Ayur Herbals Fruit Face Mask Review, Swatches, Demo

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Long time I know! Honestly not getting much time to sit down and write a whole post :( But I manage to be super active on Insta - Do follow me there if you aren't already :D
So I love instant face packs, masks, peel offs because the results are quick & timely! Although I prefer a good weekend facial these readymade packs are really handy when you want to hit some party - quick fixes you see ;)

I was doing a series of my weekend facial routine (or atleast the list of products I used) and was loving it! You can check them out here :)
If you see it's an old series and I was using this face mask back then itself. Yes, it's a long term affair, but was it love? Read on :P

What Ayur Herbals Says?

A complete skin diet for healthy & glowing skin. Combination of extracts derived from
fresh fruits rich in skin vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants penetrates deep down the
skin to rejuvenate the cells to give you fair, fresh and youthful skin.

Price: INR for gms

What It Contains?

Is Ayur Herbals Fruit Face Mask Yayy (Or) Nayy?

The Ayur Herbals Fruit Face Mask comes in a cute and compact tube - it doesn't leak or streak! Travel friendly packaging. The product has a creamy texture in general but if you are living in a humid place then it turns a bit runny. The mask is dark green in color, great choice if you want to scare someone, just like I did with the Aromamagic Charcoal Face Pack. If you find it runny you can refrigerate it to get back the texture.
I spread in on my skin after cleansing and scrubbing and leave it on for atleast 20-30 minutes. If you have sheet mask pellets you can use this pack with them too, works just fine❤

The mask works great in instantly brightening up the face. It tightens the skin well giving it a firm and clean look. I could see my face looking a bit brighter and fresh!😊 Although the results are not long-lasting! The effect lasts for just a day or two.
Final Verdict

Overall if you are looking for some face packs/masks that would work in a jiffy for those quick events and celebrations giving you good looking skin then the Ayur Herbals Fruit Face Mask is a great choice, without burning a hole in your pocket 😉

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (Yayy)

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