Have You Tried Reversing Your Hair Wash Schedule?

Being a beauty blogger I didn't know about this amazing thing until an year ago!
It's called Reverse Shampooing. Yes!
I have super fine, thin hair and whenever I condition my hair it stays fine for a day and my hair starts getting weighed down after that :( If I try skipping my conditioner my hair becomes frizzyyyy! I know I know! I could hear many of you saying "Same to same"

Almost an year ago one day I was ranting to my sister about my hairfall and hair becoming thinner and she was like "than why don't you try conditioning your hair first and then shampooing?"
I was like "Go weirdo it's wrong!" and she was like "hello its called reverse shampooing and it does work, I have tried myself."
That's when I got introduced to this miraculous process called Reverse Shampooing\Reverse Washing or in simple terms as I call it 'Reversing' :P and I have never looked back from then! :D

What Is Reverse Shampooing\Reverse Washing\Reversing?

It's a pretty simple & silly thing in reality. Yes you need to condition your hair first and then shampoo it and that's what is called Reverse Shampooing!
Cool but funny isn't it? :D

What Are The Benefits Of Reversing?

It's especially so beneficial for people having thin fine hair like me. My hair is so sleek and fine so however I wash or condition my hair, any product I use weighs down my hair resulting in showing it even more thinner :(

Reverse Shampooing comes to your rescue here. When you condition your hair first and then shampoo it, the conditioner gives your hair all the necessary moisture and when you shampoo it, the shampoo strips away the excess moisture your hair has.
Results - voluminous-looking hair! (just better than before, don't expect tremendous changes. However the changes are noticeable and appreciable :D)

Who Can Opt For Reverse Washing?

Reverse washing works differently for different hair types and it isn't recommended for all!

Fine Thin Hair

This is the best hair washing method for anyone with fine hair be it of any length as reverse washing helps showing your hair voluminous and full.
The results aren't drastic but they're amazing :) Also your hair doesn't get weighed down for almost 3-4 days which is pretty good :D

Straight Medium\think Hair

People with medium thickness or nice thick hair can also go for reversing but the results wouldn't be as noticeable as in fine hair. however your hair stays fresh and non-greasy for 3-4 days which is awesome especially when you have a time crunch to wash your hair frequently!

Curly Hair

It works well for curly hair too and this reverse process helps keep the curls in tact and more bouncy! Yayyy :))

Dry Hair (straight\curly\wavy)

Reversing for dry hair is not recommended as conditioning before shampooing rips off the moisture from your hair while dry hair needs more moisture to stay frizz-free.
Ssshhh: we give you some tips below if you still want to try this routine ;)

The Right Way To Do Reverse Shampooing

For Straight Hair (fine\medium thick\thick)

Step 1: Damp your hair. Do not wet it completely as the conditioner slips away with excess water.

Step 2: Apply the conditioner to your hair. You can apply it mildly on the top part of your head as well (not directly on scalp) or skip it if you don't prefer letting the conditioner interact with your scalp at any cause.
Leave it on for good 3-5 minutes as conditioners take a few minutes to get set in your hair and start working.

Step 3: After 5 minutes, pick your shampoo and mix it will few drops of water to dilute it. Lather well and apply on your conditioned hair.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you don't wash off the conditioner before applying the shampoo as it strips away the moisture infused by the conditioner already and shampooing further will strip off all necessary moisture from your hair. Shampoo your hair as you normally do on top of the conditioning!
Wait for 3-5 minutes and rinse your hair well.
Ta-da you get the greatest hair now ;) :D

For Curly Hair (that's not dry or frizzy)

Follow same steps as above :)

For Dry Hair (Curly or Straight)

We have two options for you to go with while you try your hands on reverse shampooing.
Generally dry hair requires more moisture compared to other hair types and reversing strips off any additional moisture boosted to your hair, it worsens when tried on dry hair.

Worry not sweetie pie, we come to your rescue!
Before going for a hair wash, heat some coconut or almond oil and massage it onto your scalp and hair. Keep it for 30 minutes and then try reverse shampooing and see the wonders ;)
We recommend coconut\almond oil because they are less viscous in nature and easy to wash off.

If you are not an oil person or don't prefer this, then condition your hair, shampoo it off and once rinsed off completely condition your hair again!
This is the best way to try reversing on dry hair and voila it works amazingly :D

Some FAQs, Tips & Tricks About Reverse Washing

Q: Can I replace my traditional shampooing method with reverse shampooing?
A: It isn't recommended to replace your traditional shampooing with any technique as it is uniquely formulated for maintaining a healthy hair & scalp. However reversing can be used in between traditional shampooing schedules (for example if you shampoo twice a week then you can go for reversing once and your regular method once).

Q: Should I go with same brand\range shampoo & conditioner while I reverse wash?
A: (Tried & Tested) Not mandatory. You can use any shampoo and any conditioner together while reversing however make sure both the shampoo and conditioner suit your hair type and works well for you individually!

Q: Are there any specific brands recommended or available in India for reverse shampooing?
A: I have used Tresemme, Dove & Himalayas conditioner with both brands and all of them works well for me - especially tresemme ;)
And now Tresemme has introduced their own Reverse Shampooing range of shampoo & conditioner. So you can go and grab them :)

Q: I don't see any desired results with reverse shampooing. Should I continue it or stop it?
A: It's your choice and convenience to continue following the technique or not but reverse shampooing generally works from first wash and after 3-4 times the results are very well visible. So if it doesn't show desired results even after few uses then you can probably stick with your traditional shampooing.

Q: My hairfall has increased and hair is prone to dryness if I reverse wash my hair. What could be the problem?
A: First step - make sure to find your hair type and follow the right schedule that suits it from above.
The dryness can be coped with an additional step conditioning after washing or a good coat of serum\oil after drying your hair.
Hairfall could be due to the shampoo\conditioner not suiting your hair, atmospheric conditions, water or even any health concerns. So make sure to eliminate these factors to know the exact results. Also your hair would take time to get accustomed to any new hair wash technique\product, so wait for atleast 2 washes to know the exact results.

Have you tried reverse shampooing? Does it work for you?
Do you have any other questions related to reverse shampooing? Do drop in the comment section below.
Happy 'Reverse' Shampooing :)


  1. I never tried. Thanks for sharing it. does it really work?

    1. Yup! I have fine thin hair and it works for me :)


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