Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara Review, Swatches

Mascaras are eye openers - literally!
A mascara brings that drama to your eyes instantly lifting up your lashes and taking away that sleepy deepy eyes :)
I have never stuck on to one mascara till date, I keep juggling and trying new ones every single time as they have short life and it's kinda my frequent buying product.
I first bought this mascara together with my eyeconic kajal to try both together and repurchased it again ;)
Read on to know if this mascara made to my list or not!

What the Brand Says?

Perfect for daily use, wear this lightweight mascara for an almost natural look with a distinctive curve!
The Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara gives volume to your lashes and is ideal for everyday use. Its smart curl brush gives the perfect curve for well-defined eyes. Light and easy to remove, the moisturizer in it keeps lashes smooth.

Step 1: Open the lid and remove the excess product before application.
Step 2: Look straight into the mirror and avoid blinking while applying the product.
Step 3: Use the applicator and apply the mascara within your lashes by jarring back and forth in a gentle manner.
Step 4: Leave to dry.

Price: 350 INR for 9 ml (I used to buy it for 250 an year ago!)

Shelf Life: 24 months (3 months from opening)

My Views On Lakme Eyeconic Mascara

First of all I love the Eyeconic packaging! It screams out when kept in a shelf and calls your name ;)
The mascara comes in a black tube with turquoise & white lettering which is a pretty beautiful combination.
The wand is decently long and the brush is curvy with a nice and small tip.
The brush is super convenient to apply the mascara on your lashes, even to the tiniest ones with the tip which is amazing!
It doesn't poke your eyes :P

The mascara is a little lucid in consistency, it isn't too thick.
Because of the consistency the mascara spreads well easily but it takes time to dry. Sadly it takes atleast a minute to start drying :(
But the formula is super weightless and doesn't weigh down your lashes!

Although I don't have poker straight lashes, my lashes are still straight and the wand conveniently curls up my lashes in a jiffy!
My lashes do look a little curled up but not so much like when curled with an eyelash curler.
The tip of the wand has short bristles which are very convenient to reach out and coat even the tiniest lash on the inner corner of your eyes :)

The mascara is super black and gives a gorgeous look to your lashes with its jet black pigmentation.
The mascara thickens your lashes but doesn't give any lengthening effect, it doesn't say so too :P

As its a non-waterproof mascara it comes off easily with some water on a tissue or cotton pad but to remove it completely without traces I recommend using some makeup remover or olive\baby oil.

Final Verdict

A good mascara which works as promised and gives you thick lashes with light curls.
But I would say after the price hike this wouldn't be my first pick.


Rating: 4 out of 5


Yes if you are looking for a lightweight everyday mascara and don't mind the price!

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