How To Save Money (Big Time) On Your Wedding

Well I hate stereotypical posts and so instead of going on the next edition of gifts for wedding guests I'm going with a cool post that would help any bride\groom out there who are nervous about the expenditures!

To be frank the love marriage percentage has spiked these days and rather than letting their parents spend all the money they saved on the wedding, youngsters have started putting up their own pennies for the wedding expenditures. Well it's not in all cases but mostly :)

So when I'm spending lakhs and lakhs of rupees for my wedding how the hell am I supposed to save atleast a few thousands in it?
Well here I'm with a super cool post curated with most of the tips that I can offer on saving money on your wedding. Without further blahs here are your tips ;)
(Note: If you are a regular reader of all my blog posts then you would have come across many of these tips in my wedding budget post)

Cut The Guest List

Yes you read it right! Cut the guest list to as minimum as possible!
It's not necessary to invite each & everyone you met in your life or that long-lost 10th grade friend of yours whom you found a week ago on Facebook just because it's your wedding. Invite the people close to you and your family and those well-wishers you have to accompany you on your big day and that's really enough :) This helps in many further details of the wedding like picking a venue, the food & return gifts too!

And trust me you wouldn't be missing your long-lost 10th grade friend or that uncle you met in a train travel on your big day :P

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E-Invites Rule The World These Days

Yes! Reduce the count of physical invites as much possible and switch over to e-invites. This helps you save a good deal and also your invites from getting stomped by strollers on the street after your wedding is over :P

Treat Your Guests Well

It’s true that you cannot accommodate all your wedding guests in the venue itself but going for hotel rooms would cost a bomb and when it’s season time getting good rooms gets tedious! So instead rent a house for your guests and make sure the house is properly facilitated to accommodate your guests. This way you can not only save money but it also helps your guests to get to know each other and interact :)

Plan An Off Season Wedding

I know I know seasonal weddings are always fun, special & ecstatic but remember they're expensive too! So to save a bit on wedding venue and expenses you can pick an off-season time for the big day and utilize the money saved to celebrate better :)

Skip The Weekends

This is another big deal when it comes to wedding - we prefer weekend slots as we would love to be surrounded by most of our loved ones! And it cannot be left optional easily as the people around us give us the utmost joy on our big day :D But if you are planning a seasonal wedding then this can be skipped to save some additional costs as most venues charge a bomb for weekend slots :(

Plan Reception & Wedding In Same Venue

One thing that surely gets expensive in a wedding is the venue – however we plan it goes higher than the budget! One good suggestion is to plan both reception and wedding at the same venue and not in different locations by which you can save a good deal. Also you can utilize some of the decorations used during the reception for the wedding & vice-versa.

Plan A Simple Temple Wedding

If it would be fine with your family, you can also plan a temple wedding which is very much cost effective. With the bucks you save for the venue you can book decent hotel rooms and amazing food for your wedding guests :)

I personally love temple weddings as they’re very simple & compact. However temple wedding would suit only if your wedding guests would be within hundred or so or you may end up disappointing many of them from actually being present in the place during the occasion :(

How To Plan Your Wedding Budget?

Decorating The Venue With Style & Within Budget

Pick some simple flower decorations for the venue as natural flowers price less and also look gorgeous! To add more oomph you can also pick some colored veils in wholesale and add them to the decorations. Prefer buying seasonal flowers as they will be easily available and cost-effective. However you can also include few bunches of rare beautiful flowers to make it look drool-worthy ;)

If you or your partner is not much of a fan of floral decors then you could go for non-floral decorations too that would have more gleam to them as they reflect the lights perfectly giving that amazing look to your perfect spot! :D

Food For The Foodie

Food plays a very important role in Indian weddings and if the food is not good then you don’t succeed in your wedding campaign :P
So choose your caterers carefully. Go for tasting the dishes in every menu and make sure the menu is compact and not over loaded. This would help you keep your budget and amazing food choice in place :)

Most caterers offer paper cups, napkins and few more goodies with the menu these days so if your caterer doesn’t ask for it as you could save a few thousands in it.
Also customized papads and napkins aren't really necessary and trust me they’re so out of style these days – so don’t waste your money on them.

To save a good amount in the food department, instead of picking a cook & serve catering service or a buffet you can book the number of lunches in a nearby restaurant or one where you definitely know the food tastes amazing! This way you can also customize the lunch menus for near & dear ones considering their preferences :) But plan ahead and check with the restaurant beforehand to avoid last minute dramas!

If it's just family only wedding or one with limited guests then you can even use your own house for serving food or rent a small place nearby for serving food rather than choosing a mahal. You can arrange for servers from the caterers themselves or look for people through friends & family to do it.

In case you are not going for a caterer or your caterer doesn’t provide additional cups\plates, then buy paper cups & plates in wholesale than picking peculiar pieces from boutiques as these are going to be anyways thrown away after use. Customizing them is only cost you extra bucks and not much benefits. You can save here and spend it in picking some ‘Remember Me’ note\card with the return gifts :)

After Party & Reception\Sangeet Arrangements

Generally there is no after party in Indian weddings but if you are planning to hold one you can skip a full bar and just buy some beers ;)
Well the champagne toast can also be skipped :P

During reception instead of arranging for a band who aren’t listened by most of your guests as people gather in weddings to chat & have fun you can be your own DJ – choose songs based on you\your partner as well as your guests taste and have them played. You could utilize your own music system or rent a good one for playing them. This way it would be cost effective and also in your control totally ;)

The Cheers Moment

Photos & videos are very much important in a wedding as these would be the memories for the rest of your life to cherish the big moment!

Instead of going for a popular photographer you could go for budding photographers as they would take more care in fixing the frames and getting those perfect shots. Many of them take extra efforts to showcase their talents too :) Oh but make sure to get a trial shoot done before the real thing!

Planning Is Achieving

A wedding planner is convenient but costly! Without a planner how would you plan everything?
Well skip the wedding planners and let your family organize your wedding. Believe me you can save zillions by this (not exactly zillions however :P)
If you have friends who can help you out in the wedding stuff let them as they know you way better than the newbie planner who you just met!

Prioritize the expenses and spend accordingly rather than spending lavishly on unnecessary stuff just because it’s your wedding.

Try buying the return gifts, venue decors (non-floral) in wholesale to save more. You can also keep watching online sites and pick them during offers.
If you have enough time before the wedding then plan and buy clothes during off season or during sales to save additional money as wedding attires are very pricey – of course they would be as they make us look glam ;)

So make sure you utilize these ideas and save some bucks while planning a wedding. Hope the tips help. Do let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas to save money on weddings or some things you tried during your own wedding. Happy planning, shopping & saving :)


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