Shapewear: Tap Tap! May I come in?
Woman’s Wardrobe: Sorry who are you?
Shapewear: Woah Woah you don’t know me? Never heard of me? Never have you ever seen me before anywhere?
What are you – size zero or saint?

Well yes, the conversation just seems funny but it could be true with many women out there!
Many of you might have heard of it, would have seen it but might not really know it’s purpose or use and would have thought you never need a Shapewear in your life!! You might be wrong with your prejudice and here we are coming up with a complete Shapewear 101 guide just for you lovelies :)

Read ahead, wear it, flaunt it <3

Hello lovelies how are you doing? :)
I just flipped around some old posts on my blog and realized that I haven't reviewed much mascaras here although I have tried a whole bunch of them!! :O
I'm a fan of mascaras but don't prefer them for everyday because - I wear glasses and I hate the feeling of my mascara coated lashes poking my glasses :/ But of late I have been obsessed with mascaras again after trying falsies for the first time and digging them out :D
Today I'm going to review one of my basic mascaras - something I used to pick up whenever I restocked! It's the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara!
Keep reading to know more about it :)

Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara Review, Swatches

I'm a huge fan of Tresemme products and have tried every single range they have in the market! How will I miss something that is so made for my hair type and has to be used as I prefer?
So yes I tried their reverse shampoo system Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo And Conditioner a while back and do you know what happened?

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo And Conditioner Review, Swatches

Shifting to an organic lifestyle is pretty tough but what's more tough is finding a good face wash/cleanser that would keep your shining ball of a face oil free for atleast few hours! I have tried way too many drugstore face washes packed with chemicals to see if they would work in keeping my skin non-greasy. I have also tried a few organic cleansers and DIYs (although I'm guilty that I was never consistent in doing them) but none of them really helped in keeping my face oil-free for long hours! Today's post is going to be about a face wash designed for all skin types. What is so special about it? Read further and you will certainly know :))

Magic Dust Organic Saffron Sandalwood Face Wash Review

Magic Dust Organic Saffron Sandalwood Face Wash Review

When I was a kid I always used to wonder how those movie heroines have such glowy pink cheeks and sometimes deep orange ones!
Growing up I realized that it’s makeup that makes their cheeks look so gorgeous & funny at times :D
When I became a makeup lover the second thing I picked up was a blush palette but I never wore it until it reached it’s EOL because you know I didn’t want to look like a clown :/
But after I gained a bit of makeup skills (still a learner though!) I learnt how much good and important it is to make your makeup look graceful <3 Than blush quads I love singles because they are easy to carry around and play with – also once you find a perfect shade that suits your skintone well you are sorted! After trying a few blushes I laid my eyes on this Lakmé 9to5 Pure Rouge Blusher in Ginger Surprise for a really long time and picked it up finally ;) I loved it’s packaging and the super festive color. Want to know if I loved it? Read on beautiful :)

Lakmé 9to5 Pure Rouge Blusher Ginger Surprise Review

Fall is already here and most of us are slowly transforming to warmer shades and winter pullovers!
Our closets are getting a make-over with some old, some fresh and new winter apparels to just keep ourselves warm :)
But what excites us makeup lovers more are the fall lipstick shades that we could just pull out and flatter everyone ;) Today I'm reviewing one such shade that has won all my love :))

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Vitamin E is such a great nutrient for both skin and hair. It just nourishes your hair making it healthy and shiny! And what it does for your skin you ask - it brings out the inner glow to give you that glamorous glowing skin! Rushing to go buy a bottle of Vitamin E oil? Just wait until you finish reading this article to source it easily :)

Engagement is a big step in a Bride\Groom's life and it is just one step before wedding. We even have a saying here in south that engagement is half marriage and we can't just deny that :D
Engagement is a function where both the bride and groom's families exchange a formal communication and announce the wedding to their  friends and relatives. In short the world just gets to know that the girl and the boy can officially be seen together ;)
Every culture & family has different practices when it comes to betrothal - some do it just the day before wedding, some do it way long before and some even ignore it.
Today's post is going to be completely about my engagement, the outfit and all deets :)
Keep reading to know more!!

