Ok beautiful ladies today's post is going to be a different yet unique one just for you! I have been planning this post for a long time now but never really got it right and now I had to put it up :D
Women are always special and it is important for every woman to take care of her body & health despite of being piled up with works. A little 'Me Time' everyday can really relax you and make you feel better :) In today's post we will be sharing our top tips on how to take care of your twinsies - age wise and stage wise! So gear up ladies, read on and try them out quickly to relax yourself!!

Breast Care Tips For Women

Makeup can be as simple as possible or as complicated as it can get. If you are new to makeup and would love to experiment with new looks then you have to begin from learning about the makeup products and creating simple everyday makeup looks. If you are someone who is just starting out with eye makeup and would love to try some interesting looks then here is a very simple Dusky Pink Smokey Eye Makeup tutorial for you. It's pretty simple, straight-forward and super easy to recreate. Also you can recreate it with any colors you have and all you have to do it just follow the steps carefully :)
Let's hop into the tutorial shall we?

Simple Dusky Pink Everyday Smokey Eye Tutorial

As soon as I stepped on 30 my first feeling was 'I'm aging' and the right next was to hunt for a good night cream. I must agree it wasn't because I was worried about aging but because I have had this burning desire to start using anti-aging products on my skin and I wanted to start only when I'm thirty :P :D
After becoming a mom I'm enlightened and looking to pick organic\natural skin care & hair care products as much possible since it has a lot to do with our love for Mother Nature! More on that in another detailed post. I'm a big fan of Himalaya Herbals because they are free of chemicals, easily available, works good and doesn't cause any harm. Little Miss A's entire skin & hair care vanity is filled with Himalaya products ;)
I picked up the Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream and keep reading to know more about it :)

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream Review, Swatches

If you have been following me on Instagram (you totally should if you like some fun posts!) then you already know how much I'm obsessed with Yami Herbals. Yami Herbals is an Indian (Tamil Nadu based) brand who manufacture natural skincare and haircare products without any chemicals or artificial agents. I can absolutely vouch for their purity as I'm a proud user of their products for the past one year!! I love their skincare products and obsessed with their hair pack so when they introduced the No Dandruff Hair Pack I didn't think twice to pick it๐Ÿ˜‰

Yami Herbals No Dandruff Hair Pack Review

So I picked up the Yami Herbals No Dandruff Hair Pack as soon as it was launched and tried it the very next day because I couldn't wait ๐Ÿ˜

Also Read: D'Free Overnight Anti-Dandruff Lotion Review

I do have my own ways to test out products and I don't rush into conclusions until unless I have used it enough - something I learnt being a beauty blogger! I'm on my third pack of the Yami Herbals No Dandruff Hair Pack now so I guess it's high time I review it. Wouldn't you like to know if I'm obsessed or just crazy?
My hunt for a good face serum ended when I found SSCPL Herbals face serum as it's super light, non-greasy and gives a beautiful glow to my skin. But I happened to love it only for the day and needed one for night time routine as I love a nice hydrating serum. This one was on my wishlist for quite some time and as it was on offer I picked it up right away!
It's the Good Vibes Argan Facial Oil With Gold Leaves - I chose this especially because it has beautiful gold flecks in it :D
Read on to know more about this super affordable facial oil aka serum!

Good Vibes Argan Facial Oil With Gold Leaves Review, Swatches

Hola folks how is your Monday?
Mine is boring yet I'm trying to spruce it up with some coffee and loads of charcoal for my skin :D
He he this post is about one of the charcoal based products I'm loving a lot off late - SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask!

SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Modelling Mask Review

Hair removal is a huge process and although we have so many options these days still we keep looking for new and better ones! I'm a shaving person as I'm shit scared to even try waxing and I occasionally use depilatory creams, although I hate the ammonia smell - bummer :| Buying an epilator is a huge dream for me but it's a huge investment and it comes with a major con too - ingrown hairs!
Removing hair around your bikini line is an essential part of personal hygiene routine and doing it regularly will help you maintain a good vaginal health too. The bikini line hair is usually thick and coarse and most of us opt for shaving or waxing them. But are these methods really safe around the sensitive area? Well not 100%! So when I came across a hair remover creme specially formulated to be used around the Bikini line I was thrilled to try it :)
Read on to know more about Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Creme.

Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Creme Review

If you know me you definitely know that I'm obsessed with face packs and masks be it DIY or readily available ones in the market. I'm a sucker for face packs and I pick something everytime I shop :P
I love powder and clay based face packs a lot because they work wonders for my oil mill (read combination skin). When I got a chance to pick some products from SSCPL Herbals I was sure I wanted to try their Modelling masks because they look incredible! :)

And I love SSCPL Herbals website a lot lot lot because when you want to know about their product you just have to go to the product page on the site and there you have everything listed out! Their products are of professional quality, they work wonders and are perfectly affordable. I'm already bowled over by this humble brand which focuses on natural and organic skincare & haircare products. Well today's review is going to be about their Vitamin C Modelling Mask.

SSCPL Herbals Vitamin C Modelling Mask Review

Body odour is a huge downside of summer and the smelly underarms literally keep you from being active and stepping outdoors. While sweat cannot be stopped as it really helps your body you can definitely prevent your underarms from smelling bad. Here are some of our practical tips to combat underarm odour this summer :)

How To Prevent Underarm Odour And Sweating In Summers

As you all know me by now I don't prefer using base makeup on an everyday basis and I definitely don't use a foundation everyday. But there are days when I feel like giving some extra coverage to my face and really don't want to go for a foundation. I love using BB or CC creams on those days rather than a tinted moisturizer as these creams do a lot better job at getting me the sheer coverage I love :)
Today's review is going to be about my favourite CC cream in the market that works good for me - Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care CC Cream in the shade bronze.

Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care CC Cream Review, Swatches

For oily skinned girls compact powders are a blessing in disguise because it keeps the face from looking greasy throughout the day and also helps achieve matte-look easily ;)
I always have compact powders stocked up and once I'm hooked to one I just keep repurchasing it! I was a hooked on to Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact Powder until I met this Matt Look Makeup 2-Way Cake :)
Read on to know more about it and how I love using it!

Matt Look Cosmetics Splendid Makeup 2-Way Cake Review, Swatches

Hello my lovely readers!

I know I haven't been blogging frequently despite of taking the #90dayschallenge and trust me I'm guilty but my personal as well as professional life is keeping me busy and taking time out for a whole blog post is becoming impossible :(
Ok rant over and I'm again trying to be consistent here as much possible, let's see how it goes.
Whatever I love you for holding onto my blog and reading my posts however infrequent they are and I'm super thankful to every soul for sticking around - you are my motivators :))

This post is going to be about an Indian brand called 2 Be Beauty Care I discovered recently (and there are many more newbie brands popping in the market) and I happened to try their products. This post is going to be all about it :)

2B_BEAUTY_CARE skincare products

Summer is getting super hot here in Chennai and travelling to work everyday even makes me crazy and dehydrated! :/ So all of you lovely readers please drink enough fluids and keep yourself hydrated to beat the heat :)
Apart from the heat summer also means lot of room for makeup because hey it's bright and fresh! But the major trouble is to keep the makeup in tact in the humid sweaty weather :(
I always pull out my waterproof makeup products in summers and put them to good use :D
Today's post is going to be one of my most favourite mascaras from my favourite brand - Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara!

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara Review, Swatches, Buy Online

I'm a crazy fan of deodorants and I can't just pass a day without one even if I don't sweat much! I love using both antiperspirants as well as deodorants for that matter and this is one thing I can't skip despite knowing it's high on chemicals - guilty as charged :/
While I was guilt tripping myself I got a chance from Ikinaki to try out this completely natural and organic deo stick from Vilvah store and I must admit I was thrilled!

But as it's made of natural ingredients I was all judge-y and had a lot of doubts about it. This very suspicion made me put it out for the test :D
So how did it turn out? Was I right? Read on to know :)

Vilvah Store Natural Deodorant Grapefruit And Ylang Ylang Review

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 5 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Face\Base Makeup - Foundation
Product Name: Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Makeup Base Foundation

I'm a huge makeup buff but if you know me you might have noticed that I don't use base makeup much! I use foundations only for special occasions as I strongly believe in my own skin and love embracing it despite of the flaws :)
Then why makeup? Because I love it and I'm passionate about it!
Coming to the point today I will be reviewing one of my foundations that I have a love hate relationship with - Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Makeup Base Foundation.
Read on to know what I love and what I hate :)

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Makeup Base Foundation

Accessories For The Grand Wedding Look

You the bride is the center of attraction in your wedding (of course the groom too but not as much as you :P) and looking glam, gorgeous and royal on your big day is very much important :))
So here is a list of accessories that you could include as part of your wedding attire to get that extra oomph look!

