Celebrating Friendships In A Twisted Way :P

Friendship is the most celebrated relationship in the world and everyone treasure their friends.
Be it anyone of any credibility everyone do have friends and they do hold many of their friends so special and close to heart!

When I decided to write about this special relationship, the first thing that came to my mind was a treasure hunt we setup for my bestie’s birthday 5 years ago!
Me & my bestie were batch mates in company, hostel mates, roommates and the best buddies. Apart from being close with each other we did have a bigger gang, a gang of 5 people in our hostel and we used to chit-chat all day long :) We were the gala gang in our hostel and our warden will always visit us pleading to reduce our voice :P

We used to celebrate all of our gang mates birthdays and there would definitely be a cake-cut-smashing!
There were three birthdays in a row with few days of interval between each other and once the first two were over we got bored of cutting a cake at 12 AM and smashing it all over each other. It was getting dull around there really :P The next in row was my bestie’s birthday and when we were discussing this I was quite happy to change the boring theme ;)

One of my friend was suggesting a dirty wash and I wanted to pull a treasure hunt for her to give her the birthday gifts. We were arguing over it for long time and finally decided to do both :D
We planned and hid all her gifts in places in and around our hostel room and a few on the terrace too ;) Also we pretended to her like we all forgot her birthday and as we didn’t buy a cake too she couldn’t smell a thing! She is a very funny person and always expects surprises – but when we have one she will be spying our every move to break it. This time it was a total suspense as one friend from our gang, who is an absent minded person was talking with my bestie the whole evening about the previous two birthdays we celebrated and was speaking like “I don’t want that kinda celebration, its boring. Don’t cut cake n all for me.” My bestie couldn’t find anything pretentious and she went back to bed at night thinking we all forgot her birthday. Who knows she might have even planned  a murder sketch for me that night :P
She slept well and at 12 we all started singing Happy Birthday. She woke up because of our voices and was in complete shock and was a bit fuzzy too. She smiled and went ahead to the bathroom to wash her face.

Here began our bigger deals. We pushed her into the bathroom and made her sit in the stool there and she was frightened to the core as she didn’t know our plan. We pulled out our bucket of dirty wash and poured it all over her :D :D She was almost at the verge of crying because of the nasty smell around and we couldn’t let her cry :( So we left her to wash herself up generously of course :P
Once she was all dressed up and good she was eagerly waiting for us to get her the cake and we gave her a piece of paper with the first clue ;) She was at the top of her anger and was like “what is this?”
We explained her and she too got caught up in the excitement. She is an expert in hiding stuff and this was a different experience for her – to find stuff!
It took like a whole hour for her to find the 14 clues we hid and pull out her gifts :D And she was very much happy and gleeing :P
And we got nice shots from her too for that dirty wash :(

Sorry couldn't include more pictures of our gang - I lost my hard disk drive and all my pics with it *sob* *sob* Will try to get some and add here later if I could :)

Here ends our adventurous birthday celebration and as my bestie's birthday is just around (but she is now so far away from me as we settled in our lives) and my little baby girl turns '1' the same month :D! Let’s see how it goes :)

Until Next Time

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