Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation Beige Review, Swatches

I'm not much of a foundation freak as I don't use them regularly. I use foundation only on special occasions so I don't try many of them.
But when the Streetwear collection was revamped I loved their new packaging and kinda wanted to try every single product from the range :P
And ooh yeah they're so affordable :D :D
I bought a few of them and have reviewed others already and this is kinda the last product I'm reviewing from my purchase (but I'm eyeing a few more lipsticks and nail paints - lets see :P)

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation Beige

What The Brand Claims?

Keep your skin supple with the StreetWear™ Color Rich Perfection Foundation!
Its rich moisturizing formula allows it to blend easily and perfectly with your skin, giving an even finish with pore-less perfection!

Suitable for all skin types

What It Contains?

Mineral Oil & Vitamin E acetate

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My Views On Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation In Beige

The Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation comes in a transparent glass bottle with a black screw cap - very generic!
It has a cute girl sticker on the print which is appealing though ;)
The bottle doesn't come with any applicator or pump. The product has to be just poured out which is bad as there is a lot of wastage!

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation Beige

The Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation has a nice and runny texture. It's more liquid-y in consistency. The foundation spreads well and blends with skin easily.
It doesn't get cakey or whitish which is amazing. But the runny texture alongside the wide-open bottle lead to a lot of product wastage :(
The foundation doesn't oxidise (atleast not on me) and it's a plus for me :)
It doesn't clog my pores or break me out despite of my super oily skin.

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation Beige

The foundation spreads and blends well on skin without caking up or leaving any cast and this helps it set well on skin.
It gives a semi matte finish which is good & perfect for everyday use.
It gives light coverage but can be built up to medium coverage when layered. You don't have to worry about layering it as it doesn't cake up (I keep telling this?!).

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation Beige

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation Beige

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The foundation stays on like 4-5 hours but after a few hours the T-zone starts to get oily maybe due to the mineral oil present in it.
Also if you are a sweaty person the foundation would easily melt off your face - yup it isn't waterproof! POOF!
This would suit dry & normal skin a lot more than oily or combination skin due to the texture.
So would be good if you know your skin type before choosing it!

The shade Beige suits my skin perfectly and so far this is the perfect shade I have ever got matching my skintone :)


Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation Beige Swatches

Rose Petals

Perfect shade for me
Affordable price tag
Easily available
Has the perfect texture - hydrating & blends well on skin
Doesn't cake up, doesn't look streaky on application or leave a whitish cast
Good for dry & normal skin
Doesn't clog pores or cause break outs
Evens out skintone


Not waterproof or sweat-proof
Less shade options
Becomes greasy on oily skin after few hours
Can't be layered to get full finish as it feels heavy after 2-3 layers
The product smell lingers on for long time which is annoying for a face product

Final Verdict

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation is an average foundation with light to medium coverage and would suit dry to normal skin easily.
Oily & combination skin beauties will need to powder on top for avoiding greasiness. Overall it's a decent foundation for everyday wear and no-makeup makeup looks - if you can find your perfect shade!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Have you tried the Streetwear foundation? Is it a yayy or nayy for you?
Do pour in your comments below :))

Until Next Time <3


  1. I have never tried but would love to give it a try. Thanks for the review.

    1. Do give it a try, it's a decent foundation and very affordable! :)

  2. Seems very average. But for people who are on a seriously tight budget this might work.

    1. Yup it is average range but I found my perfect match in it so I mix it with my medium coverage foundation to get a good coverage :) Also pretty affordable!


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