Choose them according to the attire, culture, wedding style and of course based on the look you are aiming for to look like a Diva or a Maharani on your D Day♥♥

Indian Bridal Jewellery

I'm a fan of oils for hair but don't generally prefer them for skin as I have oily combination skin. I occasionally use oils on my skin but trust them when it comes to hair especially a great fan of almond & Olive oil :)
I recently got a chance to try the Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Tel Olive Oil which is completely natural and is great for hair, skin & nails. Also it's unisex! :D
Read on to know more about this cute bottle of goodness!!

Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Tel Olive Oil Review

Something I always follow for good skin is remove my makeup everyday. On days I don't, I definitely get breakouts, dry skin, chapped lips & irritated eyes! And for a few years now I made it a habit to remove makeup quickly after it's purpose is solved. I also always carry a bottle of baby oil or cleansing milk with me to make sure I clean my makeup in case I get stuck somewhere before getting home.

Faces Hydro Makeup Remover Review

I swear by bi-phase makeup removers because they are the best in removing all traces of makeup quickly and easily! But one thing I don't like with them is the oily residue they leave behind. Although it can be cleansed away with a foaming cleanser or a regular face wash still it's an extra step that makes me lazy when I'm already at the verge of sleeping.
And when I found this Faces Hydro Makeup Remover I squealed because it's supposed to hydrate your skin while removing your makeup. Read on to know if it's really worth the price!

Faces Hydro Makeup Remover Review

I love cleansing milks and always have it stocked up because they remove non-waterproof makeup gently without harming your skin and also make your skin feel good & clean! I have been a fan of Himalaya Herbals Cleansing Milk for years together now and I never really wanted to try one after using it - it was a perfect fit in all aspects.
So when I got a chance to try the SSCPL Neem Cleansing Milk I thought ok let'e see!
Read on to know if it really impressed me or is lying around in my stash just because I own it!

SSCPL Herbals Neem Cleansing Milk

I hate waxing and going to parlor for trimming my hair is also a no-no for me!
Well I was brought up saying that going to a parlor means you are not naturally beautiful and I'm still stuck with it - but I'm a makeup-obsessed woman too :P :D
But I never miss threading my eyebrows at a good parlor as they are kinda my favourite feature on my face - my eyes too & yeah lips also a little ;)

Eyebrow Grooming At Home

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 5 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Skin Care - Day Cream
Product Name: Matt Look Cosmetics Gel Kajal & Cake Eyeliner 24 Hourstay

I love minimalist routines as they're simple yet powerful and pretty much effective! I never happened to try any face creams (except for once I tried the Lakme one once) as I'm not much of a fan of day creams. I also hated the fact that 90% of the brands in Indian market focus on skin lightening - as if we Indians are just dying hard to get rid of dark skin!!

But when I was looking for something to replace my moisturizer & sunscreen together I came across the Garnier Light Complete Serum Cream and wanted to give it a try because of 2 reasons - it's super affordable and their overnight peeling cream has worked for me in the past๐Ÿ˜Š
Read on to know how it fared๐Ÿ˜Š

Garnier Light Complete Serum Cream Review

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 6 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin || Hair Type: Oily Scalp, Dry ends, Straight thin hair
Post Category: Tips & Tricks/Guide
Post Type: Self Grooming 

Happy Womens' Day to all my lovely female readers! Always Be Empowering!!♥

Being a woman isn't easy (being a man isn't too but I'm here today to talk about women :P)
We need to be flexible, quick, learn to multi-task and always on the run! With the running world and us chasing our dreams we often forget and ignore ourselves. While a working woman skips a step or two in her personal grooming routine most homemakers skip it completely because they just settle with a feel that they are idle at home and popping an extra expense into their budget is bad! But ladies don't forget that the family is happily working out there because you sacrificed yours to take care of them and spending a little time & money to take care of yourself is not bad at all :)

