D'Free Overnight Anti-Dandruff Lotion Review, Swatches

By now the whole world knows that I have dandruffffff!! *Just Kidding* But well yeah I have updated here about my dandruff issues and the anti-dandruff products I have tried so you my blog-fam know it all :) And today I'm reviewing a product I'm loving for over an year now because it actually works!
Read on to know how effective it is!

What Is D'Free?

D'Free is an overnight anti-dandruff lotion manufactured by Athena Life Sciences. It's a new technology anti-dandruff solution that when used overnight twice a week is supposed to stop your dandruff from recurring.

What Athena Says About D'Free?

Clinically Proven Revolutionary Overnight Lotion that stays on and  works on your  scalp, to treat and help prevent dandruff.
Unique Anti Recurrence formula with 3 power ingredients: Climbazole, PiroctoneOlamine, ZPTO.
Dermatologically Tested for Safety.
Does not cause hair damage like harsh anti dandruff shampoos, leaves hair healthy and soft.
Apply lotion in the night all over scalp. Wash off with a gentle shampoo the next morning.
Use at least twice a week.

What It Contains?

Climbazole, PiroctoneOlamine, ZPTO - primary medicines for treating dandruff

Price: INR 200 for 100 ml
Buy It Here: Amazon, Athena

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My Views On D'Free Overnight Anti-Dandruff Lotion

I was suffering from acute dandruff back then when D'Free was launched. It sounded super interesting and the anti-recurrence claim just attracted me like a fruit attracting a fly! So does it really stop dandruff from recurring?

D'Free comes in a sleek slim bottle with purple labelling and a fluorescent green nozzle. The nozzle is facilitated in such a way that the lotion can be directly applied onto the scalp and no ichki pichki in hands. The design is unique and perfect - the nozzle dispenses the lotion at the right quantity, there is no wastage or over application :)

The D'Free Overnight Anti Dandruff lotion has a strong mint-y fragrance which is too overpowering! This is a major con for me because I had to stop using it overnight since it affects my baby (too strong fragrances make them cranky). A big con for sensitive noses too. It has a fluid consistency and spreads easily. A gentle massage would easily spread the product all over the scalp and hair.

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Now coming to it's efficacy :))
I apply D'Free at night on my scalp, massage it well and wash off next morning. It's super gentle, doesn't dry out my hair, neither does it make my hair oily, a tiny bit of the fragrance lingers after wash which is a good feel. Initially I was using it twice a week for over a month and I did see a considerable reduction in dandruff. So I shifted to using it once a week after that and yes my dandruff did go off COMPLETELY. I was super happy dancing and stopped using D'Free one fine morning (or should I say night) considering I'm dandruff-shielded!! But no :( :( My scalp was clean or a week or so and the dandruff started clamming up again :/ It was just hidden and not gone. So yes the anti-recurrence formula is a sham - D'Free does keep your dandruff at bay until you keep using it. Continued usage can definitely keep your scalp clean, healthy and dandruff free :D

Note: I wanted an organic chemical free solution for my dandruff as prolonged usage of chemicals ruin your hair completely so I slowly shifted to different products! Even now I have a pack of D'Free as backup because it's one amazing and quick solution for dandruff. Whenever I try a new product and my scalp is ruined by dandruff D'Free comes to my rescue so far <3

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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