Mangalyam Thanthunanena - The Gorgeous Bride(groom)!

Being a bride\groom not only is a position but is a honor that you have to embrace with pride!
With this there comes the responsibility of not only standing tall but also to make yourself look elegant and gorgeous.

Body is the temple of your soul and keeping it at its pink of health is always important.
We saw some tips to keep you mentally strong in our previous post and in this post we are going to see ahem ahem tips to keep yourself physically strong & healthy too :)
Without further ado lets hop onto the post!

Eat A Well Balanced & Healthy Diet

The first and foremost tip which not only applies just during pre-wedding but everyday
Eat a balanced and healthy diet which includes vegetables, fruits, nuts and sprouts that can give that natural glow to you from inside out.
Include multi-vitamin pills to get that extra boost of nourishment. Concentrate on Vitamins A, B, C and E as they help improve your skin, hair, nails big time which are the primary focus areas during a wedding.
This one applies for both the bride and the groom :)

Stop Smoking & Drinking Alcohol

Avoid or stop smoking & drinking atleast a month before your big day as they ruin your skin the most and smoking harms your lips in the worse way too!

Exercise Regularly

Exercising atleast thrice a week not only helps you stay fit it also helps kick your metabolism and gives you a well toned body.
Every bride and groom too would expect to have a perfectly carved & fit built during their big day and exercise is the only best resort for getting it.
Brides to be can include some bicep and triceps workouts to get those toned arms, crunches & hip cirles for shedding your love handles.

Grooms can pick workouts that would help improve their biceps\triceps as well as their chest area and if you are a Hindu groom try some leg exercises too ;)
There are many videos out there with bridal workout ideas and its hassle free to pick one for you!
Tip: Start your exercising schedule atleast 4-6 weeks before your wedding to start seeing some results. If you want to achieve big then start early.

Also maintain a regular workout routine to get those killer curves ;)

Want your glamorous shaped body last longer? Then keep exercising and concetrating on your diet after your wedding too :D

Weight Loss\Reduction\Gain Planning

Everyone is beautiful in their own ways and its never a topic for criticism upto me.
But some people get more self conscious once their wedding is fixed and jump up and down trying to lose weight crazily - irrespective if they're fat or lean or fit.
This is common and if you have a feeling that you need to lose or gain weight for your wedding - sit, breathe, relax and plan it out.

Weight management isn't easy and doing it then and there when you get time, quitting in between due to time crunches and stress, forgetting you missed your breakfast for whole 3 days - any of these aren't going to help you.

So sit back, relax and see how much time you have got to shed\gain those pounds. If you have more than 4-6 months for your wedding then its best time to start with your course.
If you have less than 3 months for your wedding, we would suggest you to go for weight management\balancing than going for weight reduction as weight loss usually makes people look sick & dull during the course and this might affect your gorgeous during your big day.
Step up on a good balanced diet plan, cutting those unhealthy fats & carbs and including fresh and bright fruits and veggies in your diet.
If you aren't comfortable planning it yourself, consult with a dietician and plan it out.

Weight gain also must be done with a good plan or you might end up getting body fat in unwanted areas which might embarrass you!


We can't stop emphasizing more on this crucial step - drink loads of water to keep your body hydrated.
This flushes the toxins from your body giving that natural healthy glowing skin.
Recommended - atleast 2.5 to 3 litres a day (you can also estimate and drink a little more than estimated based on your body weight & BMI to be more precise)

Include Water Based Drinks & Fruits

Apart from drinking water include more water-y fruits like watermelons, lemons, musk melon, oranges, sweet lime in your daily routine to get that glowing skin.
Tomatoes and papaya also add that oh my god glow to your skin. Pomegranates help boost your metabolism and helps with toning your body.
So fruits work wonders!

Try to avoid caffeine as much possible as it dries out your body. If possible, you can alternate one glass of coffee with one glass of warm green tea\plain ginger tea as it has the utmost benefits for your skin and health - gives you that clear skin plus heals constipation.
Benefits - Toxins flushed out of body!

Sleep It Up

Yup my bed is my favourite spot in the house (of course after my vanity :P).
Nothing can pep you up like a relaxed and good night sleep. Your body regenrates at night while you rest.

So get your beauty sleep atleast from a month before your wedding as it helps keep your eyes fresh and free of dark circles and under-eye bags.
Sleep atleast for 7-8 hours everyday and during the last week try getting an extra hour if possible as it really helps :)

Makeup Tips And Planning

Well as we got your health covered now lets jump on to those things which need more attention just because they are too important to be ignored for your D-day!

Manicures, Pedicures, Facials

Get your mani\pedi\facials scheduled regularly atleast from 3 months before your wedding.
This helps get any issues with your hands, feet and face corrected and bring that wedding glow to them :)

Pick facials based on your skin type and any skin issues you have. When you have 3 months you can try and settle with the one which makes you feel confident the most!