Self Grooming Tips For Women

And today's post is a special dedication to all my beautiful women out there :) Love ya♥♥
Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 7 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Makeup - Eye Makeup - Kajal & Liner
Product Name: Matt Look Cosmetics Gel Kajal & Cake Eyeliner 24 Hourstay

Eyeliners are a great choice to emphasize your eyes and gel liners play a major role in transforming your eye makeup to next level! I'm a great fan of gel liners as they can easily replace both your liquid liner and kajal :) I keep choosing a new gel liner every single time as I love experimenting and exploring makeup! This time I chose a new yet popular liner from Matt Look Cosmetics - cake liner with gel kajal. Pretty intriguing right? :)
Read on to know more about Matt Look Cosmetics Gel Kajal & Cake Eyeliner 24 Hourstay.

Matt Look Cosmetics Gel Kajal & Cake Eyeliner Review

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 6 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Skincare/Toner
Product Name: Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & Clarifying Skin Toner

Want good skin? Then following a CTM routine is very important because this helps you get that so called good skin! The 'T' in your CTM routine - toner is very essential to. Many women often skin using a toner thinking that they don't need one - just like oily skinned women think they don't need a moisturizer which is a huge mistake.

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & Clarifying Skin Toner Review

I have used a few toners myself but whenever someone asks me for a reco I instantly recommend rose water! And people just walk away thinking how come this girl calls herself a blogger :P I still believe rose water is a magic potion that works well for all skin types and is the most natural and easily available toner. But can I just use that? What's the next best? That's a resonating question and here I'm answering it today :)
My favourite toner is a drugstore beauty - Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & Clarifying Skin Toner. Read on to know more :))
As you all know I'm a huge fan of dresses and I enjoy styling my dresses a lot! I love pairing them up in different styles because dresses are the most versatile clothing for me when it comes to Western wear. I recently got a chance to try out some Dropship Dresses from Dropship Clothes and how would I miss the chance?๐Ÿ˜‰

Dropship Dresses Banner

Sustainable Living & Sustainable Wardrobe are two huge things running in my mind ever since 2018 and I'm trying my level best to reuse my existing clothes as much possible before picking up new ones! I'm a hoarder and I have clothes from my tenth class & accessories from my eighth class junked up together in my wardrobe (of course I still use 95% of them) but I kinda start feeling bored to style a dress the same way more than twice :P
I try and find new ways to pair up my clothes or spruce up my wardrobe with some simple changes and it has worked so well for me. So I thought why not share it with you my BlogFam as it might help some of you atleast :)
Here is another interesting post/lookbook of Sustainable Wardrobe!! Just my way of styling ;)

Ways To Style Your Plain Kurta

A very popular eye makeup product next to kajal is eyeliner because a simple eyeliner can really make your eyes pop!
I have tried and love all types of eyeliners from liquid to cake liners but liquid liners are always my favourite because they are pretty versatile to create any eye makeup look once you get the hang of it ;) Today's post is yet another review of one such eyeliner I have been loving recently!
It's the Matt Look Cosmetics Lashes Push Up Eyeliner. Does it ring any bells? :D

Matt Look Cosmetics Lashes Push Up Eyeliner Review, Swatches

Well if you have been following me on Instagram (I urge you to follow me there if you haven't already because you are missing a lotta fun!) you would have already read my first impressions about this liner. Now this is going to be a pretty detailed review :) Read on!!

Hello lovely readers :)
Be it anyone personal hygiene is very important and keeping your intimate, sensitive areas clean and hygienic is the best way to go about it! Being a woman taking good care of your vaginal area, bikini line, underarms and breasts are very essential to keep up with your overall hygiene. Will talk more about it in a separate post but meanwhile today I have product reviews for you guys and it's from the brand called Everteen. Everteen is a brand by Wet & Dry Personal Care which focuses on personal hygiene products especially focusing on vaginal health and I share something common with them - as natural as possible!
Today I will be reviewing the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and Natural Intimate Wipes.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash And Everteen Natural Intimate Wipes Review

As you know I'm a huge lipstick freak because I believe a lipstick can easily amp up and brighten your face :D You can read my lipstick reviews here :)

Today I'm reviewing two liquid lipsticks from a drugstore brand. They are the LASplash Lip Couture Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shades Innocent Vixen and Till Midnight. I so love their names but do I love the lipsticks?
Read on to know if I love them or hate them :)

LA Splash Lip Couture Matte Liquid Lipstick Innocent Vixen

LA Splash Lip Couture Matte Liquid Lipstick Till Midnight

Weddings are magical!

