Slay This Winter With These Trendy Jackets

Winter is almost there and the weather is getting a bit chilly here in Chennai. Although we never experience real winters here still I love adding some layers to my outfit just to welcome the Winters :D Although I generally prefer shrugs, stoles, scarves, crop jackets and sweaters (at times) but nothing can be as stylish as a leather\faux leather or fur jacket! They can spruce up your outfit and make it classy just in a minute ;) Here are few of my favourite jackets, the ones on my wishlist :)

Floral Faux Leather Jacket

Florals are always in style and you can never go wrong with a floral jacket! And if it is so gorgeous like this one would you let it go? ;)

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Pink Fluffy Fur Jacket

I so love fur clothing especially for their fluffiness and the adorable softness. i love touching my fur scarf all the time just to feel the feathery soft material :D And this beautiful bubblegum pink fluffy jacket with a heavy collar just attracted me right away!! ;)

Simple Black Leather Zipper Jacket

Nothing can beat a simple and sleek lightweight leather jacket's versatility - it can be used in any weather with a little tweaking as it's not heavy. This very piece just grabbed my attention because it's such a cool option to use everyday :D

Red Wine Belted Leather Zip Up Jacket

Sometimes when it gets super cold and you need a warm cover, such heavy leather jackets can come to your rescue. They not only give you enough warmth but also add up oomph to your overall look making you look glam! :)

And as opposed to my favourite black leather I somehow like it in this deep wine shade :))

Black Faux Leather Biker Jacket

Oh well how can I complete my list without a biker jacket? Leather jackets are super popular among bikers especially because they just make their ride complete :D Although I don't ride a bike yet I love wearing a leather jacket while I travel in a bike with Mr.Husband and this one is a perfect choice for both Men & Women. The long flap collar, the side zipper, the slim fit and all in black just blows me down :)

These are my favourite Winter Jackets from Zaful and to check their entire collection Click Here

Do you own a leather jacket? Are leather jackets your favourite too?
Have you tried shopping from Zaful? How do you like them?
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