Mangalyam Thanthunanena - How To Choose Your Wedding Jewellery

Gone are the days where the bride wears tons and tons of gold jewellery and walk with strain.
Jewellery making has evolved so much and so has our mindset while picking bridal jewellery!
Although gold jewelries still hold their importance uptight but people have also evolved and forward enough to choose fashionable pieces for the bride to wear on her big day!
So how do we really choose the best ones for ourselves for the big day? No panic, here is a special post for choosing those special jewellery for our Sanguine Bride :)

** Alert: Picture overload!!

Keep The Hues In Mind

First things first - always keep the hues of your clothing in mind before picking your jewellery. Or vice-versa: Pick your jewellery completely and then pick the clothing to co-ordinate with it.
Either way the hues play a major role here!

Wedding gowns are mostly chosen in hues like white, off-white, cream shades and as the dress serves to be the primary attraction picking up your jewellery would be easy.
You can pick silver, platinum or white gold accessories to pair with your wedding dress as these jewel tones match well with the dress hues.

For white & off-white dresses pick plain metal jewellery or stone ones as they go well with the dress hue.
For cream white or again off-white dress you can go with pearls along with your jewellery as pearls go very well with these dull hues!

We Indians always prefer a lot of bling and it reflects totally in our wedding sarees as well as the jewellery :)
Although the sarees would be completely grand we still load a lot of jewellery to get that gorgeous look! Well its time to concentrate more on our saree shades to pick the perfect accessories for them.
Always carry a piece\thread of your saree or a picture of it while going for jewellery shopping as it will help pick the right pieces to match with your saree.

Temple jewellery and golden jewellery pieces work well with red, green and yellow hues while pearl and platinum jewellery would go well with cool tones like blues and pinks!
Pearls work amazingly with pastel hues while Emerald works with pinks - contrast is the key here ;)

Necklines Are Necessary

Your neck is very important on your big day to adorn that Mangalsutra and so is your neckline while picking your jewellery for the big day ;)
Pick your neck pieces wisely to get that glorious and glam look on your wedding day.

High Neckline

Boat Neckline
While scoop or U, V-neck, strapless and off-shoulder dresses/blouses can be adorned with any neckpiece, with boat, high, cowl and turtle necks you must either go with a bib neck piece, or go for layered\single chain necklaces as the neckline itself is a statement to begin with!
Want to know more about necklines? Well you ought to wait ;)

Sweetheart Neckline


You can also go for bolder blouse options like sheer blouse, lace or sequin ones!

Lace, Sequin Blouse

Sheer Blouse

Don't Copy

You like Alia Bhatt's 2 states wedding look or actress Sneha's real life wedding look? Cool its ok trying to replicate the look but its not to go and buy the same jewellery pieces!

Your wedding is your own ground to experiment and how much ever you like a look you saw on your friend or a celebrity, your own personal style is always important and something that matched them perfectly might not look the same way on you!

So always don't just go on and copy the jewellery pieces you saw somewhere and don't outsource your jewellery purchase ;)
Plan your style and pick them for yourself because this is going to be your investment for future ;)

Match Em Up

An important point to remember while picking your bridal jewellery pieces - pick them in the same metal or with same stones!

While you are experimenting with your western outfits you can mix and match your metals but when it comes to traditional wear its always ideal to match your metals.
A pearl haram would look exquisite when paired with a platinum choker but would when paired with a plain golden choker or one studded with pearls\rubies.
So always match your metals and stones while putting together your bridal jewellery set.

Be Picky & Choosy

It isn't mandatory to adorn yourself with too much jewellery these days. Bridal jewellery has grown up to a whole new level and a statement piece is celebrated lot more than the old fashioned long chains.