And as magical as it sounds it's a super long process with lots and lots of work and especially every detail counts!! Being the bride you are the star in your wedding (and of course your groom too is - but not as much as you) and the stress to look perfect on your big day is humongous :)
Do not stress or let it consume you - relax, breathe and enjoy it as much as you can while planning the details in advance (and most importantly not confusing it later) to really let yourself enjoy the event :)

Indian Wedding Outfit & Jewelry

Hello world how are you? :)
I love travelling a lot and visiting new places is always my favourite!
I happen to marry a person who loves travelling too and we have our travel plans all lined up :D

Exactly 9 years back it sounded super crazy when my first organization demanded me to apply for a passport. I was like 'What? Are you going to send me abroad?'
It was just the US in my mind back then and I was super nervous to even apply for the passport - I just felt like I'm travelling right away! :P
The current me would have mocked that little girl but I'm not that little girl anymore but still travel makes me crazy :)

You all know I'm a budget person and safeguarding that passport in these 9 years was kinda a deal to me because I wasn't ready to splurge on a classic passport cover for a not used at all passport! So when I got a chance to try out the Urby Passport Holder I neither could say no nor resist the offer ;)
Let me tell you why! :)

Urby Wanderlust Passport Holder in Forest Brown

HIV (a) AIDS is a most common and prevalent disease that's sexually transmitted. It's a disease caused due of unprotected s*x and doesn't have any permanent cure till date.

Did you know there are 2.01 million people still in India who live with HIV, or that there are about 80,000 people who get infected every year? Not to mention the overall stigma & prejudice associated with the condition which marginalizes the infected and the lack of information that perpetuates all of these.  Bad news, indeed.
Good news, however, is that HIV is preventable, manageable and a lot of it is just to do with providing people the right information with sensitivity and tact at the right time!

How can we make sure we are well informed of this deadly disease to protect ourselves?

Introducing IRA


IRA is a conversational platform where people can seek answers to their pressing HIV/AIDS queries. She was created to help people gain information about HIV and motivate people to manage HIV responsibly. She is friendly and chatty and wants the world to be free of HIV.

IRA will be available on the yes4me website. Anyone with an internet connection can access IRA which makes her a powerful ally in the fight against HIV. Because of the stigma surrounding HIV, people can visit IRA from the security of their own home and seek answers to urgent questions without facing any of the discrimination that they would face anywhere else.

With IRA by their side, millions of Indians will be able to find the right information at the right time and thus solve the root cause that perpetuates HIV.

Let’s join hands to make India HIV/AIDS free. You can reach out to IRA for all your questions related to HIV from the link below:


We would love to hear back from you as your feedback makes IRA better!! :)


Skin is just like your baby - the more you take care of it the more it becomes friendly with you! The more good you feed the more good it becomes :)
Good skin not just comes with proper skincare. You also need to have a junk-free balanced diet (because what you eat is what you become) and good makeup if you are a makeup junkie like me!
With every layer of makeup you just clog your pores a bit more. But for makeup lovers, makeup enthusiasts, makeup artists and celebrities it's inevitable to apply makeup :) So how can we really protect our skin?

Matt Look Cosmetics Pore Refining Primer (Skin Transformer) Review, Swatches

Well proper skincare, good balanced diet, adequate water, healthy lifestyle, removing makeup every single day before bed and of course a good makeup primer is all you need :D
Makeup Primer is a very essential but often ignored makeup product because it helps you in more ways than one! A makeup primer helps seal the skincare products onto your skin forming a barrier between your skincare and makeup preventing your makeup from seeping into your skin. It also serves as a nice and seamless base for your makeup to glide on. A good primer gives that blurred effect to your skin making it appear smooth and flawless sealing the imperfections (not the pigmentations)!!

I have oily combination skin and today's review is going to be about an affordable primer that is great for my skin type!

