Blog Redesigned!

I have been planning to re-design my blog for say almost an year and never really got to it.
I love designing my own header for my blog and whenever I start with the process I stuck somewhere and never returned to what I was doing!

There are so many reasons behind not doing it until now - was lazy, busy, half done, no mood to get to it, sometimes I loved my existing design and not willing to change it, sometimes thoughts like "what big change is it gonna bring me?" also used to cross my mind.

There was one more bigger reason than all of it - I hated almost all existing blogger templates and was scared on what if I mess up the whole existing design while trying a new third party template.

This morning when I was browsing my mailbox I noticed my daily updates mail and there was it - my inspiration - Ishtyle Awhile's feed :D

Yes! Krupa of Ishtyle Awhile was my biggest inspiration to get me moving on this change. As soon as I saw the post I was hell bent on atleast giving it a try to see if I could do it and here it is - my blog with a new stylish look ;) I mostly stuck with my existing widgets and incorporated the design alone from the template. Uff feeling lot more peaceful now! :D

Krupa if you are reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping in kicking the lazy bum in me and pulling her out to do it! :))

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