Glossy Lips With VOV Liquid Lipsticks

I'm a super freak in buying cheap cosmetics as you never know which 30 rs lip liner would surprise you or which 20 Rs kajal would become your HG kajal.
Yes it has happened to me in my life and I'm still an eyetex dibbi kajal lover anytime ;)
So I keep giving these inexpensive makeup products a try from time to time as they work as a good refreshment in times when I'm bored of my super hot lippys :P

I keep picking up stuffs from VOV and ADS to try as they're super inexpensive as well as are of decent quality! I picked up these cute lipsticks 2 months before and must admit I love them more than my dazzler lip gloss.

Price: 75 INR

Other information: Nothing mentioned (not even the shelf life :( )
Sadly this is one drawback and I just make sure not to use these more than 6 months from date of opening.

My Views About VOV Liquid Lipsticks

I have two shades from this currently - Cherry Brandy and Berry Angel. I love the names they're quite catchy and cute <3 :)

Berry Angel is a beautiful light coral and Cherry Brandy is a dusky pink (yup I too wish they had switched the names for both of them :P)!


Berry Angel
Cherry Brandy

Rose Petals

These liquid lipsticks are quite glossy and have a wonderful consistency
They aren't sticky or doesn't smell weird
Glides on smoothly and the applicator is very convenient
Good quantity for the pricing and quality
Lasts for around 3 hours atleast which applies for any gloss
Pocket friendly pricing
Many shade options available
Decent packaging


Availability is the only CON!

Overall I love these lipsticks from VOV and will be buying one or two everythime I visit the store :D

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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