How To Pick Gifts For Your Wedding Guests - The Friends & Family Edition

Gifting is really an intention to express your gratitude and giving return gifts in wedding is really a nice way of thanking your guests.
The yellow bags with coconut & betel leaves are so out of style these days and although its tradition to give them to your guests, with a little additional budget you can get them something they would remember too :)
In this edition we are gonna see some gifts you could give your family members, friends and colleagues during the wedding. Some of these can also be extended as a common gift to all your wedding guests depending on the budget!

Potted Plants & Seeds

Potted plants and seeds are the best gift you can give to anyone as it literally helps them nurture a life :)
Just choose plants that can grow even with little water so that it doesn't make them feel obliged to pick one!

While picking seeds you can pick those of trees and little bigger plants as they can be plated and grown for longer years :)

Handmade Plate & Cutlery Sets

Choosing some cute handmade plates or cutlery with fancy designs & decorations for gifting as they could be re-used by every household to serve snacks or tea in them :D

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Silver Or Studded Mini Boxes

If you can afford a little more than 50 INR per gift then you can go with small studded or silver jewel boxes kinda ones for gifting.
You can also fill them with sweets, chocolates or nuts while giving them. This way it feels more rich and grand :D

Umbrellas or Hand Fans

Sometimes giving something really casual but pretty useful is an amazing way of returning gifts!
So you can pick cute trendy or simple umbrellas or hand fans as return gifts for your wedding guests which is casual and yet useful :)

Photo Frames

Photo frames are something we gift to very close people or maybe our spouse but giving out simple and classy photo frames is a very personal way of thanking your wedding gifts.
If you have more time to plan you can even maybe include family photos in it for close relatives like your mom\dad's siblings families, besties and give them out personally :)


Paintings are a beautiful way of expressing your feelings and when you pick something of the person's taste to whom you're gifting it to then you score a 100\100 ;)
If you have a decent budget for your return gifts then you can pick up some beautiful paintings that can be used by them to deck up their house :)

Handmade Purses & Handbags

Every girl loves her purses and handbags - don't you? ;) :P And let me tell you a secret - even every guy loves his wallet!
If you don't mind investing a good amount for your gifts then you can pick some cute, fancy, classy purses and handbags (maybe a mix of unisex ones too ;)) for your guests and they will be overwhelmed!

Idols of God

In India it's a common practice to gift idols, pictures and photo frames of gods generally as it touches the spirit of people.
So you can choose to pick up some good idols or picture frames of famous gods at your place and gift them to your wedding guests.

Vaastu And Feng Shui Items

Vaastu again is a famous practice in India and in most parts of the world now and everyone is fond of maintaining the weath and peace in their house :)
Well fortunately it gives us a nice opportunity to pick gifts for our wedding guests :D you can pick vaastu or feng shui idols and gift it to your guests!

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Cute Clocks

Clocks again are a touching way to impress your guests as they can accessorize a simple plain wall with one cute clock!
There are innumerable options available in this category and you can pick a wall or table clock based on your preference and liking.
They also come in very affordable pricing so it's a real good shot to pick for bulk gifting ;)

Coffee Or Tea Samples With A Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are fancy and trending these days. There are many innovative and quirky ones out there which can amuse any of your wedding guests.
You can pick a few of them categorizing them based on the age of the people you will be gifting them to or their taste\liking and give them accordingly.

You can also include sample packs of coffee or tea with the mug and wrap it up nicely so that they can sip a best coffee immediately after hitting home! :P
Oh and if you are planning this for your friends you can maybe include a green tea bag :D

So do you think the list looks cool? Can we add any more to it - do drop in your valuable comments and ideas (Would love to know) :))

Until Next Time <3


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