Steal The Style: Lucy Hale - Styling Ideas For Petite Women!

I'm an ardent fan of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) series and keep re-watching it every now and then :P
I love all the 5 liars but Lucy Hale kinda became a style icon for me because she is extremely experimental when it comes to fashion or makeup and I kinda sail in the same boat - but not so much as her!
Also another good reason is she is petite just like me and stealing her style would be perfect for me ;)
If you are a petite woman and would like to incorporate some new styles then read on - you might as well be able to pull off some of Lucy's styles :D

Short Dresses

Short dresses are always classy for anyone and if you are shorted than 5'4" then short dresses can help in making you appear taller :)
They make your legs appear a bit longer and make you look sassy ;)
Well Lucy knows it and wears it well :))

Collar Dress\Shirts

If you have short neck then its going to make you look shorter and a best way to spruce it up is by adding a collared shirt or a collar dress :)
Well I'm myself a big fan of collared clothing :D


Jumpsuits are a nice one piece clothing which is easy to style up!
A monochrome jumpsuit can make you look taller you know? And make sure its not floor length and the bottom cuts off until just above your ankle ;)

Crop Top With High Waisted Pants\Skirts

High-Waisted denims are coming back in trend and did anyone tell you this one can make you look taller? ;)
Ok so do I pair it with a T-shirt or a shirt?
Better way go with a crop top as it shortens the top 1\3rd of your body and creates an illusion of elongated legs!

Short Skirts

Short skirts are ideal choice to flaunt those lovely legs and who would've known its a secret way to show people that you are 6 feet? :P
Look at Lucy with those lovely lacy skirt? Oh yeah the  tucked in top sassies up the whole outfit right? :)

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are super flattering on anyone especially because of the empire waist on most of 'em!
I love maxi's a lot and so does Lucy I guess. She looks exquisite in them! ;) :)

So did you like the compilation & Lucy's style? :) Which one is your favourite?
Who is your favourite celebrity & what is the style you would steal from them?


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