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Makeup Remover/Tool
Product Name: Bella Double Side Cotton Pads

Cotton pads and makeup removal wipes are life for any makeup lover :D It is always good, safe and recommended to get rid of all your makeup before you hit the sack everyday! And the best tool to get it done next to a good makeup remover is cotton pads\balls. When my craze for makeup started I wasn't much aware of such options and all I used was some cheap wet wipes and disposable cotton rolls from pharmacies!! They're super troublesome as the cotton threads come off every single time completely making my eyes reddened and watery :( Later when the blogger me came into picture I started exploring the options and picked up my first set of cotton pads - and it was from Bella :))
And since almost 4+ years (:O) I still keep a stock of cotton pads from Bella because till date they're my fave, HG everything :D :D

So why Bella you ask? Because they are of amazing quality with an affordable price tag! What else do you really want?
Read on to know more about these double sided cotton pads from Bella :)

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review, Demo

What Bella Says About Their Double Sided Cotton Pads?

Soft, gentle and highly absorbent pads for cosmetic purposes of whole family

- Imported from Europe
- Made of 100% clean, soft and natural cotton fibres, delicate for all skin types
- Two sided – plain side ideal for cosmetics application and embossed side perfect for gentle skin cleansing
- Closed edges prevent delamination and fibres separation
- Recommended for cosmetic and hygienic use, ideal for make -up removal
- Handy pack with strings at the top to  hang in the bathroom
- Bottom perforation for convenient dispensing
- Dermatologically tested

Shelf Life: 5 Years

Price & Quantity: INR 120 for around 80 pads (always available with 30% extra which means you get around 100 pads)

Buy Here: Nykaa, Purplle

My Views On Bella Double Side Cotton Pads

As you all know I'm a huge makeup lover and I love using kajal, gel liners, mascara, liquid lipsticks everyday and a full face makeup few times a week! As much as I love applying them I love taking them off as well every single day because I love my skin! Who doesn't?  :)

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review, Demo

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review, Demo

The Bella Double Side Cotton Pads as the name says are double sided pads with super close knit surfaces on both sides. The fluffy cotton threaded part lies protected in between the two layers so no mess! I actually use only one side of the pad for light makeup and if I wear heavy makeup then I use one side of the pad for each side of my face! (too many sides :P)

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review
Single Pad

The Bella Cotton Pads come in a pack of 80 pads (and there is always 30% extra offer) so you get around 100 pads in a pack. If you are a regular makeup user then a pack would last you for almost 4-6 months definitely!

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review
One side of a pad
Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review
Top & Bottom Split

The pads are super soft and feels gentle on skin. Even when rubbed aside they don't cause any friction. I extensively use these pads for removing my eye makeup and it does the job in a jiffy :)
It's odour-free and doesn't have any odd fragrance.

Overall these Bella Double Side Cotton Pads are worth every penny if you are a makeup lover/enthusiast!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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