My Ideal Yatra: Kullu Manali - The Perfect Romantic Vacation :)

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I’m an avid travel freak and love planning for short and long trips during vacations. Although my work keeps me busy I still try planning trips whenever feasible as travelling to romantic destinations keep life blissful ;)

So today’s post is going to be little different and away from my usual topics as you would have guessed – I’m going to put up my itinerary for my next trip – hopefully a long one :D
Let me start pulling out the deets without keeping you on your toes for long :P

My next travel destination is Kullu-Manali, Himachal Pradesh, a spot for all nature lovers, couples and newly weds which offers pleasant surroundings to spend your lovely time :))
The place is far away from my city so I planned to take the airline for my travel. Here comes the itinerary :)

Travel Plan

We have planned to book an Air India Airlines flight from Chennai to Kullu.
As we couldn’t find any direct flights we picked up a cross way and booked flight from Chennai-Delhi-Kullu.
We will be departing on September 10th and will be returning on September 16th!
Our flight is September 10th at 6.25 AM and we will be checking in around 3 AM. All made easy by Yatra and Air-India we can easily use the Air India web check-in option :)

As our connecting flights are on the next day from New Delhi both ways we have decided to stay at a friend’s place in Delhi and visit the place those 2 days (10th and 15th September). It’s a win-win trip ;)

Our return flight is on 15th and we will be reaching Delhi, spending our day there and will be departing back to Chennai on September 16th in same Air India flight :D

Hotel and Stay

With the help of we picked up the Nihal Cottage which is at budget price and also is completely facilitated and convenient :) Oh yes I also got some great offers ;)

We have also contacted a few local guides there to arrange our travel locally and help with the itinerary.

The Actual Itinerary

So coming to the actual places we have planned for visiting :D

Day 1 – 11th September

Pandoh Dam - A serene river bank and dam :)
Bhrigu Lake - A Beautiful Lake and a good picnic spot :D

Bijil Mahadev - Mahadev temple, spirituality is also important right? :)

Day 2 – 12th September

Solang Valley

A valley where you can experience all the adventures like paragliding, skiing, camp out and enjoy your time adventurously. I’m actually looking forward to visiting this place mainly ;)

Day 3 – 13th September
Hidimba Devi Temple - Devi's blessings are also important! :D

Great Himalayan National Park - A place filled with parks and you are supposed to see snow leopards here!!

Day 4 – 14th September

Manali Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary. I'm always fond of vising animals and loveeee watching them :D
All places look so serene and I’m so excited for this trip. Hoping the months would pass soon and I will be there to enjoy all of it ;) :D

Oh and if you are planning for a trip then plan your itinerary few months before as budgeting and planning helps to save a lot during your vacations. And Happy Holidays :D

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