Consult A Dermatologist For Your Skin Woes

Having skin troubles?
Breakouts, blemishes, blackheads, dull skin - all of us have one or the other skin issues but however we tend to ignore them or treat our skin with home remedies when we find time generally.
But your facial skin is more important on your big day and it can't be left to chance. So if you have any skin conditions then consult a good derma, well atleast 3-6 months before your wedding and have your skin treated in a professional way.

If you are a fan of homemade treatments like me then well as you know they take time to react and you need more time for them to work out for you. So plan accordingly!

Your Head Is Important To Carry That Crown

Indian weddings especially are very grand and long! And you need atleast 3-4 hairstyles picked and planned for your big week.
Consult your hairstylist atleast a month before the week to pick out your favourite hairstyles and try them out on you.

Also reach out to your stylist atleast 2-3 months before if you would like to flaunt those bouncy locks on your big day.

Makeup Isn't A One Day Thing

Yes babe how much ever you are used to wearing makeup it isn't just a one day thing and a trial is important for it too.
Whilst you try out your wedding dress and jewellery do schedule a makeup trial with your makeup artist as this helps you decide on the colors, the type of makeup that suits you and top of all the products that suit you because if you a novice to makeup then there are chances some products maybe even your foundation might break you out.

Once you decide your makeup artist schedule a makeup trial a month before your wedding so that you can decide how to look on your D-day ;)
Also if you are totally new to makeup and your wedding will be the first time you will be sporting it then invest in a few budget makeup products and use them everyday to get used to them so that you won't feel your face heavy or uncomfortable on the big day.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is becoming a kinda important steps these days in the bridal preparation as you will be SMILING for that whole week and get jaw-aches ocz of it!
Also if you are a sport that red kinda person then definitely you want your teeth to look whiter & brighter with that red lippy :D

You can opt for a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips at home if you don't wanna splurge. But if you would like to give a try, then consult a dentist and get it done atleast 4-6 months before your wedding so that your pearls don't look like fake pearls (they would look out of place if done just a week or two before).

Emergency Kit

Get your beauty emergency kit ready so that you don't have to run to next room for a bobby pin!
You can include hair spray, dry shampoo, bobby pins, safety pins, clips, hair scrunchies, spare comb, oil sachets, toothpaste (to suppress those sudden pimples), q-tips, tissues in your emergency kit.

Also include an eye drops in your kit as it helps reduce the redness from your eyes as well as a teeny drop can help reduce redness from your skin too.

DIY Makeup Trousseau

Even if you aren't going to do your own makeup on your wedding day, you would still need a few makeup products with you to make yourself look presentable that whole week.
Also as newlywed you would need to look gorgeous all the time ;)
So pack a bag of basic makeup products like kajal, lipbalm, a pink\nude lipstick, a red lipstick, some sheer coverage foundation or BB\CC cream, eyeliner (could be liquid or gel whichever you prefer), mascara, blush\highlighter (optional).

You can go for drugstore brands rather than high end as many drugstore brands carry wonderful products at budget pricing from these categories.
If you are a little more into makeup you can also pick some blush and a contour & highlight palette, an eyeshadow palette too.

Eyebrow Grooming

If you are looking to change the shape of your eyebrows for your wedding then plan the shape atleast 3 months before and get it done as last minute changes could ruin the whole look on your big day.

Schedule regular grooming every month or 20 days (depends on how fast your brows grow back) until your wedding and get the last one (just before wedding) done 5-7 before your wedding so that you won't have a tough time managing the "new-growns" :D

The Perfect Skin

Everyone wants perfect skin always and during their wedding it kinda falls under the mandate category :)

Firstly plan your hair removal and do it scheduled atleast from 2 months before the wedding. This helps getting rid of ingrown hairs and any stubs that might ruin your mood on THE day. Be it waxing or shaving or depilatory creams always exfoliate your skin well with a good scrub or loofah the day before (or few hours before the hair removal). This takes care of the hinders :P

Use a good body polisher once-twice a week to get that *glow* on your skin. Do let me know if you would like to go for a wonderful DIY option for this ;)

Moisturize your skin very well and pick out products that suit your skin type to get a well-moisturized skin. Follow it as a routine everyday to get a good-looking skin.
And never skin your sunscreen - your body is exposed to sun too!!

Eyes & Lips Do Speak Much

If you have short or thin lashes or looking for longer & thicker lashes rather than falsies then try mixing 2 parts of castor oil, one part of coconut\olive oil and a few drops of vitamin E oil and massage your lashes with this serum every night. This helps strengthen your lashes and works best overnight.

Make sure to start this as early as possible to see better results and  natural remedies always take time to work!
Your Wispies Will Be Ready To Whisper! ;)

Concentrate on your lips as your pout is gonna do major work on the big day - Smiles everywhere!
Here is a whole post for you to get that pink pout :D

Follow these tips and be prepared for your big day!
All The Best & Much More To Come ;) :D
Ciao in next post. Until then :)

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