5 Unique Types of Honeymoon Dresses available in India

The honeymoon is an escape with your partner to a beautiful destination where you can splurge on exotic food and enjoy the landscape. It is also a period when you can spend quality time with your loved one and build an emotional relationship. The honeymoon is more than just beautiful places and tasty food. It is also about romantic nights and ways to make it special in your own way.
Women pack in a lot of sexy nightwear for their days they are going to spend with their partner. The First Night Dresses that you pick for your holiday should not only be perfectly fitted but also comfortable enough for you to sleep cozily. Here are some beautiful ideas for night dresses that you must have in your suitcase before leaving for a honeymoon.

1. Baby Doll Dress 

This is amongst the top loved types of nightwear that brides love to wear on their special nights. They are translucent or made of very thin see-through fabric. You will have to wear a two-piece beneath it of a matching color.  Well, you may skip it too if you wish to look sizzling and naughty

2. Two –Piece With a Robe 

You can also pick a beautiful bikini and lower set along with a robe. The choice of fabric for the inner lingerie should be lace while the robe should be of a short length and satin would be perfect as fabric. This is a sensational night dress to wear on your honeymoon night. They are feminine and look chic too. Any color would look great but you should try black or royal blue for this type of night dress.

3. Slip Dress

A short slip dress gives you a sexy look. Pick a satin and lace one because these two fabrics perfectly compliment this type of Sexy Night Dress. It suits all body types and is perfect especially for romantic nights. Pick one that has a slit that goes right up to the bust. It is a unique and hot look. There are so many other options to choose from you just need to browse the internet and you have a plethora of color choices and designs. Black or red should be your pick when you pick a slip dress.

4. Shorts 

A cute little pair of shorts along with a strappy top is also your choice of nightwear for your honeymoon. Pick solid colors such as white, black or pink. Shorts always give a chic and hot look especially when the fabric is satin. You can customize it with lace in the borders. Pick a top with spaghetti straps that has a small bow or butterfly motifs on the straps.

5. Night Shirt

A beautiful silk short satin shirt can lift up the mood instantly. The fabric of the shirt should be silk and the hemline should fall no more below the thighs. You can pick beautiful pastel colors because these shirts look elegant. Pink, mint green, lemon yellow and baby blue should be your choice of colors.

Make your nights spicy with these sexy nightwears.

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