Know The Basics: How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly!

Hello buds!

I always love lipsticks as they just glam up your face in one go and in today's post I'm going to show you how to apply lipstick perfectly - with the most intricate steps! :D
Without further ado let's get on to the post :)

Step 1: Scrub Your Lips Clean

Clean and smooth base is the primary factor for any makeup application.So always make sure to scrub your lips with a good lip scrub, store-bought or homemade like this one and get your pout ready for the dazzle ;)
Oh and here you can look for more tips to get those glam lips :D

Step 2: Hydrate & Moisturize

Yup once you finish scrubbing your lips they would lose the moisture they hold and feel dry. This is a good sign as the lips are not only dry but clean too :) From my personal experience I wouldn't suggest you to just go ahead and slather the lip balm on your lips immediately. Always use a little water to clean your lips well getting rid of the dead skin cells you scrubbed off and gently wipe with a towel. Now once your lips are H2O free slather the lip balm\butter generously on your lips :)

Step 3: Line Your Lips Precisely

Let the lip balm settle on your lips giving the perfect moisturized lips for your lipstick to glide on.
Pick up a lip liner and line your lips the way you want. If you have thinner lips you can line a little outside your original lip line to get a oomph and if you have thicker lips line a little inner ;)
And follow the X style to get a cute cupid's bow :D

If you want a good base or a longlasting one for your lipstick then you can fill in your lips with your liner. I always do! :P
Note: Always keep a q-tip handy to clean off the edges :)

Step 4: Apply Your Favourite Lipstick

Once you have your lips lined neatly pick up your favorite lipstick and fill your lips with it evenly. To get more precision you can use a lip brush to fill in.
If you want a longlasting layer then blot your pout lightly with a tissue and re-apply your lipstick.
As said before clean up the edges with a Q-tip to get that perfect lips :D

Step 5: Gloss It Up! (Optional)

To get a little sazzy apply a little of gloss to your lips or even more you can apply gloss just to the center of your lips and you're done! :)

Try out the steps and let me know if it works out for you and oh ya you need a leeeettllleee bit of patience to pull this off ;) :D
See you next time, Tata!!

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