Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up - For The Spicy You!

Are you a hell bent fan of Maybelline Baby Lips just like me?
Do you love tinted lip balms?
Do you love spicy warm shades?
Then this new Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up lip balms which are an extension of the existing baby lips range is for you :)


Nykaa, All Maybelline and H&G outlets

I always love tinted lip balms as they give that healthy natural tint on lips making them look super hot ;) I love baby lips for their extensive moisturizing formula and love the tinted versions too. But I always felt the tinted versions aren't very bright or pigmented. So when this spiced up shade was launched I was pretty sure I would be picking up atleast one of them. So when the brand gave them for consideration I was thrilled to try them :)

Enough of ranting, lets jump on to know how are they!

What The Brand Claims, Price and Quantity of Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up

My Take on Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Lip Balms

I'm a big fan of tinted lip balms and have always been on the lookout for darker shades than the pinks, corals and oranges as they felt boring :P
The Maybelline Spiced Up range comes in 3 flavours\shades - Tropical Punch, Berry Sherbet, Spicy Cinnamon


The Spiced Up Baby Lips lip balms come in color coded twist up packaging which is the super easy and functional :)

I have Berry Sherbet and Spicy Cinnamon and love both of them :)

Shades and Texture

The texture is same as other baby lips balms - soft and buttery but stiff in the pack too. Doesn't melt in crazy summers like some other lip balms :D Despite of being buttery they don't feel heavy on lips - they're quite light.

Berry Sherbet is a beautiful deep berry shade and gives out the color in just 2 swipes :)
As monsoon is already here this is definitely going to make up to everyone's wishlist as it is the wonderful berry shade I have ever seen ;)

Spicy cinnamon is a muddy brown and needs an extra swipe to give out the color!
Both shades are quite stunning and shows up well on lips. They really stand out well, so if you love dark shades then these would just fill your heart with surprise :)

It has SPF 20 which is a big plus for people who live in hot cities :)
Coming to the moisturizing part the 12 hour moisture lock claim isn't true at all!!
It sure keeps lips hydrated and moisturized for 3-4 hours and they feel supple for next one hour or so but not more than that. the color lasts hardly for an hour though, only the moisture remains on lips :(
I somehow feel the plain ones like mango pie scored better in this part!


Bottom to top: Berry Sherbet, Spicy Cinnamon

Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Spicy Cinnamon

Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Berry Sherbet
Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Berry Sherbet

Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Berry Sherbet_2
Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Berry Sherbet

Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Spicy Cinnamon_2
Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Spicy Cinnamon
Final Verdict

Except the high 12 hours moisture claim I love every part of this lip balm and im using Berry Sherbet almost everyday. With that said I might soon buy Tropical Punch to finish the entire set ;)

So do you have Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up lip balms? Would you love to swap your lipsticks with them for a while? Do let me know in the comments :)

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