You can be picky and choosy with your bridal jewellery and choose one statement piece for each event that would play the major attraction ;)
Some peculiar and exquisite types of jewellery pieces you could try are Headbands, Hair Combs, Tiaras, Hair Pins, Nath or Nose Pin, grandeur Earrings, Maang Tikka, Mathapatti, Baju Band, Kamar Band or Waist Band, types of Bangles, Haathphool or Hand Chains, Bib\choker\statement Neckpieces, Anklets, Vanki, rakkodi, suryan & chandran, billai, beaded head chains, jhoomar, Choti.

You can also throw in a big studded cocktail ring to stylize your fingers :)

Yes you have so many options to go for :D

Hair-Do Is Magical

As much as your hairstyle is important for your wedding its equally important while picking your bridal jewellery as it adds grace to your look.
So before picking your bridal jewel pieces keep in mind the hairstyles you would be sporting for each function during the wedding and plan accordingly.

If you are going for a braided look you can pick up single or stacked up chains or a sleek necklace paired with jhumkas or moderately heavy earrings to finish the look.
For a hair updo you can pick a statement neckpiece paired with sleek and lengthy earrings.
So before picking up the jewellery, pre-plan your hairstyle and choose accordingly :)

Mix n Match

While buying a jewellery set it isn't really necessary to pair together only those pieces. If you don't like the hefty earrings that comes with the set or like a different maang tikka very much then you can switch them up ;)

While you mix and match the pieces the only necessity is that they must match with the set :)
In case you have a passed down heirloom jewellery piece with you then try coordinating the rest of your accessories with it. This way you can utilize your valuable piece of jewellery on your big day :)

But make sure you don't repeat the SAME SET of jewellery for another function during the wedding. However you can mix the pieces from 2,3 sets and use as one set ;)

Can Save A Little Too

Jewellery plays a major role in your wedding purchase definitely but it isn't mandatory to buy everything newly!
If you have some beautiful piece of jewellery with you already you can include them in your bridal trousseau. This way you can save a little on budget and also be happy that you did own something useful :P

For example if you have a rakkodi with you made of temple jewellery then you can pick a few pieces of same type while purchasing your bridal set and use this for your wedding or other small functions.

Minimalism Is Great

As I said already it isn't really required to dress yourself up with too much jewellery for your wedding. Putting on too many jewellery pieces reduces the glam of your wedding dress and when overdone brings down the whole look.

So choose minimal but exquisite jewel pieces that would go well with your wedding dress\saree, the neckline and your overall look to become the gleaming goddess on your D-day ;)
I personally would recommend going for 5-6 piece jewellery sets that would include a necklace, a long haram, a earring set, waist belt, a maang tikka or mathapatti and a rakkodi or set of billai's to adorn your braid :)

Don't Go All Metallic

While picking your jewel set don't go for an all metallic set as it would look kinda fake and odd with your oh so awesome saree!
Go with ones studded with pearls or stones like emeralds, rubies or white stones as this brings out the best of your jewellery and gleams in the light! :)) oh this glow can't beat the glow on your face ;)

Quality Screams

When you pick your jewellery pieces go for the ones with good quality even though they are pricey as this isn't just a one time purchase.
Yes when you pick quality pieces they do last a longtime and can be re-used even after your wedding :) Who knows maybe you might pass it down to your child or lend it to friends too ;)

It's You & Your Personality

Finally don't just go for any jewellery just because it is popular or passed down. After all these jewellery pieces reflect your personality and your personal style and it is important to pick them keeping that in mind :)
If you are a studs and plain chain kinda girl then go for minimal jewellery with grandeur clothes as this would balance the total outfit.
If you are an earpiece lover and go for chunky earrings then balance it out with a simple chain or stacked thin chains. To bring out the glam you can pick a classy waist belt or even an amazing set of hair accessories.

Go on ladies enjoy your time shopping for the exquisite piece of jewellery for your wedding and relish in the hunt ;) :D
I'm planning a few many more posts around this theme and let's see how it goes!
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Have you ever shopped for bridal jewellery sets? How was the experience? Do share your views in the comments below :)

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