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Vitamin E is such a great nutrient for both skin and hair. It just nourishes your hair making it healthy and shiny! And what it does for your skin you ask - it brings out the inner glow to give you that glamorous glowing skin! Rushing to go buy a bottle of Vitamin E oil? Just wait until you finish reading this article to source it easily :)

What Does ManneQuin's Say About ManneQuin's Vitamin E Skin Care Oil?


    Prevents pregnancy related stretch marks
    Contains Anti Aging & Moisturizing properties for the skin
    Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    Sun burn treatment
    Reduces appearance of scars & marks
    Moisturizes the skin for blisters & cracks on the skin

How to Use

    Take considerable amount of oil and pour onto the affected parts of the skin
    Rub the oil until it gets absorbed
    Apply twice a day i.e Morning & Night
    Re-application can be done depending upon individual's requirement

Price & Quantity: Available in 50, 100 & 250 ml bottles

Buy here: Amazon, ClickOnCare

My Views On ManneQuin's Vitamin E Skin Care Oil

I was using vitamin E capsules for my skincare and puncturing the capsules everyday started putting me off soon! And one day I found this ManneQuin's Vitamin E Skin Care Oil at a local store and I had to pick it & that is how I met this cutie!!

Vitamin E oil is widely known for it's goodness for skin and hair. Vitamin E oil can be used topically for skin & hair as well to improve the overall health of them. ManneQuin's Vitamin E Skin Care Oil comes in a cute yellow bottle with a purple click-shut press cap. It has a small opening to take out the oil which is neither too big nor too small - just the right amount is dispensed :) ManneQuin's Vitamin E Skin Care Oil bottle comes packed inside a carton box.

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It has the standard Vitamin E oil fragrance and no additional perfumes to make it smell better - I would say it's a good thing. So how do I use this oil in my everyday skincare and haircare routine?

Caution: Always perform a patch test before using it to check for allergies

Haircare Routine With ManneQuin's Vitamin E Oil

Although its mentioned as Skin Oil I do use it for my hair as well. I add 5-6 drops of ManneQuin's Vitamin E Oil with my regular hair oil and apply it on hair. It works well in moisturizing your hair well giving it smoothness and shine. It helps improve the health of brittle and dry hair. Eases frizz when used alone on hair as well. Works great for even deep conditioning the scalp. It rejuvenates my scalp giving my hair a boost <3 Hair texture feels smooth and soft after regular use of ManneQuin's Vitamin E Oil.

I also add like 10 drops of it to my DIY lash growth serum (recipe coming up soon) as it helps strengthen my eyelashes.

Skincare Routine With ManneQuin's Vitamin E Skin Care Oil

As Vitamin E oil generally has a thick consistency and can get greasy I avoid using it during the day.
Take a few drops of ManneQuin's Vitamin E Oil in your palm and gently rub it to make it a bit warm. Apply it evenly on your face at night and go to sleep. You will definitely wake up with soft and supple skin :) It works great when mixed with regular night creams\serum as well.

You can include few drops of Vitamin E Oil to any of your creams and can even use it for Oil Cleansing. Vitamin E oil helps fade scars with regular usage, has anti-aging properties & regular use of it can help slow down aging. When used together with your sunscreen it can help combat the harsh UV rays even better. Vitamin E oil is rich in moisture and it improves the collagen levels of your skin which means regular use of it can keep wrinkles at bay. I mix it with almost all of my skincare products :)

It stays good for more than an year and works amazingly well when used in my skincare & haircare routine. I generally love using Vitamin E oil in my routine as it is an amazing oil for both skin and hair. And I love Mannequin's Vitamin E oil as it's affordable and comes in a compact bottle - reduces the effort of piercing Vitamin E capsules everyday for me!


Have you used Vitamin E oil for your skin & hair? Has it worked for you? Do you have any other brand recommendations? Would love to know your views, do let us know in the comments :))

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