Hack & Crack Sunday - DIY Blotting Sheets

I know it's been very long since I posted any hack here and this series is almost dormant here!
I kinda decided to start it off again - let's see how long I could continue this :)

Today's hack is a very simple quick and pretty affordable one!
Running out of blotting sheets or feel they're pretty pricey just like I do?
But we still need them for getting a clean oil-free T-zone right?

DIY Blotting Sheets 

DIY Blotting Sheets

Here is a quick way to make your own blotting sheets. Get some trace papers from stationary shop or baking sheets and cut them to the desired size.
Here are your blotting sheets ready & handy :)

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DIY Blotting Sheets

You can pack them in cute boxes or eye catching packaging to make them look classy and perfect :D

DIY Blotting Sheets


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