What To Pack For Your (or) A Wedding - A Bride's Handbook For Packing

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In today's post of our Bridal series, I'm going to tell you one big little secret!
Oops is it big or little? That's debatable :P
C'mon even though we stay physically fit and gorgeous enough to sweep HIS feet off, we are doing all these for that one special day and what if you miss to pack your most important anarkali suit?
Or that beautiful pair of earrings which will make you look extra gorgeous? :(
We Indians pack a lotttttaaaa stuff for weddings and if not planned well this could ruin some good times.
So in today's post I'm going to list out the most important and top most step of your Bridal Planning: A Bride's Trousseau Packing

The Wedding Dress\Saree

What comes to your mind first when you think of wedding?
It's obviously the Wedding Dress\Saree that would make the gorgeous you look extra gorgeous, chic, classy, elegant oh and what not? ;)

As the first step of your packing make sure to pack your wedding dress or saree, the blouse and especially the matching or perfectly comfy lingerie! ;)

Accessorize All The Way

Next to your wedding dress comes the accessories you had been planning for months to wear with it!
Pick them up and pack them in such a way that they wouldn't get disturbed during your travel.
You can wrap up each piece separately in a piece of satin\velvet\cotton cloth and stack them into a jewellery case.

Also pickup a few extra hooks, some threads to tighten the waist belt if needed, bunch of gold (or the metal of your jewellery) loops and a few safety pins.
Toss these in together with your jewellery and also add a piece of cloth, few tissues to clean the jewellery & a fevi kwik tube.

Note: Make sure you don't pack your other jewellery with your bridal set as any collision might damage either of them.

Gold Jewellery Gets Some Love Too

Of course we all love our chokers and necklaces and fashion jewellery but nothing can beat the class of gold jewellery and we cannot sport our chokers all days right?
So decide and pack the gold jewellery you will be using during the wedding week\days safely and store them in safe packing with your luggage (I generally pack them safe and give to my mom or dad for safekeeping ;)).

In case if you would be wearing gold jewellery for the wedding then make sure not to miss any piece as mixing jewellery types would look odd!

Undying Love For Undies Is A Must

Next thing you should not hesitate to pack are those lingerie you will be needing for your entire time of stay at your in-law's place.
You can borrow a nightie or inskirt from your sis-in-law but can you borrow a B*A? :O
Now you know why it is so important :) So plan the number of days you will be staying at your in-law's place, your honeymoon days (don't you dare forget the special lingerie or babydoll you picked for that trip ;)) and atleast 2-3 sets for the days after you get settled in your new home!
This will help you not struggle or juggle around to wash and dry those undies at your in-law's place (not all of us comfortable from day one right?)

Other Days Are Important Too

Now coming to the most time consuming and largest part of the packing - days of travel\stay apart from your big day!
Pack up the sarees or dresses picked up for your nalangu\haldi, sangeet, reception and other small functions all through the sequence of your wedding (mostly 3 days in southern parts of India) with the same care and curiousity as you packed your wedding dress as these are much important too :)
Plan & decide the jewellery you would be wearing with these sarees\dresses\suits and pack them side-by-side with your clothes so that you wouldn't miss out anything!

Plan the number of days you will be away from your place and pack rest of the necessary dresses. You can pack as a mix of sarees, salwars, anarkali suits, some long skirts & tops, pajamas, night suits\nighties based on your ideas of comfort.
Make sure to pick up a few simple clothes atleast for those days and times when you will be sitting idle and watching the boring TV! :P

Oh yeah and if you are planning for a pre-wedding or post-wedding shoot then get those clothes packed in separate bags\package together with the accessories to match as it would be convenient to pull them out for the shoot!

Note: Make sure to pack the luggages step-by-step and arrange them in your travel suitcase\bags then and there so that your important things wouldn't get mixed up with rest of the wedding things lying around your house. I'm telling this because we miss taking many things with us especially due to the fact that we don't recognize the bag we kept it in! :(

The Essentials Of A Woman\Bride

Yes every woman has some essentials and products she would need everyday depending on our choice, usage and comfort.
You cannot miss these because you are getting married. So here is a list of everyday essentials you will need to plan and pack when you leave your home :)
Note: The products listed might vary based on your convenience, skin type and preferences however these would be the basics.

