Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask Review, Experience

Summers always take a toll on your hair and keeping your hair healthy, clean & cool during the summer is very important!
Although I wash my hair every alternate day my hair still gets sticky and smell-y in summers coz of sweaty scalp and the travel in sun :(

I do use a homemade hair pack once a week to keep my hair healthy and smooth but sometimes I'm lazy and skip it - apply oil and wash my hair. I'm not much into chemical hair packs as they ruin your hair over a period of time. So when I got a chance to try this all natural Hibiscus Brahmi hair pack from Omved Naturals I was elated :D
Read on to know more about it and my experience with the hair mask :)


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What Omved Naturals Says?

Give your hair its weekly power-packed nourishment that will help to not just soothe troubled scalp, but will also help to restore volume to dull and lifeless hair! This nourishing hair pack is packed with the goodness of hibiscus, pomegranate, fenugreek, brahmi and amla to nourish and soothe your hair.

An indulging hair pack for your hair, it helps to stimulate circulation, deep condition and restore strength and elasticity from root to tips for healthier making your hair more softer and lustrous. The Healthy Hair Pack prevents hairfall, clears dandruff, helps a troubled scalp and gives life to dull, lifeless or damaged hair.

• Hibiscus flowers promote hair growth, stop hair fall and delay premature greying.
• Anti-oxidant Pomegranate seeds safeguard from the sun and harsh environmental elements.
• Brahmi nourishes, softens, gives hair a healthy shine and delays premature greying.
• Vitamin-C-rich Amla strengthens roots.
• Fenugreek promotes hair growth and stops hair fall.

Use at least once a week to promote healthy and shiny hair.

What It Contains?

Hibiscus petals (Rosa sinensis), Amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis), Yashtimadhu root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Brahmi leaf (Centella asiatica), Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Neem (azadirachta indica), Bhringraj (eclipta alba), Areetha (sapindus mukorossi), Kalonji (nigella sativa), Dadim chhal/ Pomegranate (punica granatum), Karpoora (cinnamomum Camphora), Nirgundi (vitex negundo linn), Anantmul (hemidesmus indicus), Jatamansi (nardostachys jatamanmsi).

100% natural, with no added fillers, no chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours are used.

This product has been certified as a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine.

100% biodegradable formula and easily recyclable packaging

Price & Quantity: INR 220 for 50 gms

How To Use?

Tip: If you find the Ayurvedic herbal smell too strong, you can add crushed coffee powder. It lends gloss to the hair and adds aroma.

Caution: Initially, there may be hairfall. Do not be alarmed, these are dead hair shafts. Regular use will promote healthy hair growth.

My Views On Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask

So once I got this I wasn't ready to try it out immediately as my hair tends to get even more rough when I use dry\powder based hair masks. I usually stick to the cream\oil based ones as they suit my hair better! It was weekend and I was trying a sheet mask for my face and suddenly wanted to try this hair mask too - get some self-pampering you know ;) And that is how I started using it.

The Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask comes in a opaque plastic cover kind of packaging which is fully filled with the product. Be cautious while cutting it open. The packaging is very normal and storing the pack after opening is an issue as you will need a box to seal the aroma in! I would have preferred a zip-lock pack so that I can seal back the remaining product without any hassle :)

As I said the hair mask is a powder based product and has a coarse powdery consistency. It has a very nice ayurvedic aroma. But there is camphor added in the mask which has a very strong aroma - like the smell doesn't go off forever! So if you are sensitive to strong aromas then sadly this pack isn't for you :(

Based on the usage instructions I mixed adequate amount of the hair mask with curd\yogurt and some water to get the required consistency. You mask must not be too thick or too runny! I applied it on my scalp and massaged the leftover mask on to the lengths of my hair too. I did not wrap hot towel and instead just used a shower cap to keep the mask in place.

I kept the mask for like 30 minutes and washed off with my regular shampoo. I did not use a conditioner on my hair while I used this pack. I have tried this pack like 3-4 times now and everytime I use only my shampoo with it.

Hair Pack On Me :)
As I said I'm skeptical in trying dry products on my hair due to its current state but to my shock this hair mask worked wonders on my hair. I let my hair air dry and my hair was very smooth, manageable and looked a little voluminous too! My scalp was very fresh and clean :) I did not feel any frizziness or roughness in my hair which is good. Also I did not face additional hairfall while using the mask as said in the pack which is a big plus factor for me! My hair stayed this way until 2 days (after which I washed it again) which is good because I have very fine hair and it gets weighed down just in a day :(

Final  Verdict

Overall this is an amazing hair mask for any hair type and regular use can help keep your hair healthy and nourished. The natural ingredients in it make it a perfect choice anytime and I think I'm gonna spend my summer with it :D Honestly after receiving this hair mask I did not go back to any of my other hair masks until now ;)
If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in it & can adapt to strong ayurvedic fragrance then definitely do try and check out this Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask as it is a perfect boon to get well-nourished hair! :)

Rating: 4.6 out of 5


  1. I need to try that hair mask. I do suffer from stubborn dandruff, which is not going even after many anti dandruff shampoos :/

    1. Do give it a try, it really cleanses your scalp well. And try methi curd hair pack to get rid of dandruff - its one good old home remedy which surely works! :)
      I have severe dandruff problem too and i use Dfree overnight lotion once a week - it works for me in keeping dandruff controlled for one week atleast.


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