All About Bridal Makeup Kits

Its been quite a while since I posted something on the Bridal Series and here is a new one!
I have already talked about the types of bridal makeup here and ways to choose your bridal MUA.
In today's post I will be talking about Bridal Makeup Kits :)

Every girl would be having her own makeup kitty be it a simple kajal & lip balm and some compact or a full on makeup bag. And when you are getting married you would no way leave a chance to get your own Bridal Makeup Kit right? ;)

Every one of you might have come across thousands of posts around the blogsphere talking about bridal makeup kits and product recommendations but most of them fail to guide you on the types of bridal makeup kits and how you can customize them fitting your makeup preferences. Well today's post is going to be about that!!

The Minimalist\Girl Next Door Kit

"I'm a kajal & lip balm\gloss\stick girl. I don't like much makeup on me!"
"I have good skin. Why do I need a foundation while my regular face cream does a much better job for me?"

Are these your words? Not much into makeup or not much interested in experimenting? Then here is a good list of makeup products to include in your bridal kit.

For Eyes: Kajal\Kohl, Eyeliner (preferably pen or liquid liner)
For Lips: Lip Balm (tinted if you don't want to use any lipstick), Lipstick (pink or nude & a red if you like)
For Face: a BB or CC Cream, Compact or Loose Powder

Grab these all & your kitty is set! Oh and if you prefer a good makeup just for your D day then don't forget to book a great Bridal Makeup Artist ;)

Do you keep telling "A little makeup doesn't hurt right?"
"What's wrong with loving makeup?"
 and love experimenting a little with makeup without going overboard & overspending??

Then here grab your list of products, pick them and run off for your wedding! :D

For Eyes: Kajal\Kohl, Eyeliner (preferably pen or liquid liner and maybe a gel liner if you are comfortable with lining your eyes), Mascara, one or two Eyeshadow Palettes (a neutral one and one with colorful shadows)
For Lips: Lip Balm, Lipstick (pink or nude, a red and a coral if you like experimenting with different shades)
For Face: a good Face Primer, Foundation, Compact or Loose Powder, Concealer, a Blush (or maybe two)

Those are the basic makeup products you would need to kick off that bridal beauty essentials if you are a makeup lover!
List looks dull and wanna up your game a bit? Check out the next list ;)

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The Makeup Enthusiast Kit

"Be Bold & Do Makeup"

Is this you? Then you probably might know more about makeup than me even but as it's your D-day that's approaching & you could probably be nervous, here let me help you with a good list of makeup must haves to include in your kitty!

For Eyes: Kajal\Kohl, a Liquid or Pen Eyeliner, a Gel Liner, Mascara, Eyeshadow Palettes of your choice, some Single Eyeshadows
For Brows: a good Eyebrow Grooming Kit, an Eyebrow Pencil for quick fixes
For Lips: Lip Balm, Lipsticks (pink, nude, a red and a coral- could explore different textures as well like matte, glossy, satin finish etc)
For Face: a good Face Primer, a drugstore Primer, a daily wear Foundation, a Long wear Foundation, Compact or Loose Powder, Concealer, Blushes, a good Bronzer, a High End Highlighter, a Color Correction\Conceal Palette for that contouring\strobing needs!

All set and these would help you not step out anywhere or get puzzled while doing your makeup be it on your D-day or other special occasions :)
Hope I have covered all necessary makeup products lists customized based on preferences and it helps you! Hope you enjoyed reading the post :) Missing something? Have queries? Would love to know more? Please pour in your comments, would love reading and answering them!

P.S: Names of mentioned bridal kits are fictional and made up by me. No brands carry any bridal kit with these names, so please don't be confused. And pictures are for reference to guide you, not recommending any product specifically but just might help you choose!

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