South Indian Wedding Event-Engagement

So my engagement happened the previous day (evening to be precise) of my wedding. It was a very small gathering (with a large crowd) just to announce our wedding to the near and dear family. It was quite a happy gathering indeed for us because we had both side relatives around and we actually had some time to have conversations with everyone. Pleasant right? :)

South Indian Wedding Event-Engagement

The Venue

No fancy venues again - it just happened in a small hall which was part of the hotel my family & relatives stayed in. The engagement was actually a last minute from their family because they wanted to introduce me to the closest family members :D

South Indian Wedding Event-Engagement

The Arrangement

We had the seer (exchanges that would be done by both families like fruits, flowers, g garlands, sometimes jewelry & even cash) arranged in the middle of the hall completely surrounded by everyone. My sister's husband beautifully got the sweet palette ready for our engagement :))

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

The Outfits And Accessories

As it was a very casual gathering he went with a pista green formal shirt & matching trousers - very comfy, classy & elegant choice to be frank for guys :D And yeah he is a man of sophistication! :P And he wore his watch!
My saree was given by his family and I chose a pink fancy silk saree with green prints. The saree was actually very light-weight and was super easy to drape - it was the best thing because there were literally 8 women surrounding me while I was draping it as the muhurtham time was getting near :/

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

I paired it with a simple gold chain, my gold jhumka set and a favourite kemp neckpiece from my closet (gifted by my mom when I was in college) to keep it simple and sophisticated! Dozens of bangles - both muhurtha valai (wedding bangles in glass) and matching metal bangles :)

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

The Makeup 

He didn't wear any makeup either for the engagement or the wedding. His only favourite skincare\makeup everything is just a good massage of olive oil :)

I definitely wouldn't miss a chance to do makeup so here is my makeup breakdown:

Face - Revlon Skinlights Illuminator in Peach Lights (Buy Here) mixed with L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation (Buy Here)
Eyes - just Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in black (Buy Here)
Lips - Lakme Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipstick in Plum Spell (Buy Here)

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

Hope you loved reading the post as much as I loved penning(keying) it down :) How did you like my engagement look? Do you think I could have done it better? Do drop in your comments below, would love to read them.
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Until Next Time

Pretty polka sign

I'm generally a sucker for neutral eyeshadows as they can be sported anytime, anywhere for any occasion. Of course I pull out my colorful shadows and gleaming golds for festivities but neutrals are always handy!
This neutral eyeshadow from Maybelline is my super favourite because its a glimmering taupe shade with a touch of bronz-y sheen! It's kinda my goto shadow\shadow base as it's very versatile :)
Read on to know more about Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade On And On Bronze.

Maybelline Color Tattoo On And On Bronze Review, Swatches

It always feels amazing when your outfit fits you perfectly making you feel like a diva! But do you know that your lingerie plays a major role in giving you a pleasing silhouette?
And choosing the right innerwear is always important to keep you comfortable and make you look sassy in any outfit!😊

Being a plus size woman doesn't mean you cannot flaunt your curves, you certainly can by choosing the apt clothing available for plus size women these days! But again choosing the right lingerie is super important because a mishap in this can lead to serious wardrobe malfunctions😐
ROSEGAL has a wide variety of clothing for plus size women ranging at all price levels😊

We come here with a guide to choose the right bras especially for you the plus size beauties to flaunt your curves😉 Keep reading!!

Bras for every outfit for plus size women

Winter is almost there and the weather is getting a bit chilly here in Chennai. Although we never experience real winters here still I love adding some layers to my outfit just to welcome the Winters :D Although I generally prefer shrugs, stoles, scarves, crop jackets and sweaters (at times) but nothing can be as stylish as a leather\faux leather or fur jacket! They can spruce up your outfit and make it classy just in a minute ;) Here are few of my favourite jackets, the ones on my wishlist :)

By now the whole world knows that I have dandruffffff!! *Just Kidding* But well yeah I have updated here about my dandruff issues and the anti-dandruff products I have tried so you my blog-fam know it all :) And today I'm reviewing a product I'm loving for over an year now because it actually works!
Read on to know how effective it is!

