Gifting is really an intention to express your gratitude and giving return gifts in wedding is really a nice way of thanking your guests.
The yellow bags with coconut & betel leaves are so out of style these days and although its tradition to give them to your guests, with a little additional budget you can get them something they would remember too :)
In this edition we are gonna see some gifts you could give your family members, friends and colleagues during the wedding. Some of these can also be extended as a common gift to all your wedding guests depending on the budget!

We all use makeup in our everyday life and most of us enjoy using it.
But how many of us know when to REALLY throw a product away?
Do you know keeping and using a kajal until the expiry date mentioned in the pack would give you eye infections?

There are certain ways to know when a makeup product expires - the expiration date mentioned on the pack, the date of opening (a logo with an open container mentioned with a 3M or 6M or 12M means that's how long you can use it after opening) and there is a real timeline until which you can use your makeup! So in this post we are gonna see that real lifetime of your makeup products :)

Hello Ladies!
How are you doing? :)

I was desperate to pick my favourite lip balm from Himalaya Herbals especially for this winter and ended up doing a mini haul ;)
Read on to know & see what I bought :D

I feel no Love and Care. I feel HATRED.
My hands are itching to get JUSTICE and REVENGE.

It's October (ok a little two months late :P) and it's Halloween!
How can we pass October without a Halloween look?
Though its not celebrated in India but still its my time of year and being a beauty blogger I love Halloween looks :D

So here is one of my own.
I picked up the dark princess look as it is easy, glam & gorgeous too :))

The Costume

I chose this LBD by 499 dresses, paired it with Senora gold leggings and a braided belt to make it look chic :)

Little Black Dress by 499 dresses - buy here
Senora golden leggings - buy here

The Accessories

To go well with the costume I picked up henna gold jewellery - a stacked chain necklace, a black & white collar choker neckpiece and a black studded earring!

The stacked chain necklace is from Gotta Go Gorgeous
The choker neckpiece and earrings are thrifted!

The Makeup

For makeup I chose a dual color lip and some artsy eye look ;)
Check out this post for the complete makeup break down ;)

Hope you like the look and do try it in case if you are a Halloween lover like me. Post the pics on my FB page if you do :))

I love kajals and this one here is a new launch!
So read on to know if it impressed me or not ;)

I'm an ardent fan of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) series and keep re-watching it every now and then :P
I love all the 5 liars but Lucy Hale kinda became a style icon for me because she is extremely experimental when it comes to fashion or makeup and I kinda sail in the same boat - but not so much as her!
Also another good reason is she is petite just like me and stealing her style would be perfect for me ;)
If you are a petite woman and would like to incorporate some new styles then read on - you might as well be able to pull off some of Lucy's styles :D