Matt Look Cosmetics Pore Refining Primer (Skin Transformer) Review, Swatches

If you are someone from South India (Especially Tamil Nadu) then you would have definitely heard about the recent Pongal release of Actor Ajith Kumar 'Viswasam' starring Nayanthara as the female lead actress. Well me being a super crazy fan of Lady Superstar Nayanthara and Mr. Husband being a crazy fan of Thala Ajith we happened to watch the movie over a weekend and we loved it (I'm neither going to the part of discussing the movie or how many people hate it nor spill any beans here). If you are a fan of South Indian fashion and love Nayanthara's personal style then I 100% recommend you to watch the movie :) It's a family entertainer (Completely sentimental story line!).

And this post is going to be a break down of Nayanthara's makeup, hair and fashion in the movie Viswasam. I couldn't get a hang of much clear pictures of her from the movie anywhere as it's a recent release but I really can't get that face & makeup out of my mind :D so I'm decoding it here for you :))

Nayanthara Makeup Look In Viswasam Decoded - Pretty Polka

"A Woman Looks More Beautiful When She Blushes"

I have love-hate relationship with blushes! I never used to be comfortable wearing a blush when I first started using makeup. Although I loved the way it made my makeup look I felt it was so artificial! Growing up, learning makeup slowly made me realize that blushes are perfectly beautiful if worn (especially blended) right :)
There started our love story with some cheekiness! :D

Today I'm reviewing one of the gorgeous blushes I have ever tried! I have mostly tried powder blushes as cream blushes make my skin greasy after a few hours. The Matt Look Cosmetics Zero Pore Mattify Longwearing Blusher is a cream blush but I absolutely fell in love with it!! Read on to know why :)

Matt Look Cosmetics Zero Pore Mattify Longwearing Blusher Fuschia Pink Review, Swatches

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Post Type: Tips & Tricks
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Hello lovely readers!
Wish you all a very happy and love filled month and happy VDay❤️ in advance :)
Love is something that's celebrated all over the universe without any discrimination and it's kind of the only emotion that has the power to both strengthen and weaken a human!

We (Me & Mr.Husband) have been in a relationship for past 6+ years (many more to come) and we have been through a lot in these 6 years! Although we were in love for 4+ years before our wedding back on September 04,2016 these 2+ years of courtship has taught us a lot about ourselves, knowing each other better, learning the art of adjustment and majorly tolerating each other despite knowing that it's for a lifetime :D

Tips For A Successful Relationship

In this month of love I'm going to share some tips and tricks with all you people out there who are looking for a successful relationship rather than breaking up every few months!
For some Valetines Day gift ideas for your man check out this post and check out this post for a easy peasy Valentines Day makeup look & hairstyle :)

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Post Type: Product Review
Product Type: Face Makeup Brush
Read Time: 4 Minutes

Makeup Is Not Just A Mask, It's A Manifestation Of Your Inner Spirit!❤️

Makeup is something every woman (and a few men) love and it differs from person to person. But to achieve a good makeup look sourcing the right makeup is not enough, you also need the right tools to make it look flawless and beautiful!

Here in India there are a very few brands that make quality or atleast good makeup tools and unfortunately we need to depend on other countries if we need some good makeup tools! A good news is that WiseShe is a new brand making makeup tools at affordable prices, based out of India! WiseShe is the brailchild of Anamika, a popular Indian Beauty & Parenting blogger and that means the brand knows how their products have to be!๐Ÿ˜Š  They are completely cruelty-free, Latex-free and made in India :)

I have a few brushes from their collection and today's review is going to be about their most popular, much raved multi-tasker - WiseShe Cheek, Contour & Powder Brush!

WiseShe Cheek, Contour & Powder Brush Review

Author: Natasha Roy
Post Type: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Read Time: 5 Minutes

We know how much you love your guy. He has been treating you like a princess, helping you out with your life and most importantly tolerating your tantrums; there is so much that he does for you; you would want to grab this opportunity to show him how much you love him. And what could be a better chance than the Valentine's Day, that special day when you celebrate being in a relationship with the guy you love so much.

We also know he is the one who is usually gifting you and giving you treats for different reasons, just to see that smile on your face. Now it is your time to show him some real love and some appreciation that you value him so much in your life.
If you are too skeptical of the old ways of gifting your man, here are some unique Valentine’s Day Gift for Him.

