Types Of Bridal Makeup To Choose For Your Wedding

There are innumerable choices when it comes to makeup and choosing one for your big day is really tough!
Today's post is going to be an eye opener for the brides-to-be out there in choosing their bridal makeup.
We will be discussing the types of bridal makeup available and who can choose what!
Before getting on to it make sure to take a note of the below points which are the high level tips to be remembered before stepping up to choosing a makeup.

Types Of Bridal Makeup To Choose For Your Wedding

  • Always keep your skin type and the type & level of coverage it would require to get the look you need before picking a makeup.
  • Invest in good quality products from established brands as good products help in yielding the good looks.
  • Choose your makeup artist wisely - always make sure the artist knows his\her field of work and is an expert it (or atleast efficient)!
  • Get the products tested out on your skin atleast few months before the wedding to make sure the products suit you and you aren't allergic to any of them.

Ok now let's get on with knowing the types of makeup available in the market!

Matte Finish Makeup

This is universally the most simple and most done makeup look in general. Matte finish makeup is nothing but achieving a matte skin using a matte foundation base.

Matte Finish Bridal Makeup Look

Although this is not the most preferred look when it comes to Bridal Makeup (atleast in India) but still matte makeup look would go very well with light colored fabric - especially great for Christian brides :)

Matte Finish Bridal Makeup Look Asin Thotumkal

Key point to remember while going for a matte finish look is to choose a good foundation that wouldn't cake up or dry\crack easily.
This look best suits oily\combination skin type and is a big no-no for dry skin!

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Matte Finish Bridal Makeup Look Asin During Her Wedding

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Glossy\Dewy Finish Makeup

Dewy Bridal Makeup Look Amala Paul Wedding

This is the makeup that's ALWAYS called bridal makeup look :D
Yes glossy\dewy finish makeup look is nothing but achieving that gleaming skin with a nice dewy finish which would look great on cameras!

Dewy Bridal Makeup Look Nazriya

Dewy Bridal Makeup Look Nazriya Nazim Wedding

Most of the runway looks, bridal looks all come under the dewy makeup category :)
You would require a good base with a perfect highlighting product for this look.
This look suits all skin types and works wonders for dry\normal skin & amazing for oily\combination skin when done perfectly!

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Dewy Bridal Makeup Look Sneha Wedding

Dewy Bridal Makeup Look Sneha Prasanna Wedding

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No Makeup Makeup Look

No Makeup makeup look is nothing but getting the look done with very minimal makeup. The makeup would just give a little enhanced look to the face and not the completely made-up look!
This is a very common makeup look done around the blogsphere and getting one done as easy as it seems to be needs a lot more practice or might end up looking totally made-up.

No Makeup\Natural Bridal Makeup Look Genelia D'Souza Wedding

A bride sporting no makeup look is very rare but it does work well when you go for a minimalist look. This look best suits women with good skin which doesn't have much marks or blemishes.
A good flawless base, neutral eye makeup and a neutral\moderately bright lipstick would totally complete this look :)

No Makeup\Natural Bridal Makeup Look Genelia D'Souza Wedding

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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup is more a makeup technique than a makeup look. In traditional makeup, the makeup artist applies the foundation\base makeup using sponge\brush\fingers and blend it well to get the flawless base while in Airbrush Makeup the MUA uses an airbrush gun, air compressor and a special airbrush foundation, which is silicone or water based.

Airbrush Makeup Application

Usually the airbrush foundation is much thinner than the normal foundation and gives a sheer finish. Once the foundation is filled in the compressor it is sprayed using the airbrush gun and due to the pressure the foundation spreads like a mist giving a smooth flawless finish.
It is very important for the artist to know the technique and must be good in handling the airbrush gun as a little higher pressure or an extra coat might end up spoiling the whole look :(
Airbrush makeup helps in hiding blemishes and giving that seamless diffused glowing flawless look. It is waterproof (although depends on the foundation used) and lasts longer than traditional makeup. Costly too!

Airbrush Bridal Makeup Look

Airbrush makeup on the other hand is sheer and is not meant for problematic skin with scars, marks & blemishes as often wrongly suggested.
This look is best suited for brides who are looking for an utterly gorgeous & flawless makeup and do have not-so-problematic skin. Well and ready to afford it too!

Airbrush Bridal Makeup Look

It suits oily\combination skin very well and is perfect for summer weddings where there are 200/100% chances for your base makeup to melt-down easily.

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Permanent Makeup

This is also more of a cosmetic procedure than a makeup look\type.
Permanent makeup is also called cosmetic tattooing\micro-pigmentation\micro pigment implantation\dermagraphics.
It is a specialized technique where micro colored pigments are deposited into the upper layer of dermis (skin) to enhance the appearance.
It is not exactly a technique where makeup is made permanent on skin but a kind where certain parts of face are enhanced in appearance to give a cosmetic makeup look.

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Permanent makeup is especially  useful\recommended to people who cannot wear traditional cosmetics due to allergies, skin sensitivities and excessive sweating.
It can also be preferred by sports activists who want to look their best while swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobics etc.

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Permanent Cosmetic procedures can be either subtle or dramatic depending on your preference. The permanent makeup options available are Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Color and Skin enhancements.
Permanent makeup technique is a time-consuming and cost effective procedure with some side effects as well in some cases.
This makeup technique is best applicable for younger generation as their skin would be soft and ideal to go through the procedure. This isn't for mature skin.

So these are the best types of makeup you can opt for a Bridal Look. Hope you liked the compilation and enjoyed reading the post. Do let me know what other makeup looks\techniques would you recommend for a Bridal look :)
If you are married already then you can share your own bridal makeup look too ;)

Until Next Time

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