Unleash The Magical Stories In You With Colgate!

I have always been a fan of stories and story telling used to be my favourite hobby when I was a kid. My all time favourite story of historical times was the Ramayan due to its versatility in bringing in so many characters that made the plot interesting phase by phase. As a kid I always enjoyed hearing stories and of course weaving my own imaginary stories ;) My favourite class always was the Moral hour as I get to hear historical stories as well as modern time tales. And the next was English hour especially for the supplementary tales (Tom Sawyer was my favo! :D).

Colgate has now kindled up my fun memories through their Colgate Strong Teeth packs that come with interesting sea creatures and some trivia inside them. So when was the last time the child in me told a story?

He he the child in me is always active and it told a horror story even last week to scare my colleague (he is afraid of ghosts :P). Yup that story teller never misses telling tales and once my inner child saw these Colgate packs, the #colgatemagicalstories started!

The Treasure Land

Once upon a time there was a huge ship that sailed in the seas.
It belongs to the kings and queens of India and they hid all their treasures in these ships to keep them hidden from robbers.
There were a lot of sea creatures in the magical sea world who were enjoying their lives. There was a cute little Mermaid who lived in the sea harmonious with the sea creatures and she was their queen :)

Suddenly one day the ship wrecked and sunk in the sea. All the treasure in it dropped at one place under the sea and there was a huge sound that scared every little creature in it.
The sea creatures were so scared yet curious to find what was the sound about. So they searched the entire sea and found the wrecked ship at one spot.
Sadly the sailor was already dead and there was no one else in it except the abundant amount of treasures.
After going around the ship for a few hours the sea creatures realized there is no harm to them because of it and made it their play space :D
The turtle in the group was smitten by the sight of the ship and he wanted to crown their queen, the mermaid there.

The turtles, fishes, dolphins, crabs and the sea horses all dressed up fancy and went to the coral reef, the place where they have their colony to pass the information to their queen.
The queen was lazily walking in the colony looking for magical seashells to fess up some entertainment. As she saw the whole sea world approaching towards her, she panicked.

She asked in a scared tone "Oh my god! what happened my dears? Anything wrong? Why are you all here together?"
The barracuda answered her politely saying "No dear queen we are all fine and everything is fine :) We found a ship wrecked and sunk inside our sea and it looks magical. It has so much of gold in it and the place is heavenly. So we thought we could take you to see it and crown you there. Would you like to come with us please?"
The queen gave a sigh of relief and went with her people to see the ship. She was also smitten by the sight of the sparkling gold and diamonds and decided to make it their living space.
The coronation happened and all the sea world creatures migrated to the ship from the coral reef. They found the place more suitable for them to hide their treasures too ;)

Meanwhile in the real world there was a mighty pirate named Blackbeard who was capable of looting any treasure anywhere. He was married to Sadie and Sadie was an expert in findig things. So with here help he was ruling the pirates world.
One fine day Blackbeard got hold of the map of the magical sea and he got the information about the treasure too. He and Sadie pulled their boat and begin their voyage to the magical sea.
Once they reached nearby Sadie kept looking into the sea with her binoculars to locate the treasure and she found the coral reef. She immediately said to Blackbeard "wow come here come here! see this. This place looks beautiful and magical!"
Blackbeard grabbed the binoculars and told Sadie "Oh sadie dear these are the coral reefs. The sea creatures live there :) I think we are nearing our treasure. Keep looking for it."

Once they saw the coral reef they decided to jump into the sea and look for the treasure. They started swimming until they saw something glowing at one part and when they got near the whol sea world creatures were having a meeting and Blackbeard interrupted them.
He went on to the turle and asked "Hi Im looking for a ship that landed in this sea a while back. Any idea where it is?"
The turtle was shocked to hear it and was scared that they might lose their place. He immediately told Blackbeard to wait and brought their Mermaid queen to him.
The Mermaid queen who hasn't seen any humans before feel in love with Blackbeard the moment she saw him.
So when Blackbeard asked about the ship she took him to the place. Seeing their honesty to help, Blackbeard promised to just take the gold alone and leave and not tell anyone about this place to keep their peace.
He also left a generous amount of gold for them to keep the place magical always and left with Sadie happily :))

There ends the magical story and I'm thankful to Colgate for coming up with such a creative gesture. Kids these days are mostly stuck in the E-world and this fancy theme would bring out the creativist in them. Oh and I gifted my sea world cartons to my neighbour kid who is 4 years old :)

I'm always a fan of Colgate strong teeth and have never used any other toothpaste till date. And now with so much fun in their cartons too, I'm falling in love with it all over again ;)

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