Do you know that here in South India we have a strange belief surrounding mirrors? Yes, putting a mirror right across your main door (almost close to the roof) or in the place where you keep your God’s idols & frames bring wealth – that’s what we believe in!
We know that they can be pretty, reflect what they see, of course, make us look amazing but do all the mirrors in the world make you appear beautiful? Debatable!
Well now since all of us love mirrors and love seeing ourselves in one, today’s post is going to be about the types of mirrors available in the market and how to pick one for yourself based on your requirements and usage.
Let’s hop on right into the post, shall we? :)

How To Buy Mirrors Online

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Post Type: Know The Basics (Hair Care Tips)
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Every woman and even men for that matter love to take good care of their hair be it long, short, straight, curly, wavy anything! But do you know if you are really taking care of your hair the right way?

Did you just go thoughtful for a moment? Then this series is just for you as we are going to tell you some great haircare tips and guide you the right way :)
And this being the first post in the series is going to be about the 'Right Way To Wash & Condition Your Hair'!

How To Wash & Condition Your Hair

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Post Type: Product Review
Product Type: Lipstick/Lip Makeup
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Lipsticks are my weakness and liquid lipsticks are my recent craze!
Liquid lipsticks although coined by a single term comes in so many variants and formula these days and I want to try every single one of them :P
I recently got a chance to pick up some great products from Matt Look Cosmetics and I picked up two liquid liquid lipsticks from their 2-in-1 liquid lipstick range :) Both the shades I picked are bright, fun and completely pretty :D
So the brand sounds new and the 2-in-1 lipsticks sound unique - wanna know them better? Then stay on and read on :)

Matt Look Cosmetics Color Stay 2 In 1 Liquid Lipsticks Review, Swatches

I love dresses but I prefer maxi dresses as I always choose comfort over style! I love conservative fashion a lot and if you see all my OOTDs will be around that theme :)
But sometimes I do love those cutesy little dresses (especially the LBD) and love flaunting them with a pair of stockings and stilettos :D
However here in this post I'm showing you three different styles in which you can wear your little dress!

How To Style Your Little Dress

I'm taking a step forward towards Sustainable Living and building a Sustaniable wardrobe which means I wouldn't be throwing away my clothes without them undergoing 20 washes atleast! This helps minimize a lot of waste we dump on earth and also gallons of water used to make one piece of fabric we choose to wear :) Just my teeny weeny step having my environment and planet in mind <3
No more stories, let's hit it on shall we? ;)
Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
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Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Makeup Remover/Tool
Product Name: Bella Double Side Cotton Pads

Cotton pads and makeup removal wipes are life for any makeup lover :D It is always good, safe and recommended to get rid of all your makeup before you hit the sack everyday! And the best tool to get it done next to a good makeup remover is cotton pads\balls. When my craze for makeup started I wasn't much aware of such options and all I used was some cheap wet wipes and disposable cotton rolls from pharmacies!! They're super troublesome as the cotton threads come off every single time completely making my eyes reddened and watery :( Later when the blogger me came into picture I started exploring the options and picked up my first set of cotton pads - and it was from Bella :))
And since almost 4+ years (:O) I still keep a stock of cotton pads from Bella because till date they're my fave, HG everything :D :D

So why Bella you ask? Because they are of amazing quality with an affordable price tag! What else do you really want?
Read on to know more about these double sided cotton pads from Bella :)

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review, Demo

It’s Cleft Awareness week and although I have never met anyone with a Cleft in my life until now I would like to spread some awareness about it because it’s one of the less known but a serious defect among newborns.

A New Year Again with a lot of expectations and resolutions - Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2019!
I have a bundle of resolutions this year too but have a few that needs major focus :) How about you? Do let me know in the comments what is your resolution for 2k19!

Btw January being my Birthday Month it reminds me that I'm aging and after this birthday I'm stepping on to the next decade of my life - yes I'm going to be THIRTY :D :P
I have always been a fan of Face Serums and wanted to pick one but was postponing it thinking I'm too young to get one for myself (while actually I'm not!). So when I got a chance I immediately grabbed the SSCPL Herbals Face Serum from their professional range which is Paraben, Sulphates & chemical-free. It's formulated in such a way that it's enriched with anti-aging and skin brightening properties. Read on to know more about the SSCPL Herbals Face Serum and how it worked for me :)

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review, Swatches