Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment Review

Hello sweeties!

As you all know I have oily combination skin and I love using a good scrub 2-3 times a week.
I'm a big big fan of face scrubs and I keep switching my face scrubs once in a while to make sure I try different types available like bigger or smaller granules, daily use or occasional etc to finally settle with right ones for right times.
I haven't heard of warming scrubs at all until now but we all know how warmth can do to your skin - warm water opens up your pores!
So I was intrigued by this Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment as it is tend to warm your skin, opening up the pores and help the scrub do its work.
Let's see if it is really miraculous! :)

What The Brand Says?

Use the gentle power of warming sensation to help eliminate blackheads for visibly clear and healthy looking skin!

Instantly warms up to open pores. "Blackhead Fighting Complex" then penetrates into pores to promote the removal of dirt, oil, and even stubborn blackheads
Cedarwood extract and moisturizer help strengthen the skin's natural water and oil balance, and prevent new blackheads from forming with continuous use

For best results, use together with other Blackhead Eliminating products.

Directions For Use

Cleanse your face, preferably with Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. Leave the face wet.
Dispense the product to the tip of your finger and apply immediately & directly to face focusing on blackhead prne areas like nose, T-zone.
Gently massage these blackhead-prone areas for 20 sec then rinse off. Use 2-3 times a week for best results.

Price: INR 300 for 30 gms (6 tubes each 5 gms)

My Views On Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment

The treatment comes in a cardboard box in signature Neutrogena colors. The tubes are well packed in a transparent carton. Appreciate the thought of giving them as baby tubes instead of one whole tube as its convenient while using :)

As this is warming treatment the tubes come with a silver foil seal to avoid unwanted collisions or spill. The scrub is thick and white in color with granules similar to the ones in my Garnier one - not too coarse, not too tiny!

I first thought it would be a bogus the warming part and bought this only to say out loud that its a faux promise :P But to my astonishment the scrub warms up as promised immediately after it touches your skin and the warmth stays for almost your whole scrubbing time (more than 3 minutes).

The scrub works as it claims! I don't have stubborn blackheads but I do get white & blackheads every now and then. The scrub showed amazing results in first use itself by removing all my blackheads & whiteheads. It instantly brightened up my face giving smooth skin. Definitely not what I expected in first use ;)

One tube lasts me for 3 times and I use this atleast once a week. I alternate between my scrubs to make sure I don't ruin my skin by over-scrubbing. The whole set lasted for around 3 months for me. My brother after reading the tube used it once and from then on he kept using it too :D

The biggest trouble with it - its really hard to get the product out tube with wet\soapy hands. Also if you keep the tubes unused for a while (like 3 months) the product might get solidified! :(

I bought it online and unfortunately I don't see these sold anywhere anymore :(
I'm totally disappointed and Neutrogena team if you are hearing (reading?!) this then please bring these back to India!!

Rose Petals

Lives upto claims by removing blackheads
Gives a clean and clear skin
Works from first use itself
Gentle granules, not harsh at all
Cute packaging
The warmth it gives relaxes your skin
Doesn't dry out skin
One step less in your facial routine - no steaming needed!
Oil-free, Non-comedogenic
Good for sensitive skin as it doesn't give break outs
Controls oil secretion on the day of use


Hard to get product out of tube with wet hands
Product solidifies if left unused for 3-4 months

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Are you a lover of face scrubs like me? Which is your HG Scrub? :)

Until Next Time :)


  1. Are these still available in stores? This was my all time favourite blackhead removing product but then it was discontinued.


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