Hey there!
Long time I know! Honestly not getting much time to sit down and write a whole post :( But I manage to be super active on Insta - Do follow me there if you aren't already :D
So I love instant face packs, masks, peel offs because the results are quick & timely! Although I prefer a good weekend facial these readymade packs are really handy when you want to hit some party - quick fixes you see ;)

I was doing a series of my weekend facial routine (or atleast the list of products I used) and was loving it! You can check them out here :)
If you see it's an old series and I was using this face mask back then itself. Yes, it's a long term affair, but was it love? Read on :P

How will a world be without mosquitoes?
No need to cover yourself up in the evenings, doesn’t need to bother about letting your child play outside, no itching, no phit phat phatttt!! You don’t need to carry an electrified bat all evening to hunt down the little monsters :P But is this even possible?


Hola Fashionitas! What's Up? :)
I have been pretty busy with my baby's tonsuring last week and just relaxing a bit now!
I was watching NikkieTutorials videos on a crazy loop recently and loved her Yellow Cut-Crease Eye Makeup to the bits! I badly wanted to try a cut-crease and here it is - my version of Yellow Cut-Crease Eye Makeup :) I assure you this is going to be the easiest, simplest and quickest tutorial and the look can be achieved in flat 5 minutes (provided your liner & mascara dries fast :P) :D

I chose yellow because it's summer and super flattering! You can chose any shade you like, follow the steps, flaunt & enjoy :))

Yellow Cut Crease Makeup Look Tutorial

Also Read: Simple Gradient Lips Makeup Tutorial

Yellow Cut Crease Makeup Look Tutorial

Yellow Cut Crease Makeup Look Tutorial

Yellow Cut Crease Makeup Look Tutorial

Also Read: Valentines Day Special Makeup & Hairstyle Tutorial

Yellow Cut Crease Makeup Look Tutorial
This is how it should look midway!
Yellow Cut Crease Makeup Look Tutorial

Yellow Cut Crease Makeup Look Tutorial
Apply a lipstick of your choice

Yellow Cut Crease Makeup Look Tutorial
Curl your lashes and load it with mascara and you're done :))
Products Used

Face: Lakme CC Cream (Buy Here)

Lips: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Shy Cherry (Buy Here)

Eyes: Essence I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base (Buy Here), BeautyUK Eyeshadow Palette in Soho, Maybelline The Nudes Palette (Buy Here), Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner (review coming up super soon, Buy Here), Faces MagnetEyes Kajal (Buy Here)

Hope you liked the tutorial. Do you think I could have done something different or better - let me know in the comments below :) Do tag me if you happen to try this look, would love to see!


If your best friend’s wedding is around the corner and you are literally craving to slip into long nine yard for her D-day, then you definitely have come to the right place. Forgo wandering into market from one store to another and shake hand with some great online shopping stores offering handful of options in designer sarees. This will not only save your time, but money and mood too. When a woman gets to scroll through zillion of options in terms of clothing with the comfort of home, life feels better than ever. Get ready to check out five amazing and best online stores for saree shopping and start your purchase with the very first moment. Apart from versatile range, easy access, affordable range, raining discounts, these online brands also provide free shipping and quick delivery. Can shopping ever get better than this??? It’s time to live your saree love in the best way possible by shopping with these leading fashion brands and let other follow your footsteps. Buy a spray of ravishing sarees and get ready to give your best shot in ethnic dressing while keeping peace with your valuable pocket. There you go!!!


If you want to know everything about the latest fancy sarees and traditional women wears, IndiaRush is your go-to place. Offering the widest range of attractive sarees and other ethnic dresses, the online fashion hub has now become the household name for every woman. If you are in India and looking forward to know more about ethnic garments and trends, there is no place better than IndiaRush to give you the desired results.


Ajio is another fashion stop for women who crave for comfort and style blended at one place. The website has got everything in regards to women fashion, from clothing to accessories. Discover the finest range of designer sarees available in wide array in terms of colour, work, pattern and fabric and start shopping to enhance your collection.

Meena Bazaar

You must have heard of the name. Well, the good news is that the highly anticipated and reputed women brand is available online too. Now, you can easily shop lavish Indian sarees and other staples with the comfort of home and become the saree icon of the season. Bundle up, you gorgeous!!!


We all know about it and we all shop from here. Myntra is majorly known for contemporary fashion but since ethnic fashion has gained huge popularity in recent few years, the store is keeping itself updated with all the latest collection of Indian women wears. Find out sarees inspired by celebrity styles and fashion designers at Myntra and pick what appeals the most to you.


