Shopaholic Series - All About The Commercial Websites (Part 1)!

Shopping online isn't an easy task until you know which sites you can rely on and which you can't!
Here is a walkthrough just for you about the commercial sites which would help you pick one or many as you like :D

There are basically two kinds of commercial websites that sell products.

First type are the ones that concentrate on a particular stream of products, procure and curate products from suppliers themselves, have their own warehouse and sell products themselves.

The second type are the contractual kind of ones where they kinda serve as a middle man between the buyer and the seller. The sites would still have their own warehouse and procure products but not all of them they sell. They do allow third party sellers to sell products through their site and this helps both the seller and the commercial site to earn their fare share in the transaction.

There are millions of sites under each of these categories and I can't just say you can trust & rely on all of 'em! In this post I will give you some information and sample sites under each category and suggest you sites under each category based on my experience :)
This is going to be a compact post and I will give you much more details on a later post ;)

Individual Site\Sellers With Own Warehouse (Alone)

Pointers to remember
  • These sites have their own supplies stocked up. So if anything is OOS, as long as the site is up-to-date the information will be updated in it.
  • In case if you are ordering multiple products there is a fare chance you would get your order delivered at one go and not in parts
  • Tracking your products is easy
  • Any queries contacting the customer care of the site would help sort it out easily and time effective process
  • Filing returns\complaints are easy, provided they have good customer service

Below are some of the sites I have shopped with which are Individual Sites and almost every one of them are my favourite.,,,,,,, & Many more!

Multiple Sellers Site

Pointers to remember
  • They have wide spread suppliers from every part of the country and this makes it easy to spot and stock any particular product that is even high on demand. So if any product goes OOS with one supplier, can be stocked by another
  • In case if you are ordering multiple products then there is a fare chance the products might be delivered as individual ones as they might be shipped by different supplier or from different warehouses
  • Tracking your products is convenient but at times it is time consuming as you will be contacting the site for update and they will have to fetch it from the suppliers and get back!
  • Any queries contacting the customer care of the site would help sort it out but at times it might be time consuming if your queries are something that can be answered only by the suppliers!
  • Filing returns\complaints are easy and convenient as most sites have a pre-defined and comfortable return policy.
I happen to have a lot of sites under this category listed below just for you ;)

Almost all of these sites have their own Android\IPhone app so it's now super convenient to shop :D

Note: The lists provided are upto the best of my knowledge and based on my shopping experience with them. Some of these sites might fall under the other category as well and I might have listed them wrongly. But its purely based on my experience and views.

More to come on this series. Don't miss it. To read all posts of the series hop on here!
Have you shopped from any of these sites? If yes do share your experience in the comments below :)

Until next time!

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