WiseShe Oval Makeup Brushes Review, Demo

Just like the evolution of mankind makeup brushes have evolved a lot starting from those fluffy brushes to flat top kabukis, makeup sponges to beauty blenders, rainbow\unicorn brushes to oval\toothbrush makeup brushes now!

Oval makeup brushes are all the rage right now and every makeup lover is pouncing on them! So what are these Oval Makeup Brushes anyways?
Oval Makeup Brushes are handy-dandy toothbrush sized brushes with thickly packed bristles, flat top and conveniently sized to make your makeup application flawless, quick & easy! :D isn't that great? ;)

I was eyeing these brushes for quite sometime now and was puzzled with which one to pick as many brands carry these now. That's when Anamika Sureka Malik of WiseShe generously sent me these 3 brushes to try and here is everything about them! :)

About The Brand

These beauties are the Brainchild of Anamika Sureka of WiseShe. The veteran makeup & beauty blogger has put in her years and years of experience in curating these beautiful oval brushes.

WiseShe Websites

Youtube Channels
Makeupandbeauty - https://www.youtube.com/user/anamikakapil
Baby channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT8gXm2g6M38FjipVwY8z6Q

About WiseShe Oval Makeup Brushes

Pricing and Availability

These brushes are yet to be launched in the market so I don't have details about the price, where to buy, packaging and the total number of brushes in the set (spoiler alert: from their reference I see 10 brushes in the set :D). Follow me and WiseShe on social media to know more once the brushes are launched :)

Facebook: PrettyPolka, WiseShe
Instagram: PrettyPolka, WiseShe

My Views On WiseShe Oval Makeup Brushes

I received these brushes in a beautiful box with golden prints, a royal and classy packaging with few other gifts! :) Although the packaging will definitely not be the same when these brushes are sold in the market.

The brushes have a black, thin plastic body [spoiler alert again: might come with black & rose-gold body too - now who would say no to such a classy combo ;)] with dense bristles. The bristles are a good gradient of brown and golden yellow. I don't see any brand name printed on them but hope the ones that come out for sale will have the brand name printed.

These brushes are made of premium quality synthetic hair. Generally synthetic hair brushes feel a bit rough, sharp and doesn't budge easily. But on the contrary these brushes are extremely soft, smooth and feels so plush on skin. They are super easy to work with. Being brand new brushes they don't have any odor which is an amazing factor for sensitive nosies like me! (some brushes or even most of them have a strange odor of the paste used to stick the bristles to the brush base).
I received three brushes from the set and read on to know in detail about each of them. And a secret just for you - these oval brushes are multi-functional and one brush can serve the purpose of 2,3 different types of brushes. Intriguing? ;)

The Contour\Concealer Brush

It is a small oval brush (I guess this would be the smallest OVAL brush in the set) with a flexible neck, densely packed bristles and a flat top. The flexible neck helps the brush move easily along the curves of your face and helps to get the perfect contour! The densely packed bristles help easily pick the product and as they are super soft your foundation\concealer\contour blends like a dream :) Also as the bristles are closely packed chances of excess product getting until the roots of the bristles is minimized making the brush cleaning super easy & quick!!

This guy replaces my foundation brush, concealer brush, contour brush and sometimes even my blending brush :D

The Eyebrow Brush

This brush is similar to our regular toothbrush except it has just one line of bristles. This brush also has a slightly flexible neck that eases application. The bristles are sturdy enough to apply and blend your eyebrow gel\powder. This one works like a charm in applying the eyebrow gel\powder and blending it. It also makes my nose contour and cheek contour application super easy!
I use this brush just the tip for applying my highlighter as well and blend using my concealer brush :)

So this toothsy brushy serves as an eyebrow as well as a contour brush for me :)

The Eyeshadow Brush

This is the smallest of the brushes I received. It has a firm neck unlike the other two brushes with circular arrangement of bristles that are again densely packed. This brush does the job great I would say - eye contour, eyeshadow application and blending all can be done with just this one little guy without any fuss. The blending is super easy too.

So this beauty replaces all my eye makeup brushes!

As the bristles are dense these brushes can be cleaned up easily as I said. Also they are of excellent quality that they don't shed even a single bristle during washing and don't fade with frequent washing.

Here are some pictures of the super simple makeup I did using just these brushes alone and a few clips on how I did it! Would you like to see a complete video tutorial? Do let me know in the comments :)

Final Verdict

Overall these Oval Makeup Brushes are amazingly soft, works like a charm and trust me beauties once you get the hang of how to use them you would never go looking for any other makeup brush of yours! ;) These are a must have in every makeup lovers vanity :)

And congratulations Ana on this new venture and wishing you all success :) Hoping for a full-on makeup line too from our very own WiseShe :))

Rating: 5 out of 5

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