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The weather in Chennai is getting cooler day by day due to the rains and I'm enjoying it (even got 2 days off this week coz of it ;))
I had wonderful and healthy hair until I moved to Chennai :( The water here has made my hair rough and it has totally lost its shine. Though Im trying to restore it through natural ways I was also on the look out for a good hair serum to give a temporary shine to my hair. By now you must have known that I don't easily invest a huge amount on products unless I know they are worth it. So again I was looking for an affordable serum and Livon was too famous that time! So I picked up this detangling hair fluid by Livon to try. Read on to know how it worked for me!

What Does The Brand Claim?

Harsh chemicals in ordinary shampoos damage hair cuticles and rob them of their smoothness, shine, and softness.
This makes hair feel dry, rough, brittle and eventually frizzy. Frizzy hair looks untidy and dishevelled.
Livon Silky Potion with its unique CuriSoft formula instantly smoothens and softens hair cuticles.
It gently detangles hair and reduces breakage making your tresses soft, silky and easy to comb.
It also has the natural goodness of Vitamin E that nourises hair. Fall in love with your hair again with Livon Silky Potion.


INR 60 for 20 ml, INR 115 for 50 ml, INR 215 for 100 ml

What It Contains?


My Take On Livon Silky Potion (Detangling Hair Fluid)

First of all I love its name - Silky potion. It kinda reminds me of my Prince game I used to play where we drink health potions to regain lives :P
The serum comes in a transparent plastic pack with a purple flip cap. Its quite handy and convenient to use. The nozzle helps to dispense the serum in a decent non-messy way - so packaging is a win-win here.

The serum is quite thick (not too thick though) and isn't runny at all. So it is easy to pour it on your palms and spread it gently on your hair. It spreads easily on the hair and is not greasy at all. One to two pumps are enough to cover the whole of medium length hair, although for lengthy hair you might need 2.5-3 pumps. Make sure to apply just adequate amount as more serum can weigh down your hair.

I have oily scalp so I avoid using this much on scalp and use only on the hair. Its always good to avoid using hair products on scalp as it tends to cause dandruff. It is recommended to be used on semi-dry hair or completely dry hair.
I use it on the day of washing my hair after towel drying it and it gives an instant shine and controls frizz immediately. Hair feels super soft and managed after using the serum on it. The shine lasts for a few hours like half a day after which it fades away.
But the frizziness is controlled for atleast 2 days which is great. You can re-apply it after 2 days to get the smoothness back but make sure you don't apply more as it might make hair oily.

 Rose Petals

Non-sticky and Non-oily texture
Blends and sinks well in hair
Doesn’t weigh down hair if applied adequately
Reduces frizz significantly
Makes hair soft and smooth
Adds a little shine
Convenient travel-friendly packaging
Reasonably priced
Easily available


Shine doesn't last long
Effects are temporary

Final Verdict

It does keep hair frizz free for 2 days and doesn't feel sticky.
The shine doesn't last long (lasts only for few hours) but hair remains smooth for 2 days which is good. If you are looking for a decent hair serum then its worth for the price you pay. I would recommend this if you have not-so-frizzy hair as it doesn't control frizz so much.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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