Basic bath products and essentials like Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap bar\body wash (convenient to carry around), foot scrub or pumice stone, a loofah, deodorant or anti-perspirant, perfume, towels, combs, bobby pins, hair clips, coconut oil sachets or small bottle, shampoo\conditioner, hair serum and a razor or depilatory cream.

Skincare products like face wash, face scrub, an instant brightening face pack, cleanser, makeup remover, toner\astringent (if you have oily or combination skin), moisturizer, sunscreen, body butter\lotion, baby powder, some olive or vitamin-E oil (to get that super sheen skin), wet wipes, dry tissues, blotting sheets, cotton pads, some extra mascara wands and toothbrushes to tame flyover hair\eyebrows\lashes etc.

Yes yes I know the list is huge but trust me it will grow more when you start customizing this list for yourself :D

Bridal Makeup Trousseau

Even if you aren't going to do your own makeup on your wedding day, you would still need a few makeup products with you to make yourself look presentable that whole week.
Also as newlywed you would need to look gorgeous all the time ;)
So pack a bag of basic makeup products like kajal, lipbalm, a pink\nude lipstick, a red lipstick, some sheer coverage foundation or BB\CC cream, eyeliner (could be liquid or gel whichever you prefer), mascara, blush\highlighter (optional).

You can go for drugstore brands rather than high end as many drugstore brands carry wonderful products at budget pricing from these categories.
If you are a little more into makeup you can also pick some blush and a contour & highlight palette, an eyeshadow palette too.

If you are planning to do your own makeup for your wedding and would like to know what products can be included in the kit do let me know in the comment box below and I can do a separate post on it :)

The Nail Kit

Although you will be done with your pedicure and manicure for your big day already still a pack of nail care tools are always essential for those quick fixes!

You can include a nail file, nail cutter, cuticle trimmer\pusher, nail polish remover, an additional nail polish that would go with your wedding dress, maybe one or two nail polishes for rest of the days and a hand cream.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Get your beauty emergency kit ready so that you don't have to run to next room for a bobby pin!
You can include hair spray, dry shampoo, bobby pins, safety pins, clips, hair scrunchies, spare comb, oil sachets, toothpaste (to suppress those sudden pimples), toothbrush, q-tips, tissues, band-aid, Breath mints\mouth fresheners (sugar-free ones would be a great choice), double side tape, pain relief medicine, paracetamol & aspirin pills, straws, needle & thread, a small water bottle, some gluten free snacks like granola bars peanut bars or nuts, scissors, knife in your emergency kit.
Also carry your mobile phone charger as well as a data cable if possible with you for emergency situations.
Always have the emergency kit in your handbag as it would be convenient to pull out whenever needed.

Did I Hear Someone Say Shoes?

Yup your one pair of dailywear sandals aren't going to really make your wedding list!
Plan and pack an additional yet comfy pair of sandals or flats as a backup (you will need it to relax your feet in between during your reception), that gorgeous pair of shoes you picked for your reception to go with your chic Lehenga\suit and another pair of classy metallic yet comfy sandals that would go well with your saris :)

Clean all of them well, wrap them in newspaper or tissue sheets and pack them in the boxes they came in or any other cardboard box as it helps to keep the sandals safe during travel.
Oh and you can pack your sneakers and other shoes\slippers altogether in the comfy slipper organizers while you get shifted to your in-laws place! ;)

A Contact List

This isn't a mandatory part but would be convenient and handy in case of any quick needs.
Pick a sheet of paper and have some important contact numbers noted down like your parents', groom's parents', groom's number, contact number of the wedding venue, one or two local taxi service numbers\auto driver numbers in case wedding is happening in your locality and bridesmaid number(s).

Hand over this list to your mom or your bridesmaid during your wedding day so that it would help them reach out to people in case of need :)

So my dear beautiful brides out there what are you waiting for?
Pack up and go get hitched! ;)

Have you packed for a wedding before? What other products do you recommend packing for a wedding?
Do drop in your recommendations in the comment box below.

Interested in more bridal posts? Do hop on here! Until next time :)


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