Simple Gradient Lips Tutorial

My love for lipsticks doesn't seem to be dying any soon and so is my love for experimenting new looks and styles with them!
I pick up atleast one lipstick from every new range and do try variety of shades. And today I'm going to show\explain how to get a simple and easy gradient lip just like that!
All you need is 3-5 minutes to read, at the max 5 minutes to do it and a whole day to Flaunt that se*y lips ;) :)

No more blurts just cutting to the chase :P
What you will need: 2 lipsticks one darker and one lighter. Would be good if they aren't from the same color family.
I picked a deep red & a pale peach lipstick.

Step 1

Pull out the first lipstick. Apply it all over your lips as usual.

Step 2

Pull out the second lipstick and apply it on your Cupid's bow. If you have small lips you can just apply for the bullet length alone or otherwise apply it at the center of your lips like I did.

Step 3

Blend the second color at the same place without smudging it out, purse your lips, blot and blot until you get the desired color.
Ta-da you're done with your gradient lips :D <3

Here I did it in two styles - one with the red all over lips & the peach on Cupid's bow while the other is vice-versa. You can see for yourself how they turned out to be :)

Do you like it? Would you like to see more such posts? Do let me know in the comments!
Until then 'Stay Beautiful' :)

With Love

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