It’s never bad to have as many options as possible. Mirraw is also one place for women to hunt for beautiful designer sarees and other garments. Everything here would fit right in your budget and can do wonders to your dazzling personality. What are you waiting for???

Author: Manisha Dubey

Hello lovely readers :)
Sorry for being MIA for long - honestly haven't got much time to sit and pen down a post at one go :( *sigh* But I'm pretty active on Insta and update almost every day! Are you following me there? If not you are missing something interesting, so do follow me right now here :)!!

Mangalyam Thanthunanena - My Journey As A Bride: Nalangu Function

 Sipping a sizzling hot cup of coffee is always relaxing! But what is more relaxing than finding your perfect summer lip shade which doesn't stain your coffee mug either? Cool nah ;)
Today I'm going to talk about one such lippshtickkkk :D :D

Maybelline Superstay 14 Hr Lipstick Stay With Me Coral Review, Swatches

Friendship is the most celebrated relationship in the world and everyone treasure their friends.
Be it anyone of any credibility everyone do have friends and they do hold many of their friends so special and close to heart!
 Summers are here again - feels like it was never really gone :/ and cracked heels, sore tired feet are a big trouble in this scorching sun! Despite of weekly pedicures your feet might cry out loud sometimes and it sure is something that can be soothed with a bar of soap ;) Hell yeah it's possible to get some soft and crack free feet that feels like rose petals with regular use of this Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap With Almond & Walnut!!

Off late the summer is just making me super fussy and cracked heels are a big headache as I couldn't walk with them :( I have been using this soap for more than an year now - but on and off! I have already finished 3 bars and kinda took a break from it for no particular reason. Now the moment I got some cracks and dryness on my feet I could think of only this one single bar :)Read on to know why <3

Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap With Almond & Walnut Review, Swatches, Demo
Hello all!

I know I have been MIA for a long time - well priorities are changing and life's keeping me occupied :( Despite of everything that's going on, Wishing all Women out there a very Happy & Empowering Womens Month! <3 Stay Bold & Beautiful always :))

A Woman's life can be stressful in many ways and it's absolutely necessary to find some ways to relax yourself as it helps keep you well sane :D
Some love pampering their hair, skin, a hot shower to loosen it up a bit for some, and some totally rely on travelling a bit to ease their mind! I being a mom of a 7+ month old don't easily get time to any of these and a great resort for me is Aromatherapy :)

Oriental Botanics Romance Aroma Therapy Diffuser Oil (Orange, Rose, Jasmine & Melissa) Review, Swatches, Demo

I recently got a chance to try an amazing oil blend from Oriental Botanics which is an awesome multi-tasker and performs so well. Read on to know about this peculiar blend :)

Oriental Botanics Romance Aroma Therapy Diffuser Oil (Orange, Rose, Jasmine & Melissa) Review, Swatches, Demo

Hola how is the new year treating you? Mine feels like a good start so far! :)


Off late I have been using a few products from St.Botanica and having a lot of fun using them as they're unisex which means I can make Mr.Husband try them too ;) :D
Remember my post on Instagram here where I talked about this shampoo before? Not following me yet on Insta, then you're missing big time, do it right away from here :)
Coming back to the point, I got a chance to try this completely natural shampoo from St.Botanica. To know how it worked read on!

St.Botanica Apple Cider Vinegar & Argan Shampoo Review, Swatches, Demo

Friend: "Hey there is a new gel liner launched by EL. Would you want it?"
Me: "Naah let me first finish my Maybelline one!"
Sissy: "I'm going to order that new kajal from *** brand, heard it's awesome. Do you want one to try too?"
Me: "Oh no I already have too many kajals"
Advertisement: "Lakme launches it's new lip crayons"
Me: "Oh they're interesting! But I already have around 100s of lipsticks to finish off :( it's ok they're very affordable and tiny and cute. Maybe I can finish them off quick. Maybe not! 100+1 isn't gonna hurt right?! Im picking atleast one from the range.."
End up buying two!!
Always my story when it comes to lipsticks :P
Well yeah I picked 2 Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Crayons, went with neutral mlbb kinda shades as I have many reds and pinks already! Interested in knowing what shades I picked and more about these affordable beauties? Then read on ;)

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons Review, Swatches, LOTD