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I'm a sucker for shower gels and and a lover of citrus-y, musky fragrances. I love sweet fragrances too but not much! So when I happened to smell this one at the store I know it will come home with me :) Read on to know more about Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel!

What The Brand Says About Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel?

Rediscover your well-being and inner harmony with Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous, inspired by the world of ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions. Enriched with a blend of Indian Mulberry and Lotus Flower extracts it helps clean and leaves your skin feeling nourished for a pleasurable experience.


Water, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Cocamide MEA, Sodium Salicylate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Polyquanternium-7, Tetrasodium-EDTA, BHT, Benzophenone-4, Morinda Citrifolia extract (indian mulberry), Nelumbo Nucifera extract (lotus flower), Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Cintronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, CI 16255, CI 14720, CI 42053

Price: 160 INR for 250 ml

Shelf life: 24 months

My Views On Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel

I'm a sucker for shower gels and I keep trying new ones all the time.
A slight sniff and I get the urge to try it out if I happen to like the fragrance. I love musky and strong scents rather than mild ones. I love floral notes too :)
And this shower gel from Palmolive is a love at first sniff :P

I mostly pick up shower gels that are easily available as I don't want to smell awful without it or don't want to feel bad when I don't get easily. So Palmolive makes some pretty good shower gels with excellent quality and attractive fragrance - so why not pick a few of them? ;)

There were 2 variants in it - this and an orange one. I'm not much into citrus-y scents so picked up this one as it is bit musky.

The shower gel comes in a curvy bottle with flip open cap - easy and convenient to handle. Its a transparent container so you can very well know before your shower gel gets over :D

The mix of mulberry and lotus extracts give a fresh, floral fragrance which is slightly musky making the scent last longer than other drugstore shower gels. The fragrance lasts for a good time of 2-3 hours which is too good :)

The product is not creamy, it has a fluid consistency and spreads easily. It doesn't dry out the skin like some shower gels and leaves a slight moisture behind. But you will need to follow up with some good moisturizer to lock back the moisture. Using with a loofah gives the pleasure of bathing in a bathtub filled with warm water and essential oils :D I mean a relaxing bath ;)

Final Verdict: If you love shower gels that smell great and warm then go for it. I love it especially for the fragrance which lasts a few hours and the way it cleanses the skin :)

Rating: 4.75 out of 5 (-0.25 for not being moisturizing)

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