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My internet was down for the past 2 days and just got it up & running! Ufff feeling relieved :D

So first things first - Shaving is by far the only hair removal method I use and trust. I tried depilatory creams a few times but always feel shaving is better and comfortable for me ;)
I keep hunting for good razors frequently as I love trying out new razors in market and when I received this Gillette Venus Breeze kit I was excited to try it :)
Summers are the perfect time to get that smooth shave on and flaunt your beautiful skin ;)
Read on to know if I was blown away or not!

What Does Gillette Say About Gillette Venus Breeze

Now smooth skin is just a shave away! The all new Gillette Venus Breeze razor for women is the secret to a time saving shave. It is built with flexible shave gel bars and contains rich body butters for a light lather. A smooth glide that makes no need for separate shave gel or soap.

3 Spring-mounted blades with telomer coating with shower storage.
Gives a smooth and silky shave
This razor is gentle on skin
Easy to use and convenient to carry

Additional Information: Gillette is a world famous men's grooming brand owned by the P&G Company. They manufacture high quality, innovative range of personal care products including high precision shaving supplies like razors, trimmers, shaving foams and gels along with other pre and post shaving skin care products both for men and women.

Price: INR 299 for 1 Razor & 1 Cartridge

You can buy it from Nykaa, Purplle or Amazon


My Views On Gillette Venus Breeze


The Gillette Venus Breeze 2-in-1 razor comes in a plastic box kinda packaging with the razor placed at the top and a cartridge at the bottom. The cartridge comes with a secure thick plastic box cover which acts as a cover for it and could be used later on to store the cartridge to prevent the blades from getting damaged & also to secure the gel bars. The outer box has lavender floral designs all around which is beautiful and girly!

About The Razor

The Gillette Venus Breeze razor has a curvy body just like the Gillette Venus razor with a nice anti-slip rubber grip which makes it the most convenient razor for regular shaving. The color of the razor suits the theme – it’s lavender colored! The razor head is flexible and helps the razor glide on the ridges of your body without any friction.
The razor comes with a press button which could be used to attach\detach the cartridge to it which is pretty convenient and sturdy.

About The Cartridge (The Blade)

The Gillette Venus Breeze cartridge has 3 blades which are nice and sharp. It comes with a layer of protective aloe coating above and below the blades to prevent the blades from rubbing off & cutting your skin. And here comes the special part of this razor and why it’s different – the blade comes with Gel Soap Bars attached to the top and bottom which lathers while you wet your skin and start shaving eliminating the need for an additional shave gel or oil :) Pretty cool right? This makes the razor total travel friendly as you don’t need to carry anything in addition except the razor & a blade :D

The gel bars are flexible so they move around easily while you shave the curves of your body without making you feel uncomfy to glide the razor. The gel bars are made of body butters and smell awesome like lavender flowers with a hint of mint – yummmm lovely smell :D :D
Overall Gillette Venus Breeze is a sturdy, well-packed & travel friendly razor in the market!

The Shaving Experience

Coming to the most interesting part :)

I don’t have thick or coarse hair in my body but I do feel lazy most of the time and shave after months :P So even this time I had like 0.5 cm lengths of hair on my hands & legs and I was prepared for a long shaving session!

I wet a part of my skin, dipped the razor quickly into water and started gliding it on my skin. Here comes the shocking part – the razor got rid of all the hair in just one swipe!! Believe me when I say this I never ever have had such quick clean skin in the past with any razor :D The gel bars provide very little lather which is nothing like those produced by shaving creams\gels but it gives a slicky texture to the skin that helps the razor perform better I guess. The razor worked the same way for my entire body even after shaving a few times\swipes which is pretty good :)

I also tried the razor on my bikini line where I have coarse thick hair and it still worked the same way getting rid of all the hair easily. I first shave my skin in the direction of hair growth and then go against the direction of hair growth with the last shave on the area. This gives me super clean shave! The razor personally gives super clean, smooth skin that feels very hydrated and fresh after the shave :D

Generally my hair starts growing back very soon like 2-3 days although the re-growth rate is less. But when I used Gillette Venus Breeze my hair started growing back only after a week and the re-growth rate is very less - like after 10 days only now I see tiny hairs sprouting out ;)

The only issue with the razor is that once you start using the razor for a while the gel bars get soaked up in water and starts to feel clumsy and gooey on skin which forces us to clean the razor almost after every swipe - pretty annoying :( Although I don't see anyone else complaining this :O Also if you don't store the blade in a heat proof place the gel bars might end up getting melted in humid weather!
I store the cartridge\blade back in the case it came in to secure it from melting :)

Overall it's an amazing razor and I have found my perfect shaving match! I guess I won't be going back to try any other razors after this as I'm super dooper happy with my Breez-y Baby :) :D ;) <3


Definitely to every girl out there who prefers shaving over other hair removal methods!

Rating: 25 out of 5 :P

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